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lights are on, but…

Dear Coach Will,

Thank you for the Sunday morning butt-kicking that left me seemingly useless for the rest of the day and still pretty much toast thus far into Monday.  My legs are not happy with any form of movement.  My arms all but refused to even pick up a barbell this morning.  And my brain has left the building.  Your WOD was awful, yet I look forward to your next class.

Sincerely, McDowell

nap time

After drifting around in a state barely above unconsciousness yesterday, I never did get in my daily mile.  (Or remember to pack for my trip to visit my sister tomorrow)  :-S  So… I’m counting the mile I ran during the WOD.  Don’t judge.  I’m ok with it.  Might even repeat the process today.  I didn’t even get around to finishing yesterday’s blog entry, so you’re getting a double down today.  Not the KFC variety.  Have you ever mad your own?  I have and it was awesome!  butterfly a chicken breast, stuff bacon in it, and BBQ that baby!  Wrapped in lettuce and topped with tomato and avocado = heaven.  Do you think my utterly exhausted-ness stopped me from heading back to the box this morning?  Nooooo.  Although it maybe should have…

Mon. Aug. 18:

AMRAP 25 Minutes
Teams of 3 complete:  team of 2
5 10– Rope Climbs
15 30– Thrusters, 135/95  #60
25 50– Power Cleans, 135/95  #60
*400m Run
 Two athletes begin on the rope and barbell, while the third team member sets off for a 400m run. Only one athlete works at a time on the rope or barbell. Once the runner returns from their 400m run they can take the place of one of the original working pair. Repeat.

Result – 4 rounds + 5 rope climb + 7 thrusters



Know what I discovered this morning?  Although, I could be completely wrong and maybe I should take a few minutes to read over my blog ramblings from the last while to confirm but I simply don’t have the energy for that sort of thing at the moment.  Anyways, my realization that came this morning during the first part of today’s WOD – Sunday’s are my complain-a-lot day.  I blame the lack of choice involved in a weekend workout.  During the week, the choice is in my hands.  There are multiple WOD times and it’s up to ME to pick the workout time that best fits ME.  Sunday WOD – 10:00am.  Period.  Not that I don’t still have the choice to go or not go, but consideration of that being an option doesn’t even register in my mind.  Apparently it does for others 😉  Weekend WODs are very rarely posted ahead of time, and also very rarely run by Coach Will.  Today was different.  Coach Will posted this little “treat” of an ass-kicking online yesterday.  Interestingly enough, only 7 people showed up!  Sundays are usually PACKED!

Sun. Aug. 17:


(as named by Will)

in teams of 2, for time:

1 mile Run

30 Front Squats (no racks)   #75

300 Wallballs   #14

30 Deadlifts   #75

1500m Row

Time –   32:35

Good god!!  This was KILLER!!  The wallballs were absolutely endless and demonstrating my efficiency on the rower in the last phase of this animal was potentially not the brightest idea.  Neither was sticking with my Nanos for the run.  I grumbled right from the start about them and when we reached the half mile point and both shoes had untied themselves, I took it as a sign that the feeling was mutual.  When I was finally able to peel myself off the rower after completing the final leg, I parked my butt on the floor in no rush to ever stand up again.  Then the realization hit me – “OH SHIT!!  I have to work today!”  “What time?” Coach Will asked casually.  “Ummm… 11:00!!”  It was 11:10.  I had the fastest shower EVER and booked it to my store.  Then the fatigue hit :p  I struggled to walk upstairs to our lunchroom to heat my breakfast.  Then struggled even more to walk back down.  Thankfully no hockey tonight!  I was planning to still get in my mile a day run later, but I’m not sure that’s in the cards.  Not like I’m “new”.  Not saying I’m superman, but this WOD destroyed me :-p



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