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Friday wrap-up

First – run w/#25 plate = sooooooooore ribs the next day.  Like, there are bruises.  For real.  Sorry to say, this is a loooong post that has been composed in various stages but never posted cause I couldn’t add any visual appeal.  Maybe one day I’ll get over that.  Maybe not.  My week has been a busy one.  Went to a movie Monday night with CFD buds, Tuesday date night, Wednesday crossfit cause it was coming down buckets so moved horse night to Thursday, and Friday closing in Cambridge.  Sunday night I’m hoping to make NO PLANS!  I need a night to do as little as possible :p

Fri. Sept. 12:

Ok, today was supposed to be a rest day in preparation for Badass Dash tomorrow.  Which by the way, is a day for which they are predicting temps around 10 degrees and a steady pouring of rain.  Doesn’t that sound like fun?  Anyways, I decided my rest day could be what Coach Dave calls an “active rest day” when I read the details for the WOD.  I didn’t do all of it, but figured a little bench press wouldn’t hurt.  Plus… IT’S FRIDAY 🙂  7:30 coffee WOD had a bit of a new spin to it today cause Coach Sharon is still recovering so she brought the coffee and hung out while Coach Dave filled in 🙂  And I PR’d.  Well worth going!


someone skipped leg day…

Part 1. Bench Press: Build to a Heavy Set of 3 Reps   #115

Part 2. For Time:
10 – 8 – 6 – 4 – 2 : Bench (135/95)
2 – 4 – 6 – 8 – 10 : Strict Pull-Ups
**20 Situps after each round

Part 3. Tabata (8 rounds)

20 seconds push-ups, 10 seconds plank hold

That’s right!  My previous 1RM for bench was #110!  Today #115 (x3!!) didn’t even feel like a max, but I didn’t want to kill myself during my “rest day”.  Skipped the METCON to take some pics, but did get in several rounds of 20 situps and sucked it up through this Tabata workout from hell.  See, the whole concept of Tabata is usually 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest.  A plank hold is NOT a rest.  It’s further shoulder mutilation.  But as Coach Dave always says “It’s GOOD for you!!”  And my little photo taking during part 2 secured me the title of “social imaging director” or some other stringing together of important sounding terms.  :p

Thurs. Sept. 11:

“31 Heroes”

Teams of 2, AMRAP 31 Minutes:
8- Thrusters #155/#105   #75
6- Rope Climbs
11- Box Jumps (30/24)   20″
*One partner always running 400m with Plate(45/25)

Result – 5 full rounds

For the most part, enjoyed this one.  First time I’ve used the “J-hook” for rope climbing, and kept it solid through most of the WOD.  One part that totally sucked – running with the plate!  It wasn’t even the weight of it that I didn’t like, it was trying to find a suitable way to carry it!  Came down to tucking it under one arm.  The sharp JAB in the ribs with every stride was less than appreciated, but when I tried to carry it behind my back I almost lost my shorts!  Settled for the rib jabs.

Wed. Sept. 10:


3 rounds:
75- Double Unders  150 singles
50- Air Squats
25- Calorie Row/AirDyne

Time – 14:20

Sounds simple enough, right?  Been here long?  Cause if you have, I’m sure you’ve figured out that is generally not the case!  Don’t get me wrong, I like this WOD.  Proof – I dragged my butt to the box for the 7pm class!  Actually got there early cause I came right from work, so I spent a good half hour working on some kipping pull-ups and my hang cleans.  I tend to get the bar up nice and high, then catch with my forearms (elbows low) rather than driving my elbows up FAST and letting my body catch the bar.  So I worked on it 🙂  I know I at least managed to follow the proper procedure a few times by the nice bruise on my collar bone today…  Once the 7:00 class started, we warmed up and headed to comand central (the white board) to discuss the WOD.  All of a sudden there was a gush of water at my feet!  DK was standing next to me and must have gotten me worst “WTF dude?!?!?” look!  He didn’t spill his water.  Or pee his pants.  The box was flooding!  Like, water gushing up through the drain in the floor!!  😮  We all grabbed brooms, mops, a hockey stick, whatever we could find to push the water out the door!  Coach Dave got there and one of our guys managed to plug the drain.  At 8:00, the 7:00 class began their WOD.  Post WOD, we went back to help with drying and moving mats and stuff and by the time I got home it was 9:30.  Didn’t actually get to bed until nearly 11, only to get a phone call from the alarm company for one of my stores around 2:30.  Dealt with that and just as I finally got back to sleep, a car alarm went off in my parking lot, was silenced, then went off again soon after.  This went on for about half an hour.  I considered just giving up and getting out of bed.  When my alarm went off at 5:30, I was not in the best of shape :p

Tues. Sept. 9:


warm-up – Beep Test, 6 rounds

25- Deadlifts #225/#155   #135
50- Pullups   20 kipping, 10 bar pulls
25- Deadlifts #225/#155   #135

I’ve mentioned before that some WODs I find the best way to get through them is to find that place in your mind where auto-pilot takes over.  The Beep Test is the same sort of thing I find.  Pick a rythm that gets you to the line pretty much just in time to turn and run back.  As the rounds go by, make adjustment to the pace to continue the same touch-and-go rythm.  It feels totally doable, but then when we stop I realize I’m breathing HEAVY and sweating like a pig :p  As for today’s WOD, I LOVED it 🙂  I mean, deadlifts… DUH.  But I actually managed to pull off 20 kipping pull-ups!  Small sets, like started in sets of 3, then 2, then singles when the 2nd rep got ugly, but it’s progress!  🙂  I would have made it to 25 reps if I hadn’t ripped my hand open again.  Was just healing from last week, but at least it wasn’t a big tear cause I can’t wait to get back on the bar.

Sun. Sept. 7:

#epicwods, courtesy of Coach Will

Partner WOD!! 🙂  (thank GOD!)

0:00-5:00   buy in – 50 back squats   #85

5:00-8:00     AMRAP – Power Snatch   #65

8:00-10:00     400m Run

10:00-14:00    AMRAP – Squat Clean   #65

14:00-16:00    400m Run

16:00-21:00     AMRAP – Deadlifts   #135

21:00-23:00    400m Run

23:00-29:00    AMRAP – Burpee Push-ups

29:00-35:00   cash out – 50 back squats   #85

There was waaaaaay too much going on in this one to keep track of how many rounds/reps we did!  I tried through the Power Snatch, where we broke into sets of 3 reps each and completed 6 rounds, but then came the run and my brain just sort of abandoned the counting.  400m in 2 minutes is no casual stroll!  It’s not a sprint, but after the 4 minutes of squat cleans, I was happy I could produce something that at least resembled a run.  Could have gone heavier on those, but the time to think was a minimal, so I just did 2 reps per set while my partner did singles with the 85lb back squat bar.  I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I really liked the burpee push-ups!  It’s a nice, controlled, fluid motion that I sort of got into a rythm with which I felt I could have kept up for quite some time.  Reminded myself later that if I’m going to subject myself to one of Will’s #epicwods, I should plan for an afternoon nap!  Instead, I headed to Brampton to play a round of golf with my mom.  For once, I actually didn’t completely suck!  My ideal game of golf would only require a driver and a putter.  Everything in between is usually one big mess.  Today was better than usual 🙂

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  1. Nice job on the bench press! I love a good PR story!!!

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