one day it'll all make sense.

finding the “why”

Ok… would it be considered unhealthy working conditions when I  deal with an Internet browser that’s so out of date wordpress and Pinterest don’t know what to do? Not so much, huh?  Cramps my blogging styles though, so I feel one could argue…

A bunch of my CFD girls decided November would be a great month for another whole30. I was kind of in to it, but trying to find a “why” to lean on when things get hard. When the idea was presented of using this 30 days as a test to prove the concept of Eat to Perform, I was on board. The plan was to pick a WOD to do at the beginning of the 30 days, and redo it at the end to see just how much of an impact clean eating can provide. Filthy 50 was the wod of choice, although I came to the disturbing realization that this means I get to tuff it through 30 days only to get to tuff it through another Filthy 50. haha!  Sounds awesome, right?

Rules are a bit different this time around. Bacon is invited to this party. I’ll cough up the $$$ for the natural stuff, but I’m not giving it up.  After only a few days, I’ve already accepted that this round could prove more challenging than the last.  It’s November, and it’s cold.  I can handle a salad meal every day when it’s hot out, but when it’s cold outside I just want to eat something warm.  About half way through day 2, I was ready to quit already.  My mind said “you don’t need to do this.”  And truth be told, my mind is kind of right.  I eat really clean on a daily basis.  I cook all of my meals.  I drink lots of water.  Although by some standards, I probably drink too much coffee… I like it black.  Starting a program such as Whole30 can open up your eyes to all the crap you put in your body, or if you’re like me not so much.  To be 100% compliant, I’d be giving up bacon, Quest bars and gum.  Yup.  That’s it.  I’ve already mentioned I’m not giving up the bacon this round, well I’m not entirely giving up gum either.  But the Quest bars I will live without for 30 days.  Not happily, but I can do that.  And I’m committing to more green veggies plus more of an effort put towards food prep.  Don’t think i can eat eggs and sweet potato for dinner like 4 nights of the week and expect to improve my Filthy 50 time.

Got into an interesting conversation Wednesday with a friend.  When I mentioned that I was doing the Whole30 thing again and I was grumpy cause I was hungry, she asked a simple question that really made me think.  “When will the day come that you look in the mirror and just be happy with what you see?  Will it ever come?”  It was the second part that really sunk in.  We chatted a bit about the last few years and the different attempts I have made to find a nutritional component which will give me whatever it is I’m looking for.  But I’ve never really gotten complete satisfaction from anything I’ve tried.  Will it ever come… my immediate answer was “Probably not.”  “That’s a problem.” she relied.  It was a bit of a harsh reality.  I’ve known for quite some time that this was the area I need to work on, but have continued to drive myself slightly crazy trying to fix the other things in an attempt to get myself closer to happy with ME.  Shared some of this conversation this morning pre-WOD with a fellow November reset girl and she had a similar reaction that I did.  It caught her off guard too.  But after a totally suck-fest of a WOD, the follow-up text I got later was a thought filled one.  The goal initially was to look at this month as a test of the impact of nutrition on athletic capacity.  She wrote “yeah we may be doing this to look better, but we are also doing it to see if eating clean really helps improve performance…. AND I really want to get a muscle up.” (A goal we both share by the way) Well said my friend!!  Besides, although my mind has given me the “eff YOU!  This is dumb!” on several occasions, I’m still sticking to the game plan.



I need some WOD catching-up.

Thurs. Nov. 6:

3 Rounds: 
60 Double-Unders
30 Wallballs (20/14) #14
15 Deadlifts (245/175)  #145

Time – 12:15

This was pretty rough.  Round 1 I figured I could maybe get through the deads unbroken.  Fail.  Broke the rounds in to 10/5, 8/7, 5/5/5.  It wasn’t that it was super heavy, but the wallballs had me breathing pretty hard and my grip just couldn’t keep up.  AND… I had a good day for double unders!!  Didn’t get 3 rounds of 60, but I got 3 rounds of 6-10!  That’s HUGE in my world. 😀

Tues. Nov. 4:

0:00- 12:00: Push Jerk Build to a Heavy Single  #105

12:00 – 24:00: Split Jerk Build to a Heavy Single  #110

24:00- 29:00: REST

29:00 – 41:00: On the Minute for 12 Minutes:
Minute# 1 – 7 Push Jerks (60%)  #65
Minute# 2 – 45 seconds- Hollow Rock 
Minute# 3 – 7 Strict Pull-Ups  kipping

Mon. Nov. 3:

10 – 9 – 8 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 Front Squats (#155/#105)   #85
200 Meter Run after each round

Time – 17:13

The non-runners loathe this WOD format.  I kind of love it!  By the time you pick up the bar to start the 4th round of 7 reps, the over all rep volume has been nearly cut in half!  Score.  Because every round I went through unbroken, I considered that possibly the weight could have been heavier, but when I mentioned this to Coach Dave he said #85 was good cause I executed this within the time domain he had intended.  Not always about go HEAVY.


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