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Bump in the road


I’m going to change things up a bit in terms of the format of my posts.  I get that my WOD summaries are really not all that interesting for anyone.  Could consider it one of those “ya had to be there” kinda things.  So… my random chaotic content will now be mostly extracted from the “data” and spewed out before I get into the nitty-gritty.

Hey Coach Dave… How many birthday cakes did ya get bro?  Haha!  This weekend kicked off with our CFD Thanksgiving get together, complete with a post-birthday cake for the one and only Coach Dave.  Last Wednesday a bunch of peeps got together for a birthday dinner and Russell Peters show.  Then it seemed like every time I logged into the old facebook over the weekend, there were new pictures of Dave and yet another cake!  Haha!  Maybe that’s just the benefit of your birthday falling around a holiday like Thanksgiving?  Mine just falls on father’s day from time to time.  I always considered that a bit of a rip-off rather than a benefit :p  Ok, now I’m just being a total punk.  My back hurts.  Cut me some slack.

Back to the weekend.  I place all the blame on the pumpkin pie.  Well, truth of the matter is I should place the blame on my lack of will power to resist the pumpkin pie.  But it was the 3rd day in a row that I’d had to see/smell its wonderful goodness.  It was just a little piece.  And I didn’t eat the crust.  Still… FAIL.  It didn’t even taste as amazing as I had psyched myself up for.  But the biggest fail was the next day when all I wanted to do was sleep.  *** amendment note required – My aunt put wheat berries on the salad!  I picked around most of them, but tired of that process quickly.  Today, I googled.  Wheat berries CONTAIN GLUTEN.  Ok pie, you likely weren’t deserving of all of the blame.  Yesterday was ridiculous though.  I was in bed probably around 8:30.  Justified it to myself cause I knew today came with a 4:15am alarm.

We had a perfect weekend for Thanksgiving 🙂  hope my fellow Canadians enjoyed it!  Yesterday was my only day off and although it wasn’t a sunny one, it was perfect weather for a little run.


WTF?!  My back is messed up again.  Disclaimer – this injury has zero to do with crossfit.  Not the first time my back has been screwy this year, but that wasn’t crossfit related either.  I’m not making the claim that you can’t get hurt crossfitting, but I AM making the claim that my coaches are very careful to make sure everyone who picks up a bar, grabs on to the pull-up rig, touches a wallball, etc, has all the tools needed to perform safely and avoiding injury.  Nope, I didn’t hurt myself digging for a new deadlift or squat PR.  I hurt my back chilling in my pjs last night, watching tv and rolling on my foam roller.  Brilliant.  Woke up this morning with random knee-buckling-hard-to-breathe spasms every time I’d flex my spine.  I CAN’T be broken right now!!  This Saturday is our “Nightmare on Mill Street” team competition in Kitchener!  So of course, I got in the car and headed to the 6am WOD.  Not to DO the WOD, but to spend some time working to get things moving again.  Any sort of impact hurts (running, jumping, dropping off the bar) but otherwise the situation improved as I kept moving.  Read Coach Dave’s mind and scaled the WOD appropriately.  Then sent a message to the box vet with a big “pleeeeeeeease… will you see me today!”

Tues. Oct. 14:

AMRAP 12 Minutes:
50- Burpees over the Bar    push-ups
30- Power Snatches (#135/#95)    #10? training bar
10- Muscle-Ups/ Chest- Bar Pullups   MU transitions

Score – 1 round + 50 push-ups + 13 snatch

Oddly enough, despite all the back bull sh*t, I felt like I was moving pretty well today.  As the catch for the snatch (hehe) started to get uncomfortable, I switched pretty seamlessly into squat snatches.  Granted, I wasn’t moving any weight…

Sun. Oct. 12:

Front Squats:

3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3

# 105 – 105 – 110 – 115 – 120 – 120 – 125

Pretty sure that #125 is a new 3RM.  Actually, pretty sure I’ve never done more than #105 for multiple reps but I could be off my rocker.  Still… although #105 felt heavy right from the start today, I had a kick-ass partner that I just sort of followed along with as she added weight each round.  Thanks Colt 🙂  #yousostronggirl

Fri. Oct 10:

Orange is the new black? Well, 6am is the new 7:30. In my little world anyways. Only way to make crossift and Cambridge co-exist. Not that I mind really, but Friday coffee WOD is at 7:30 😦 Today it just wasn’t meant to be. Don’t worry, I got slightly heckled for this but my reason behind missing it had to do with the friday night CFD Thanksgiving, so only mild disapproval from Coach Sharon.

Part 1. 5 rounds, resting 90s between: 300 Meter Row/Sally 50 Meter Prowler Push (#90/#45) 300m row + #45-#45-#90-#45-#90

Part 2. Close Grip Bench/Floor Press: 10-10-10-10-10 #75-#85-#85-#85-#90

Part 3. Tabata – Bench press (#95/#65) Rx – min. 6 reps/round

Part 4. Banded Tricep Pushdowns: Accumulate 100 Reps (Arms are going to get BLOWN UP)

Thurs. Oct. 9:

So, I may have a new friend. Not a best friend though… Her name is Kelly and she’s a bitch, but I respect her for that.

5 rounds:

400 Meter Run
30- Box Jumps (24/20)
30- Wallballs (20/14)

Time – 28:17 Rx

AND… I didn’t even cry during the wallballs! I thought that was just sort of my “thing” when ya threw wallballs into a metcon. Maybe it’s just a Fight Gone Bad thing? Yup, last year at the Toys For Tots fundraiser, I cried through the wallballs. I’m not ashamed.


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  1. There are times I read a WOD and I want to cry because I miss crossfit so much. Kelly sounds like one I would have loved/hated/loved! And since you didn’t cry during wall balls, it must have been good!!

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