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Sometimes I really just don’t have anything to say.  This is NOT one of those sometimes.  I’ve had a TON of stuff going on this past week, but my blog abandonment has been mainly due to the fact that I’ve been a total train wreck when it comes to the mile a day challenge.  After my last rant about how destroyed I felt after Coach Will’s “Sparta” WOD, I not only fell off the wagon, I think it was more of a dive-head-first kind of thing.  Monday post-Sparta I WOD’ed.  Tuesday I had the WORST mile time possibly ever, making it in just under 10:00 minutes.  My legs felt unfamiliar and stiff and heavy as cement.  Wednesday I had every intention of getting out to try the crossfit place my sister goes to up in penetang, but my body was JUST starting to feel recovered from Sunday so I opted out of that. And my mile too!  😦  Thing is, my mind was already in preparation mode for Saturday!

Wednesday night I was nominated for the ALS ice bucket challenge.  Hopefully this makes up for my tues/wed slacking!


Annnddd…. Anti-climactic. You’ll have to skip on over to Vimeo or wait forever until I’m down with coughing up $60US per year. Don’t think that’s in the cards at the moment. Sorry 😦 it was awesome! Coach Dave dumped a bucket (containing a WHOLE bag of ice. So much for the plan to only use half!!) over my head while I held an overhead squat. Quite possibly my prettiest hang snatch ever and I shared it with the world on Facebook.

By Thursday I was ready for action once again.  Got to the box for my regular 7:30.

Thurs. Aug. 21:

With a running clock, perform
0:00- 20:00mins: Power Clean + Push Press + Push Jerk + Split Jerk:
Work up to a heavy set.  #95 #85
20:00mins-25:00mins: REST
25:00- 37:00: On the minute for 12 Minutes:

Odd Minutes: 7- Deadlifts – you choose the weight   #135
Even Minutes: 50- Double unders   OMG!!!  I got a few!!! 

Like, seriously.  Coach Dave rang the PR bell and everything. 😀



Sat. Aug. 23:


Without a doubt, one of the best crossfit experiences to date.  #apartofsomethinggreat  I was lucky to find myself on an amazing team of super strength and incredible team spirit.  This being said, I can’t think of a team involved that didn’t have the same.  Two or three days before the event, I was stressing about WOD 2.  The hang clean is just not a movement I have devoted the attention it deserves.  My only real experience with it so far has been by default on the days where my power clean has sh*t the bed.  So… going into Saturday my goals were:

A: don’t ‘eff up the hang cleans.

B: don’t barf during WOD 3.

Success!  (thank god!)  Anyways, here’s the details.  With my random commentary thrown in where needed.

WOD#1 “Death Valley”

Pick up sandbag (weight X), run to top of mount Trashmore, drop sandbag and continue on 800m trail run loop (which included a nice little STEEP climb), reconvene with your beloved sandbag and run (more like careen with somewhat reckless abandon as you fight to keep the legs from giving up all together) back down the ‘mount T to tag your next teammate.  Honestly, the run back down the hill was thrilling (kinda scary!)  Wow, I’m getting old.  Haha!

The 1st athlete  (X= 20lbs)
The 2nd athlete  (X=40lbs)
The 3rd athlete  (X=60lbs)

WOD #2

3-Rep Max Hang Power Clean in 8 Minutes
The team with a single barbell has 8 minutes to have each individual establish a 3-rep max hang power clean. At the call of “3-2-1-Go”, the team can load the barbell and take as many attempts as they wish in the 8 minutes.
The barbell must be deadlifted first, establishing the “hang”, and the three hang cleans must be performed in succession (no dropping between reps).

Score is based on heaviest successful weight lifted between all 3 Athletes combined together.  When I asked Hercules what our strategy should be for today, I was clearly thinking about this WOD.  “Just have fun!” was his response.  ❤ Awesome.  However I still had a plan in my mind.  Pick something respectable that I know I won’t fail.  Then leave plenty of time for our other 2 superstars to work their magic.  Tried #95 in the warm-up but couldn’t commit to it.  Stuck the #85 🙂  Nervous and shaky and I’m SURE not pretty, but thew counted.  That’s what mattered.                                            

Score – #85 (me) + #115 + #255 (Hercules) = #455 😀


3 Rounds for time:
Row 200m
Run “X” meters
With one athlete working at a time, with the team rotating through until each athlete has completed 3 rounds of a 200m Row followed by a Run (X).

The 1st athlete will Row 200m and Run (X= 200m)
The 2nd athlete will Row 200m and Run (X=300m)
The 3rd athlete will Row 200m and Run (X=400m)

At the call of “3-2-1-Go”, the first athlete starts rowing. As soon as they finish their row and start to head out the door for their run, Athlete 2 can begin the row, etc.
*You do not need to wait for the athlete to complete the run before starting.*
Time stops when the entire team has cycled through a total of 3 rounds, and all three athletes have a hand touching their rower.  I’m not sure I even want to talk about this WOD.  It sounds all nicey-nicey, but it was pretty brutal.  Name of the game – row HARD, then “recover” during the run.  I wasn’t as rowing efficient as I have been at other times, but I kept it under 2:00 split time.


“The 21-15-9″
Athletes will all complete a 20 minute AMRAP – 21-15-9 of: Pullups, Pushups, a Barbell lift, and a Box Jump (step ups allowed)

There are (3) variations of each movement, and teams decide which athlete completes which.
Athletes are staged by the windows in front of their lane.

At the call of “3-2-1-Go”, the first athlete can begins with 21 Jumping Pull-ups.
Upon completion, tags the next athlete, who completes 21 Chin over Pull-ups.
Upon completion, tags the next athlete, who completes 21 Chest-to-bar Pull-ups.

After each athlete has completed their set of 21 Pull-Ups, next is the Pushup Station.
1st Athlete – 21 Knee Pushups
2nd Athlete – 21 Pushups (toes)
3rd Athlete – 21 Burpees

Following the Pushup station is the Barbell station. Barbell will be loaded with 75#.
1st Athlete – 21 Deadlifts
2nd Athlete – 21 Power Cleans
3rd Athlete – 21 Power Snatches

Following the Barbell station is the Box Jump station.
1st Athlete – 21 Box Jumps (20”)
2nd Athlete – 21 Box Jumps (24”)
3rd Athlete – 21 Box Jumps (30”)

After the team has moved through the set of 21’s, they move back through the same order of movements for 15 reps each, and finally 9 reps each.
Result – 21’s DONE, 15’s DONE, 9 jumping pull-ups + 6 pull-ups

AMAZING day!!  Such a great group of people and an incredible opportunity to get a better idea of where my strengths and weaknesses are.  It was pretty clear that I need to work on my pull-ups.  Like, seriously.  My goal is to graduate above the “athlete 1” phase.  Also need to work on my hang cleans.  I was a bit disappointed in myself that I only managed #85, but after reviewing my log book I realized that was a 20lb PR.  #65 is the heaviest loading I’ve used previously for hang cleans 🙂  I’ll take it.

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