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Well, I handed my key to the castle in Cambridge back to the regular store manager on Saturday. It was a moment I had been looking forward to for quite some time, however it felt somewhat bittersweet. While I’m relieved to focus my energy back solely towards my own store, it was a good 6 months and I will miss the team I built there. Ah well, I achieved my key goal. I left the store in a better place than it was left to me.  **amendment to this little rambling – I figured out why I’m less excited than expected to jump back into the groove in Waterloo.  I really enjoyed my 6 months with no assistant manager.  When discussing it with a friend, she agreed.  “I’d rather just have minions.  Hot ones!”  she said.  Amen to that!  Not that I don’t like my assistant manager as a person, but I spend more time putting out fires he creates than doing my job.  There’s a mission.

So, I’ve been on board with the November Whole30 for 2 weeks now, and my energy has returned full force 🙂 I’d also noticed about a week into it that the “flushing” reaction I got quite regularly from my MS drugs had become far less frequent.  Today I was having a great day at work, all happy and smiles, when I was hit with the worst flushing reaction I’ve ever had.  Tomato red, feeling like I’d gotten a sudden painful/itchy sun burn, when DK paged me out from my hiding spot in the office for a manager override.  DK just got this shocked look on his face and kept asking if I was ok.  Thankfully it went away, but took probably a half hour!  Geez!  Care to know what I did “differently”?  Chewed a piece of gum.  Seriously?!  May have been completely un-related, but also may not.  I’ll try again and see what happens I guess.

Speaking of food.  A few of my staples lately:


Bacon, eggs & sweet potato


Ground turkey, tomato paste, onion/garlic powder & zucchini noodles

Both meals I really enjoy, but I’m starting to feel the need to change things up before I get totally bored.  Just need inspiration.  Although after yesterday’s WOD, I was hungry enough I wasn’t picky at all.  Maybe that’s the trick?  Plan my eating routine to follow my trip to the box and I’ll be satisfied eating anything.  Yesterday was a Will WOD.  As was mentioned on the CFD site “you know what that means!” and if you’ve been here a little while, you should!  A fellow 6am’er whole generally avoids the weekend WODs mainly because the details are rarely posted sent me a text yesterday morning.  She wanted to come try a “Will WOD” but was nervous cause she didn’t know what to expect.  My response – Expect everything.  A gymnastic bit, heavy lifting and some cardio.  Expect it to be long, and HARD.  And pray for a partner WOD.  Guess what?!  I hit that one right on the mark.  And I loved it!  😀

As has been my norm recently, time for a batch of WOD catch-up.

Mon. Nov. 17:

5 Rounds of:
12- Kettlebell Swings (70/53) #35
12- Toes to Bar scaled
200 Meter Run  4 row/1 sally (air dyne)

Time – 11:31

Yes, scaled the crap out of this one.  Coach Dave tried to get me to grab a heavier kettlebell, but my back is feeling a bit sketchy again so I went lighter but unbroken.  I’ve come to the conclusion I may become a regular at the chiropractor if I plan to continue beating myself up 5 times a week at the box.  Not to mention hockey where I have this amazing ability to get in front of shots quite regularly.  Last week I caught the follow thru in the form of a stick whacking right across the knee cap.  It’s a different sort of game in Mississauga in the winter.  We play 4 on 4 in this small little arena thing.  I’ll take a picture next time… but it’s been called pinball by a goalie friend.  The name fits.  Ok, wandered quite a bit with that one.  Unbroken.  Right.  Yes, my reps were unbroken, not sure I can say the same for my legs!  Soooo tight by midday!  I blame Sunday’s wallballs more than today though.  And maybe sally.  I was walking funny after I got off and Dave totally called me on it haha!

Sun. Nov. 16:

Partner WOD:
50 Power Cleans  #75
100 Deadlifts  #125
200 Wallballs  #14
*Every minute, both partners complete 4 burpees  88 burpees

Time – 23:22

OMG a Will WOD that didn’t totally suck all the life out of me 🙂  I loved this.  Even with the evil burped twist to it.  I’m a “chipper” kinda girl.  Give me big reps that once you get through them, you’re done with that movement and I’m a happy camper.  Dreaded the 200 wallballs at the end, but I had my competitive partner for this and we kept a really good 5 reps each rotation that worked all the way through.  I wimped out of one of the burpee rounds near the beginning of the wallballs to avoid passing out, but otherwise just kept moving 🙂

Fri. Nov. 14:

Teams of 2 CRANK OUT
AMRAP 20 Minutes:

1 Burpee Box Jump (24/20), 1 Calorie Row
2 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20), 2 Calorie Row
3 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20), 3 Calorie Row

Score – 10 rounds +3 burped box jumps

Thurs. Nov. 13:

Part 1. Sumo Deadlift: Build to a Heavy Set of 3 Reps  #185
Part 2. OTM for 14 Minutes
Odd Minutes:
5- Sumo Deadlifts (75%)  #135
15- Air Squats
AMRAP Double-Unders
Even Minutes: Rest

LOVED the sumo deadlift 🙂  First time ever trying this out.  It felt really unsteady when the bar was lighter, but as the weights pilled on things just came together nicely.


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