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One step at a time

Ok, a small addition to my “EMbrace the SUCK” yesterday…  Coach Dave corrected me a little in suggesting that it should be “Chase the SUCK”.  Either way, you get the idea.  😉

Stuck around post-WOD (and post-WOD run) for a discussion session with Coach Dave and a fellow community member.  A whole whack of topics were tossed around, but as usual nutrition came up.  I get that there are a ton of people who don’t agree with the Paleo concept.  I appreciated that although that was mentioned, I wasn’t criticized for my own choices 😉  At the end of the day, what works for one person may not be right for the next, but it’s all a matter of choice.  This being said, I had to bite my tongue when the “I couldn’t ever live without _______ (insert ANYTHING here)”  I don’t buy “I can’t”.  I also don’t buy “My family has been eating this way for generations.  I body couldn’t live without that.”  That’s bull.  Unless we’re talking oxygen or water.  But if we’re playing that game, can I make the same claim when it comes to bacon?

Speaking of food.  Love you Juli ❤  @ paleOMG

CrockPot Chicken Curry

CrockPot Chicken Curry

I feel like I’ve lost a good friend, and I guess in a sense I have…  DK has found post-baby-#2 hatching to be entirely detrimental to his crossfit life.  The littlest DK was born 6 weeks ago, and since I think he’s only been to the box once 😦  Everyone has different priorities and I completely understand that a young family is a lot of work, but I miss our fitness chats at work.  We both used to see each other and get all excited to ramble on and on about the day’s WOD, our latest bruises, new PRs, the endless goats, etc.  Now, it’s like there’s a HUGE elephant in the room whenever we work together and neither of us have any idea of what to talk about.  I need a new crossfit chat session buddy or I fear my non-crossfit friends may disown me when I simply can’t contain my excitement any longer.  Sigh.  Thankfully I have a blog 🙂  With which you just may see my posting frequency increase once again.  I WILL have to do something about my inability to post pics at work though.  Boooooring…

Tues. Aug. 12:

warm-up: (partners)

100 Wallballs  #16

For time:


Power Snatch  #95/#65   #55

Row for calories

Time – 13 something I think?? Arg.

One step at a time, but the snatch is not something I fear or dread anymore at all.  EXCEPT when Coach Dave stands directly in front of me in the middle of my 20 reps and says “don’t hit me McDowell”.  I appreciate that he trusts that I won’t, but I don’t share that trust!  The “pull your shoulders back” cue has made a huge difference, but I still need to work on keeping the bar close and not pulling early.  One step at a time.  I’ll get there 😉

Post-WOD run felt alright.  Changed up the route today and SP volunteered to come along 🙂  As my fellow blog friend mentioned when I initially joined in on her August mile challenge – “Misery loves company”  Haha!  True story 🙂  I wasn’t speedy today, but it seems my post-WOD mile pace has at least been consistent thus far.

August Challenge – The Daily Mile


“Embrace the suck”

First note – My August Challenge now has it’s very own page 🙂  Easier (I think?) than a new post every day.  See:

August Challenge – The Daily Mile

Mon. Aug. 11:

Ok, “Embrace the SUCK”.  Could that be a slogan for crossfit?  Cause it totally fits a whole heck of a lot.  Today’s WOD for sure was about this.  And the warm-up too!  Then, I decided to get my 1 mile run in after and there was even more cause for embracement.  <-yup.  I’m making up words again.  After the warm-up, my BUTT was screaming bloody murder.  Then we spent 5 minutes hanging out in the bottom of a squat with a kettlebell.  Then it was hard to stand up.  Then 84 thrusters?  Good times!  Why am I kinda bitchy today?  Haha!  Weird :-p

warm-up: Death by Rowing

0:00-3:00 100m
3:00-6:00 200m
6:00-9:00 300m
9:00-12:00 400m
12:00-15:00 500m

6 rounds of:
13 -Thrusters #95/#65   #55
14- Pullups  green band, ring rows

Time – 16:03 (I think :s)

Sun. Aug. 10:

Got to the box early cause I needed to get out of my condo to stop myself from eating everything that wasn’t nailed down.  I hate those days.  Figured it was a perfect opportunity to toss my mile run in before the WOD and before it got too hot out anyway.  Then the warm-up was announced.  It started with a mile run.  Brilliant Kate :-p  but at least I have one less mile to make up for the month!

 Teams of 2 SMASH OUT:
A running 15-Minute Clock, Row 1000 Meters
In time remaining, AMRAP:
30- Wallballs #30/#20   #16
30- Burpees
Partners may partition the reps as needed

Result – 16:00, 4 rounds

Officially, we finished 3 full rounds + 30 wallballs + 17 burpees, but decided to finish our 4th round anyway 🙂  I had a great partner and had fun with this one.  Although the wallballs got heavy fairly fast.  Do you find pretty much every WOD has an “OH FAWWWWK!!!” moment?  I do.  Today I think it was more of a premonition though cause it hit me as I watched my partner FLY through the first 250m on the rower!!  Fast row = more time for wallballs/burpees!  OH FAWWWWK!!

I have a little side project which should be starting soon.  I have an opportunity to get back into the horse scene a little through a friend.  Her father owns a horse who has only ever been ridden western, but my friend desperately wants to jump.  Cue my project… teach Marley to jump.  🙂  Plans fell through to start the process today, so I got some food prep started for my week instead.  How’s a little chicken curry sound?  It certainly smells amazing…

  There should be a photo here.  I took one.  A good one.  Then realized that my Waterloo manager PC has decided “efff YOU man!”  So the photo will have to wait.  Use your imagination.  It’s beautiful.

August Challenge

2 posts in 1 day?!?! Right?  What can I say, I’m still in the excited phase.  Anyways, near the beginning of August I made a pledge to join a fellow blogger on a little challenge:


Thanks friend!  With my back being messed up last week and a good chunk of this week, I wasn’t able to start this little quest August 1.  Amazing how things have transitioned from excitement towards heading out for a run, to coming up with 10+ excuses not to.  New area, don’t know what route would be good.  Have yet to unpack my shuffle, can one even run without music? etc, etc…  BUTTT… yesterday I got my first mile in!  Technically I guess I have some miles to make up, but since Sunday Aug. 3rd our WOD included a 2km run (MORE than a mile! Yes!) I’m counting that and considering it that I owe 6 instead of 7.  Biggest accomplishment with getting my first run in yesterday… I did it after work!  8:30pm is so not my cup of tea, but felt great once it was done.  The reasoning I gave myself – if it were an 8:00pm hockey game I wouldn’t talk myself out of it.  Run #2 happened today before work.  Much more my style.  Found a better route too which didn’t involve a little “trail run” section along the side of a busy road.  Or some kids yelling “run Forrest!!” as I passed.

Friday August 8 (8:30pm) – 9:03

Saturday August 9 (7:15am) – 8:28

**note – Wow! My new neighborhood is kinda hilly!

#itsGOODforyou -Coach Dave


no excuses

I’m slacking again.  I know, but I haven’t finished unpacking yet so I feel blog neglect is the least of my worries.  I need a vacation.  Managing 2 stores is more than I anticipated and the one thing I’m not willing to allow to feel deprived is crossfit.  Speaking of which, a quick follow-up from Thursday.  That spicy little WOD has been kicking my ass for the last 2 days now.  My quads feel like it was the first time I had ever set foot in a gym!  They were just air squats!!  😮

Fri. Aug. 8:

WOOT!!  Friday coffee WOD and Coach Sharon is back 🙂  Dave only tried to hijack once.  Mid-WOD!  I called him on it.  It’s my job.  Good times 😀  Today’s WOD was a fun one cause I finally feel there is progress being made.  Thank gawd.  Double unders are still the epitome of insanity for me, but my lifts are getting better.  And my back is too!  FINALLY!!  Could actually box jump today, up and down with very little discomfort.  Score.

Goat Day
On the minute for 20 minutes:
Odd mins: 8-12 reps: Box Jumps
Even mins: Goat 1  5 Power Snatch, 3-5 OH Squats

Thurs. Aug. 7:

Thursday is traditionally my “day off”.  Well, from Henry’s anyway.  I guess I’m far from traditional though so I shouldn’t be surprised that my “day off” was a shit storm.  Made it to my 7:30am WOD.  Ok, good start.  Then had to grab a product from Waterloo and play courier to deliver to Cambridge.  Then head back home for a quick chow sesh.  Then back to Waterloo for my box-monkey shift at Chek.  Then back to Henry’s Waterloo to close cause someone called in sick.  Sweet jeezuz.  I was exhausted by 8:30pm.  Anyways, things started great with a “spicy” little WOD.  Sounds simple enough, right??  Try it.  I dare you.

3 rounds of:
75- Double Unders
50- Air Squats
25- Calorie Row

OH!  Ya, no excuses, I know… but today was not a double unders practice day.  Little jumps for singles my back approved of.  Big jumps, it did not.  Also… Wednesday I went for a torture session with Zapps, the box vet, to try to sort out my back.  GOOD GOD!!  When he dug his elbow into my glutes I almost screamed.  Told him he was worse than wallballs.  That was taken as a compliment.  Then when he went to work on my shoulders and rotator cuffs I nearly died.  Woke up Thursday morning looking for the DONKEY that kicked me in the butt/hamstrings.  No donkey.  Zapps.

Tues. Aug. 5:

Yesterday was a holiday, and despite my efforts to arrange a little group gathering at the box even though it was closed, the day became a rest day.  Probably for the better cause my back was in protest of pretty much anything I did.  Including sleeping the night before.  Even resorted to taking something, which I avoid until I can’t stand it anymore.  It didn’t help.  Made me kinda dumb, but the back still hurt like hell.  This whole back thing is cramping my decision to join a fellow blogger’s quest to run a mile every day in August.  I used to consider myself a runner.  Used to head out a few times per week for a little 5-k just for kicks.  Now that I have the awesomeness of crossfit, running has become somewhat of a lost love.  Like, it’s just the piece of the WOD that’s listed between other movements I’d way rather do.  Sometimes it’s the “break” portion, sometimes it’s what makes the WOD hard as fawk (ex. Clovis.  Or anything Coach Will creates)  So…. {end rant} I jumped on the band wagon with the goal to run a mile every day for the month of August.  Yesterday was a FAIL.  Stupid back.  Hopefully today I can redeem myself, although there was a small jog portion in this morning’s WOD that my back protested.  Sigh.  I had such a GREAT week last week that I was excited to have Coach Dave return and continue the awesome.

Blah, blah, blah.  Down to business:

Buy in – 100m tire flip

40 calorie Row   20

40 box jump-overs   20 step-overs

40 toes to bar   20

40 hang cleans   30  #35

40 burpee bar-jump-over    20

Cash out – 100m tire flip

one odd duck

If you are Canadian – Happy long weekend!  Unless you work in retail, then happy 2-3 days of next to no customers cause all the non-retail shopper types DO have the weekend off and DO have better things to do.  Hi-5!  hahaha… I’m not complaining, I promise.  More customers do make the time go quicker, but I still have month end stuff to keep me busy and I actually have the chance to get back to a little random blog action.

2232[1]So, for years I’ve never been able to comprehend why some feel it absolutely pertinent to change out of their work shirt just to go get a coffee.  Always thought it was just a pathetic excuse to drag the process out even longer.  That was until 2 days ago when I got completely cut off on my way to Tim’s and wanted to flip the bird to the jerk.  Sigh… realized it was probably not the best idea while wearing my company logo on my chest.  Ok, I get it now.

Wednesday I picked my sister up for a visit 🙂  She lives far and goes to school even farther, so we really don’t get to see each other all that often.  She stayed Wednesday night and I dropped her back with my dad on Thursday.  Being a fellow Paleo-type-thing, we went to the farmer’s market, went out for the awesomest Frat burgers, cooked some delish dinner, shopped a bit for some condo bits, didn’t get any of the intended unpacking done, and watched some Game of Thrones.  Listen, that was her idea I swear.  I’m going to be in wicked withdrawal when I run out of episodes.  Thursday morning I was awake at 4am and seriously considered heading to the 6am WOD… totally could have gone and made it home well before sis even woke up, but I stuck to my plan to give my body the 2nd rest day which it needed.  Paid off when I played like a rockstar at hockey Thursday night.  Also gave the hole in my thumb another day of healing before picking up the bar again Friday.

Why didn’t I post this yesterday?  Why do I feel the need to have some sort of “closing” to my posts?  Meh, whatever.  Had I actually hit the good ‘ole “publish” button yesterday, I would have actually published a WOD-free ramble.  But since I didn’t, I’ll have to recap today’s hefty serving of ass-kicking dished out by Coach Will.  Mom and Dad (aka Sharon and Dave) are back today, so things shall return to normal as of Tuesday.  I’m a mixture of excited and sad all at the same time.  The 10 days of variety have been kind of refreshing.  Although, not sure I’m feeling any remorse to see Will’s Sunday WODs come to an end.  It’s not that I’m not up for the challenge, but one of my team mates from Sunday hockey has mentioned “It’s not that I’m wanting to tell you to stop, but I will ask if you could maybe NOT crossfit Sunday mornings during playoffs…”  Haha!!  Not that I’m a superstar EVER, but I’m slow as sh*t when I’ve done a killer WOD the same day.  Noted.  Anyways, no hockey this week cause of the long weekend.  Good thing!  Cause this was WICKED!!  (interpret in any way you chose.  All options likely fit)

Sun. August 3:

20 Deadlifts   #135

2km row

200 Double Unders   200 singles

2km run

20 Muscle Ups/Ring Dips   RD w/blk band

Time –  27:28

First – my deads should have been heavier.  I’ve been good all week about picking a challenging weight but today my back was sore.  I blame Cambridge.  Second – ya, ya… No double unders during the WOD here.  My legs were wobbly as hell after the row, to the point that even my 200 singles went in chunks of actual singles at the beginning.  Oddly, backwards seemed easier(??).  BUT… I did get to the box 30 minutes early and put in a good practice sesh.  I can do them in my mind.  Like, can totally visualize the rythem.  Not unlike all my years of imagining the rythem of riding a horse around a course of jumps.  ‘Cept I could actually do that.  I feel like I’m close…  I HOPE I’m close.  Whipped the sh*t out of my hands and foreams this morning… but I’m not giving up.

Strange post-WOD shower thought…  Do you buy shampoo or soap based on the color of the bottle?  I totally do.  Lame.


Ok, I’m sorry.  I was called out on my blog-neglect and I am 100% guilty.  I’ve been crazy-busy, and I haven’t found a new home just yet for my iMac in my new pad…  AND… my routine life hasn’t completely returned to its regularly scheduled programming which has resulted in my inability to remember to take my meds on like 3 out of 5 mornings last week.  I’m starting to conclude that I really need to make sure I get better at that cause each of those days I was just “off” by like 2:00pm.  Have no fear, things will get better.

Wow… what a ridiculous last 10 days!  At the start of last week I had planned to move on Thursday.  As in, I had arranged with my dad weeks ago to bring his trailer and I had asked DK and another Henry’s dude to come help.  Had even moved my box-monkey Sport Chek shift back to Friday.  When another friend offered to help on Wednesday, I figured we could move some boxes and then Thursday would take care of the big stuff.  Note to self – when you get 2 crossfit friends together and give them a task to do, that shit goes down like it’s “for time”.  With the exception of a very few minor bits, and only cause I was hungry enough to eat my shirt after 15 hours straight, we pretty much moved my entire apartment in just the one day.  Two chicks, one pick-up truck, and my little Mazda = Move DONE.  Found a new appreciation for just how much I can load into my awesome hatchback too.  Thursday I still had DK over to help me get the old couch that was NOT on the invite list to the new condo out of the apartment.  We wrestled with the beast for a bit trying to figure out how to get the damn thing out the front door, then the light bulb went off!  The balcony door is wider… so we hauled the dumb couch out onto my balcony, 3, 2, 1 – partner power clean.  So far so good, and on another count of 3, 2, 1 – we hucked the thing off the balcony.  Totally not legal, but totally awesome!  It even survived enough to carry around the building to the dumpster.  Needless to say, I didn’t get to the box Wednesday or Thursday last week, but I got up to a whole lot of real life crossfit anyways!  After it was all over with, I was EXHAUSTED.  The move day came along with very little time to think about food or water and I paid for it.  But it was all worth it in the end 🙂


I LOVE my new home 🙂  Also loved arriving to this!  When the time comes for me to sell my place, I will remember the extra little effort I received.  It felt great 🙂

Since I’ve been lost and delirious for quite a while, I have some WOD catching up to do:

Fri. August 1:

OTM for as long as possible:
3- Power Cleans #185/#135   #75
3- Front Squats #185/#135   #75
3- Jerks #185/#135   #75
If you complete 10 rounds, add one rep to each movement for each additional minute.
For example minute 11 would be 4 Power Cleans+ 4 Front Squats + 4 Jerks. Minute 12 would be 5 of each, and minute 13 would be 6 of each.

Going into this one I wasn’t sure I would be able to get very far with #75.  Coach Jenna made me commit to 5 rounds, then if I needed to I could strip down to #65.  B*tch please!  Got to round 4 and had a moment of “I GOT THIS!”.  Made it to round 11, but my 4th Jerk was after the 60 second mark so I was done.  The weight wasn’t really the issue.  Felt I could have cleaned and squatted heavier.  Maybe even the jerks too.  The challenge – it was a wrist killer!  By round 7 I struggled to adjust my hands from the squats to take the bar over head.  Round 8, I changed my plan and picked up the pace through the first 2 movements so I could drop the bar and shake my wrists out before the jerks.  It worked, but the 4 reps caught me.  Still… 😀 felt awesome.

Tues. July 29:

Teams of 3, for time:

100- Calorie Row – each athlete must row at least 15 Calories
100- Box Jump Overs (24, 20″)
100- Thrusters (95, 65#)
100- Toes to Bar
100- Thrusters (95, 65#)
100- Box Jump Overs (24, 20″)
100- Calorie Row – each athlete must row at least 15 calories

Time – ??? sigh… forgot to record

Mon. July 28:

3 rounds of:
800m Run   Row
21 Power Cleans (#155, 105#)   #85

Time – 22:54

Since my little break through last week, I’m moving more load finally 🙂  First time cleaning #85 in a WOD, let alone one that dealt out 63 reps!  Went into this one with the mindset of – Don’t care if I’m dead last, I’m not wimping out with the weight.  I was dead last.  And the last round of 21 was probably completely done as singles.  Don’t care 🙂  Still a victory.

Sun. July 27:

Thor’s Hammer


Power Snatch 95/65   #55
HSPU  feet on box
Deadlifts – 2 x Bodyweight/1.5 x Bodyweight (F)   #135

Followed by 2km run.

Time – 27:56

WICKED WOD!!  I knew with Coach Will being in comand since Dave and Sharon are still away that our Sunday WOD would be killer.  Not that all WODs aren’t, Will just presents a different style of torture that I don’t see all too often.  Thor’s Hammer was fun.  I was paired up with a friend cause there were a lot of people there and not enough bars for everyone to have 2, so we shared a deadlift bar.  It was cool.  I was happy to provide the motivation to someone else to go a little heavier than they normally would have 🙂  Going solo, I might have tried #155, cause all my rounds of deads were unbroken, but I’m happy to #makeothersbetter

Then came the run… 😮  After that little treat of a WOD, I didn’t really feel like doing much for the rest of the day.  Don’t think I got any unpacking done really.  Cooked the easiest of options.  Binge-watched a little Game of Thrones.  Put my hockey bag in the car but drove right past the highway on-ramp cause I realized it just wasn’t gonna happen.  Don’t think I saw 9:15pm.

Fri. July 25:


Part 1. OTM for 8 Minutes:
Minute 1: 12- Cleans #135/#95   #55
Minute 2: 12- Jerks #135/#95    #55
Minute 3: 9- Cleans #155/#105   #65
Minute 4: 9- Jerks #155/#105   #65
Minute 5: 6- Cleans #185/#135   #75
Minute 6: 6- Jerks #185/#135   #75
Minute 7: 3- Cleans #205/#145   #75
Minute 8: 3- Jerks #205/#145   #75
Goal is to do all sets unbroken, TnG and work on cycle times.

Part 2.
1k Row, followed by:

Kettlebell Swings- 32kg/24kg   16kg

Time – 10:31

Part 1 I had every intention of getting to #85 for the 3-rep rounds.  My wrists disagreed!  Part 2 I was determined to set a good pace and get through it as efficient as possible.  A short rest between the kettlebell swings and the burpees let me do the 15’s and 9’s unbroken.  I finished first 🙂  That’s NOT what it’s all about… but it’s a nice feeling every now and again 😉

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