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Just Badass

Mon. Sept. 15:

warm-up – Beep Test, Round 6

“The Chief”
5 rounds of AMRAP 3 Minutes:
3- Power Cleans (#135/#95)   #75
6- Pushups
9- Air Squats
Rest 1 Minute between rounds. Only full rounds count.

Result – 22 rounds (5, 4, 4, 4, 5)

Round 1 I got kinda cocky, then suffered for 59 seconds before round 2. I learned. Round 5 I went hard again cause, well… Ya why not?  Amazing how sometimes you don’t realize how fatigued something is until you go to use it again.  Today my shoulders cried real tears when I went to rinse the shampoo from my hair post-WOD.  My cleans were pretty badass today.  Warming up with just the bar the “open you HIPS!” was so effective I nearly smacked myself in the chin quite a few times.  Amazing though how when you feel what it’s like to be moving really well, how one “off” rep can feel really off!

Sun. Sept. 14:


Yesterday was kind of an interesting day, which may lead to a very different kind of post.  The morning started off with my final mud run of 2014, the Badass Dash at Chicopee Ski Hill in Kitchener.  All week, I went through the same pre-race mental process that I’ve seen accompany every mud run this year.  I was not excited about it as I have been in previous years.  Even talked myself out of going a few times, but the different thing about this run was the company with which I’d be “enjoying” the torture.  Signing up with a group of crossfitters made me feel more accountable, but nervous at the same time.  Plus the weather was expected to be less than 10 degrees and rain.  Boo.  However, when I woke up the morning of the run my mind was made up.  I was going to the Badass Dash and my only goal would be to keep up with the rest of the team.  Just another “3, 2, 1 – GO!” right?  Overall, it was a great experience.  I’m happy with myself that I didn’t back down from the self doubt that tried to talk me out of getting out of bed.  I’m happy that I managed to keep pace easily with the much younger team.


I’m also happy I didn’t drown :p  There was an obstacle that had a bunch of plastic cubes strung together to form a bridge.  While I watched the others before me creep across slowly on their stomachs, my mind decided “‘EFF THAT!!  I’m gonna run across!”  I’ve had smarter moments.  Made it half way to the middle platform before I tipped into the icy water.  Ok, I have zero fear when it comes to water.  Swam competitively in high school.  Taught swimming when I was younger and even lifeguarded for a few years.  This did not prepare me for the shock of plunging into cold water on a cold day that proved to be WAY deeper than expected!  (More than 30’ deep I later learned)  It completely knocked the wind out of me.  Like, couldn’t take a breath at all.  Panicked for a second, then realized I better get my shit together and scrambled back onto the bridge.


Other than that, the obstacles were pretty awesome.  I grumbled, not unlike last year, when I got to the “Pesky Push-ups”.  I’m sorry, but I don’t consider 25 push-ups an obstacle.  The slip and slide was the fastest slip and slide experince thus far in my 32 years.  Started out all good, but picked up speed like nobody’s business!  Problem with that, eventually you run out of slide.  Then it’s just slip… on your butt… on the grass… with no brakes.  All I could picture was the scene from Christmas Vacation where Clark Griswold is flying across the walmart parking lot.



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