one day it'll all make sense.


Let’s back track a bit.  My first Barbells for Boobs was a year ago, and was just 3+ months into my cross fit journey. It was possibly my first experience of a total ass-kicking dished out in a sub-5 minute WOD. The “amazing” Grace. October 2013 I walked up to the #75 bar in the WOD area (after warming up with a game plan of doing #65, but decided “what the heck, the weights are already on the bar”). 10-12 reps in I remember wanting to slip into the shadows and disappear. It was a ROUGH 4:13.

My second Barbells for Boobs was a shining experience by comparison. 🙂  Went #75 again, but this time it was my choice to do so. I shaved 39 seconds off my time!  I won’t say all 30 reps felt awesome, but many did. First 10-12 were unbroken. Let go of the bar once to pull off my stupid headband that was slipping from the start and driving me nuts. Thanks lululemon. You owe me 2-3 seconds ;-).  At some point around rep 15 auto-pilot kicked in and I realized it was just me and the bar in my own little world.  I picked a more inconspicuous spot in the gym this time and finished early enough to avoid the cheering squad circle that supports and encourages the last of the finishers.  One thing that hasn’t changed from last year though…


I still make funny faces :p  Although I really don’t feel too bad about that.  I went to play event photographer yesterday as well as do my WOD.  I’m not the only one who makes funny faces, and mine certainly aren’t the worst!  Haha!


Here I thought it was just me and the bar all alone…  wrong 🙂  Coach Dave was there with every one of us making sure form was “top shelf”.  There are lots of people out there who slam crossfit for all the injuries they hear of.  Great coaching makes all the difference!!  #boxlove

By the way… no more NUTS.  I made the decision probably 10 days ago (ish) to break free from my nut addiction.  Not that nuts are bad, but my relationship with them was awful.  Anyways, move on.  Dirty secret revealed – cutting out nuts has probably shaved close to 1,000 calories from my daily intake.  Gross, right?  If you like wine or beer, don’t judge me.  You’re no better.  Actually, just don’t judge me.  I promise I’ll return the favor 😉

It’s not a WOD kate. Just a post. Stop overthinking and hit publish.



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