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I’ve been un-interesting lately.  Like, in general.  Into my last week in Cambridge now and while I somewhat expected it to be an exciting time as I’ve been looking forward to it for a while, it’s proving to be more of a challenge than I anticipated.  I’m leaving behind a store that runs more efficiently and profitably than the one I walked in to 6 months ago.  That much I can be proud of.  But I’m also leaving behind some of the staff challenges I’ve seen and been unable to resolve.  I thought things were golden.  Thought I had an eager new associate to fill in the gap, but received an email from him this morning to say he had decided Henry’s was not the right fit for him at this time.  Balls.  4 days is simply not enough time to find someone else!  As for Waterloo, I’ll be picking up the reins in my old familiar hood.  PLUS… this means I’ll actually be able to get back into a routine which includes 7:30am WODs again! 😀  Not at all that I haven’t enjoyed 6:00am, cause I totally love the group of people, but the 3-4 days per week of a 4:15am alarm clock is catching up with me lately.

Speaking of WODs…

Tues. Nov. 11:


30- Clean and Jerks #135/#95   #75

Time – 3:43

Yes, 9 seconds slower than barbells for boobs and I was totally set up to rock this today. Went with the non-slip headband, taped up my thumbs, and had my bar positioned to face my friend which I’ve developed a mutual you push me, I’ll push you understanding with.  I’m not crying, it was only 9 seconds. Considering when I was kicked back on the foam roller pre-WOD and watching the 5 am class battle this little gem of a WOD my internal commentary included lines such as “why couldn’t you just stay in bed today?!” The result was really not too shabby.  Grace and I aren’t friends.  I like the longer WODs and she’s short and fast, but stepping out of your comfort zone is part of the game 😉

Mon. Nov. 10:

Part 1. Back Squat
1 set of 20 Reps   #85 #95

Part 2.
Choose one of the following:
A) 2-Minute Assault Bike for Calories   22 cal (barf!)
B) 1,000 Meter Row   time??
C) “Lipson Test” – 400 Meter Sled Drag (Bodyweight)

I don’t like being wrong, but I will admit it when I am.  Stepped up to the bar this morning with a game plan of #85.  I justified it with myself cause 20 reps is plenty and I’m just tired lately.  Smarti looked at me and said “you’re doing #95” Nope.  I don’t usually argue, but today I just had no compromise in me.  5 reps in to my 20 I realized “damn it!! She was right!”  So I finished the 20, admitted my mistake (which was viewed as completely hilarious) and slapped the extra 10lbs on for another 20 squats.

I don’t want to talk about Sally.  Or how I fell for the bait when Coach Dave stared me down with that “Someone’s gonna get a hurt real bad!” look on his face and urged me to get on the b*tch.  After 2 minutes of torture I got on the rower just to avoid staggering around like a drunk and had to stop for a minute 100m in to avoid barfing.  She just has that effect on me.  It’s not charming.

Sun. Nov. 9:

Partner WOD:

Partner 1 – Row 30 calories

Partner 2 – Deadlift HOLD  #155

—- 20 rope climbs —-

Partner 2 – Row 30 calories

Partner 1 – Deadlift HOLD   #155

Rx for this insanity??  #285!!!  Seriously David?!?  :-p  I mean, I realize you should only have to deadlift it maybe 3 times, but still!  My hands are still sore as hell from Friday and I was really surprised how much my triceps got involved with this one.  Maybe they’re not intended too?  Something to google… I was partner 2 and after the 90ish second deadliest hold my grip was pretty shaky.  Not overly comforting for 20 rope climbs.  Fun times!  Went with a seated sled pull scaling option for some reps, but did get 6 rope climbs in despite the fact that my brain somewhat shut off on my and it took me a few failed attempts before I could remember how to “j-hook” 🙂

Fri. Nov. 7:

AMRAP 30 Minutes:
10 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
400 Meter Run

Result – 8 rounds + 5 pull-ups

YA BABY!!  51 kipping pull-ups today!  It’s progress, and it feels great 🙂  Sets of 3 seems to be my capacity at the moment, but I’ll continue to work to build that up.  *Once my hands heal!!  Made it to rep 49 before things got ugly though, which is an improvement.  Ripped hands suck.

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