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PR Baby!!!

Halloween ambition – down the drain.  Long work week + Filthy 50 + 12 work day = out cold around the time you’d turn all the house lights out and pretend no one’s home to avoid the older trick or treaters who don’t even bother with a costume but grab an old pillow case and knock on your door hoping for some free candy.  I didn’t even feel bad about it.  As I mentioned to Smarti (who was also having trouble keeping her eyes open) we do more before 9am than some do all day.  Or all week!

Fri. Oct. 31:

Happy Halloween!!  Dressing up?  I had been hoping to head down the Toronto to check out the Church St. scene, but got an invite to a party and the opportunity to keep things local was hard to pass up.  Plus, I’m cleaning up the mess in Cambridge today (not unlike every other day this week) in the form of an open-close shift.  The price of being responsible can be quite high sometimes I guess.  Got to the box this morning to find my girl Smarti dressed as an M&M.  :p  Thankfully she offered to lend me the costume for work cause my creativity was steam rollered this week with all the silly hours I’ve been working.  Saved it for post-1:00 interview though.  Just not the impression I was looking to impress upon a potential new staff member :p

Got to the box already feeling just generally “beat” today.  I’ve put in way too many hours in a Henry’s monkey suit this week, pushed HARD at the box, and my mind and body are ready for tomorrows rest day.  Even more so, ready for my day OFF on Sunday.

Not the day to be tired from the start.  Scariest part of my day so far:

“Filthy 50″

50 Box Jumps   step-ups
50 Jumping Pullups
50 Kettlebell Swings   #35
50 Walking Lunge Steps
50 Knees-to-Elbows
50 Push Press   #35
50 Back Extensions
50 Wallballs   #14
50 Burpees
50 Double unders   100 singles*

Time – 24:34

*100 singles, which I made it to 64 unbroken before Coach Sharon’s watchful eye caught on.  “At least try some doubles!  Aim for 10!”  Ah sh*t.  Busted.  She’s totally right, I need to stop opting for the doubled up reps of singles to avoid working on my doubles in a WOD…  BUT… I wish I would have crushed out my remaining 36 singles, then practiced doubles :-p  Could have beat my previous Filthy 50 time (24:00).  550 reps later, and a couple of good rope lashes from unsuccessful double unders practice, I was TOAST.  A good chipper is my kind of workout, although had you seen the look of determined despair on my face during the wallballs or burpees it may not be obvious, but today it completely kicked my a**.  Another note – when I first started crossfit, I had huge ambition to jump the box jumps every WOD.  Now that it’s considered “games standard” to step up and down, I don’t stress it so much.  Soooo much easier on the body to do the step up option, and can still be quite efficient.

Thurs. Oct. 29:

Oh ya!  When I read the WOD details last night I was super pumped.  We haven’t worked up to a heavy 1 rep in a while, and it was my FAV. LIFT!


Part 1. Deadlifts: 5–4–3–2–1 (etc…)

5@145- 4@165- 3@185- 2@205- 1@225- 1@230 1@240 PR BABY!!

Part 2. AMRAP 7 Mintues:
Burpee Burpee Box Jumps (24/20)   step-ups
On the Minute – Complete 7 Deadlifts (#225/#155)   #135

Result – 49 burpee box jumps

Before I even got to the box, my mind was made up.  I was there to focus my efforts on part 1, then make it through part 2.  The push today was to attempt a new 1RM, not to give ‘er during the AMRAP.  That being said, I was ok with 49 reps 😉  Step-ups were an absolute MUST today.  My legs were SHOT.


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