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Desperately in need of a WOD recap:

Sun. Oct. 5:

In teams of 2, for time:

100 Deadlifts  #135

80 Front Squats   #75

60 Power Cleans    #65

***every minute, on the minute – both partners complete 5 burpees

result – 20:37

When I was messing around practicing double unders before the WOD, I realized Coach Will had the reins today.  Yup, immenent death.  Reading the 3 lifting portions, it didn’t seem like a typical Will-WOD… but then I processed the burpees part.  Oh fawk.  :s  I honestly thought this might take hours.  But I had a kick-ass partner and we killed this b*tch 🙂


Fri. Oct. 3:

7 x 2:00 rounds, resting 1:00 between:
200 Meter Run
7- Deadlifts #315/#205   #135
Max Double Unders/Handstand Pushups

Score – 22 double unders

Round 5 was my best 🙂 with 4 double unders.  This came after the train wreck that was round 4 – 1 DU + lots of whip lashings.  Fail.


Thurs. Oct. 2:

Part 1. Push Press: 7-7-7-7-7   #75
Part 2. Overhead Static Hold Accumulate 2:00 total – #96/#65   #55
Part 3. On the 2:00 x 7 Minutes
Guys – 15 Pushups + Row 20 Calories
Girls – 10 Pushups + Row 15 Calories

Just cause it’s crossfit and I’ve learned to expect the unexpected when Coach Dave is  involved, I wasn’t overly surprised to get to do this WOD in reverse order.  Actually, pretty glad we did!  Fresh arms made the OTM part almost enjoyable.  Especially when Smarti decided it was a bit of a race between her and I to complete each row first.  Nice try girl 😉  When it’s a rowing sprint, I got this!  Double the calorie goal and I would have probably faded soon after I reached 15 :-p

Then came the overhead static hold, to which my left shoulder was not all that willing to cooperate.  “Lock it UP McDowell!!”  Coach Dave shouted my way after about 40 seconds.  I was as locked as I was going to get even though my left arm was still bent.  Stupid old injuries.


Tues. Sept. 30:

warm up – Burpee dodgeball*

Strength – work on: 1 hang snatch+1 OH squat+1 hang squat snatch  #55

3 Rounds:
400m Run  Row
21- Pull-Ups   Ring pulls
12- Hang Squat Snatches #95/#65   #55

Time – loooooong!  16:something

*Burpee dodgeball.  aka if you get hit with the ball OR the person you are trying to hit catches it, you do a burpee.  Nowhere in the rules was there any mention of getting hit in the face with a ball.  But it happened.  I was eyeing up my target and about to lauch the ball when I got Maynard’s toss right in the eye.  :p  Or should I say 😉


Mon. Sept. 29:

Abmat Sit-ups

time – 11:13

Ever heard of a +10 minute Annie time??  Totally not even valid cause I’m quite positive I didn’t get 20 double unders, let alone 150.  One thing I did get was the 150 sit-ups.  Trust me.  My abs felt that part.  I got something else too!  Well, sort of… in the warm-up we spent 7 minutes working on handstand stuff and I got about an inch off the mat for a strict handstand push-up, and maybe 2-3 for a kipping one :p  Gotta start somewhere, right?  At least I can get upside-down with no issues now!


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