one day it'll all make sense.

BUTT. Seriously!

My BUTT is screaming at me today.  Ah the beauty of crossfit, right?  It never gets easy, you just get stronger.  As you get stronger, you push yourself harder.  And things still hurt.  I’ve been going 4-5 times per week quite consistently for more than a year, but WALLBALLS still leave me looking for the handicap stall in the washroom for the next day or two.  This wasn’t even the full Karen!  BUTT it was still enough I guess.


Today’s Friday Coffee WOD had a substitute teacher after poor Coach Sharon had an accident on Monday that left her recovering from a pretty good concussion 😦  So Coach Dave was there in her place.  No bacon and eggs this time.  No coffee either.  But a pretty wicked little WOD 🙂  I must admit, when I read the details I bitched about not wanting to do it.  I missed the only squats day this week cause Wednesday was my rest day, and I was grumpy at another strict press day.  This morning I changed my tune quickly.  My quads and glutes are feeling the aftershock of Thursday’s WOD pretty wicked and were happy to share the spotlight with my shoulders.

Fri. Sept. 5:

For Time:
Run 800 Meters

21- Unbroken Strict Presses (95/65)   #55
Run 800 Meters
18- Unbroken Strict Presses (95/65)   #55
Run 800 Meters
15- Unbroken Strict Presses (95/65)   #55
*200 Meter Penalty Run anytime the strict press is broken*

rep scheme:  21 – 11/10  18 – 10/8   15 – 9/ 6

time – 24:09

Sometimes strategy is a good thing to consider.  I went into today’s WOD with a commitment in my mind to run 3km.  With this game plan, it meant I couldn’t “break” from each round of strict press more than once.  Thankfully the rep count decreased each round or I’m not sure I could have stuck to that plan!  Victory was sweet 🙂  My shoulders are toast!

Thurs. Sept. 4:

AMRAP 15 Minutes:
3- Power Snatches (135/95)  Cleans  #65
15- Wallballs (20/14)

Result – 9 rounds

With the big hole in the middle of my palm still in recovery from Tuesday, Power Cleans was a feasible scaling option here.  Round 1 I thought “ok, this isn’t so bad.  I got this!” by round 4 I realized I was totally wrong.  It was a total gasser, but settled into a rhythm with the wallballs of 5, rest 10 seconds, repeat.  Round 8, I realized that I had enough time left that I would definitely make it back to the wallballs for round 9.  Once I hustled back to the wall, reality hit – the only way to finish with a nice even “9 rounds” was to do the last 15 wallballs unbroken.  I did.  Then died.


Let’s talk nutrition for a second.  Or “anti” nutrition?  Any suggestions on how I could go about getting my mind over this rebellion phase?  I haven’t really eaten ANY chocolate in YEARS and I’ve been craving it.  It’s weird.   And annoying.  I’m pretty sure I’m not PMSing either.  That hasn’t happened in YEARS either.  I just want to go back to craving Brussels sprouts please.



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