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Wanna know why this didn’t get posted yesterday?  There I was, sitting on my mom’s front porch just typing away and waiting for the time when I had planned to head to the airport when my phone lit up.  “We just landed!” was the message staring back at me!  SHIT!  Half an hour early?!  When does that happen?  Stuffed my iPad in my bag and bolted to the good old YYZ (Pearson Airport).  By the time I got home last night it was after 10, way past my bedtime :p especially since I knew I would be hitting the 6am WOD today!  (of note – I drove pretty much the WHOLE way home thru a thunder-storm.  Wicked lightning, but further proof to my claim.  Keep reading, you’ll understand.)

All, good.  Just means I can share some additional randomness.  First of which comes in the form of a confession.  For a week or more there has been banter going around the box about starting another round of Whole30 on September 1st.  When the idea was first presented I agreed to participate, but as time marched forward I became less and less sold on the idea.  I’m not alone.  While some have signed up for the real deal, a bunch of us have made other goals and commitments.  The barriers I was facing in my own mind had to do with the facts that A: Whole30 really isn’t that much of a change from how I eat now & B: I don’t want to give up gum.  How dumb is that?!?!  SO my goal for September is to log my food everyday and cut back on the amount of nuts I eat.  I don’t even want to quantify this reality to MYSELF let alone my blogging world.  Let’s just say, I have a problem and September will be my month to work on it.  Starting September 2.  That’s today.  Yesterday my brain formed its own little rebellion against the whole idea of going through another Whole30.  It was bad, and there was chocolate involved.

It’s always darkest before the dawn.

More random – I’ve come to a conclusion through my years of working with a variety of different people that – ONLY women are capable of refilling a stapler or toilet paper roll.  I think this goes back to the “double X” thing again.  ARG!!

Back to business.  This morning’s WOD was another sweat-fest.  Thank GAWD I got there for 6am cause I would imagine it’s only going to get hotter!  Enjoyed a gorgeous sunrise during each run, was actually getting in some kipping pull-ups too until my hand ripped 😦  Bummer!  Finished the WOD with ring rows.

Tues. Sept. 2:

5 rounds:

800 Meter Run
30- Kettlebell Swings (70/53)   #35
30- Pullups   20 reps/round

Time – 36:47


Happy Labour Day 😀 I usually hate stat holidays, but today things were in line to be awesome.  Coach Dave posted last night – Open gym from 9-11!!!  I flew up from the couch I was so pumped 🙂  Then the plan for the afternoon was to spend a few hours “horsing around” before heading to Brampton to pick my mom up from the airport.

Got to the box about 9:45 with a game plan and ready to sweat.  Hot as he’ll again today and sooo humid I was sweating by the time I changed into shorts and tossed my hair in a pony tail type thing.  I don’t usually go to Open Gym. I like the structure of our scheduled WODs with pre-planned warm-up and succession of movements, but there was no chance I was staying home today. Previo

usly my plan had been to go recreate “Death Valley” (sans sandbag) from the Throwdown. But I wanted to LIFT!!!  So I did.

Wed. Sept. 1:

warm-up  500m row

Spend 10:00 working up to a heavy 1 rep – Hang Clean   #95

— REST 5 MIN —

5 Rounds, not for time:

Double Unders practice

5 Overhead Squats   #75

10 GHD Sit-ups

— REST 5 MIN —

3 x 30 seconds Handstand hold

PR BABY!!  Worked up to a 3 rep of #85.    Hit that 3 times, then to #95 and did THAT 3 times as well 🙂 Coach J came over and gave me a good piece of wisdom: “you’re catching the bar with your arms! And then getting under it.  If you can get comfortable getting your elbows up FAST and catching the bar with your BODY, you’ll be able to go much heavier!”  Ooooooo!!! Ok! Something to work on 🙂  Backed off to #75 pounds for my OH squats, and glad I did!  I bailed at the end of round 3, and again in round 4, but cleaned the bar back up and carried on. Biggest challenge I found – getting my body to “settle” enough after the double unders (whip lashings) to lock the bar out over my head and SQUAT!  I need to give myself a little more credit than that today actually. I got a whole bunch of double unders 😀  Left the box in the best mood ever (as always)



Post awesome morning at CFD, the wheels fell off my well planned day a bit. Despite a few text messages sent to inquire about the afternoon horsing plans we made all of 24 hours ago, I got no response and was totally stood up. Arg.  Sooo… I headed to Brampton early and my other ride, who strangely enough doesn’t have a name even after a year together (talking about my car now) got its annual hand washing. Yes, annual. That’s cause it’ll be a year before I forget how much I hate doing it!  It’s the one hour of my life that I hate myself for buying a white car too. I swear the thing gets DIRTIER as you start washing!  Or the dirt is just more noticeable. Whatever it is, he’s all gorgeous and pearly white again 🙂 note- it will rain tonight. That’s just how I roll, and I’ve learned to accept that. I wash my car, it rains.  I leave my sunroof open a crack while at work to avoid the near death from leaving my gym clothes in the car after a sweaty morning WOD, it rains.  I get gas, the price goes down drastically within hours.  I have pretty awful parking lot karma too. I must have been trouble in a past life or something. But things happen. I’m over it.

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