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So, I spent the early part of this week at a managers conference in Toronto.  Much to my dismay, this meant 2 days away from CFD.  Bummer.  Tuesday’s WOD sounded like a good one and I even considered attempting it in the hotel gym, but was pretty sure that overhead squats with a Smith Machine just weren’t the smartest idea.  So 5km run filled the void.  Anyways, my lack of lifting for 2 days is not where I intended to go with this.  Wednesday I had a “thank you crossfit!!” moment when I was faced with a situation that was out of my comfort zone.  A few minutes of courage in the face of fears were required, and the likely hood of taking such a risk even a year ago would have been pretty slim.  I’ll keep my summary brief as not to bore the pants off ya.  The president of the company I work for asked a question to the 32 managers in the room.  A question as to why none of us had been supporting a practice.  The room went silent.  I stood up and quite plainly stated that it was a practice that essentially took money right out of our pockets.  I was terrified, but it had to be said!  The only way we were ever going to find common ground and move forward was to face these things head-on.  Right away, Mr. Pres. went down the road I had feared “BUT at the end of the day, doesn’t what is best for the company as a whole matter the most?”  Gulp.  Oh shit.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m the type of person who gives 110% at everything I do.  The betterment of the company is high priority for me every day, but at the end of the day I still have bills to pay.  Can’t argue that.  The disappointing part was that by show of hands, only about 50% of my fellow managers will willing to show their support.  Grow some balls people.  Anyways, the ripple effect set in and the open conversation that followed was exactly what I had been hoping for.  In the end, there was a resolution that was of mutual benefit 🙂  Suddenly there was 100% support from the group when there was no longer a questionable outcome.  And the following day I arrived to my store to find my inbox filled with “thank you!” emails from Mr. Pres, VP of sales, both DMs, and a few of my fellow managers.  You know what?  Thank you crossfit!!  For teaching me to take chances and helping me find a confidence I kept buried behind self-doubt for so many year 😀


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  1. My favorite line from my crossfit blog days is “Crossfit is making me a better person” insert: braver stronger selg-confident, as needed! It really is a life-altering sport. Way to stand up and speak up!!

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