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Lazy? Or wise?

This chart takes me back to the elements program.  We often chat about the different levels of physical exertion and where each WOD fits into this stuff.  ya-da, ya-da I know.


Yesterday, I actually had the day off and got myself to a Saturday WOD.  This sh*t never happens!  Like, to the point that Coach Sharon looked shocked to see me.  Haha!  I took the day off from Henry’s for a double family Christmas portrait session I had arranged months ago, only to learn that one of the kids was sick and the whole session was cancelled.  Ah well, glad I made it to a Saturday WOD 🙂  Well, I can say that now anyways.  The “buy in” portion was all done in the Phosphagen blue squiggly I’m pretty sure.  My team broke up the 3000m row into 250m each x3.  A team-mate suggested 500m, but my idea of cutting it to 250m and going HARD won the vote.  Go HARD I did.  For the first 2 rounds anyways.  Not entirely sure how it translates to split time, or even what my 250m time was (cause I was DEAD by the time I reached it) but I fought to keep the watts above 300.  And I thought I might barf.  Rounds 3 and 4 300 watts was not an option.  My rowing capacity flew out the window entirely.

Sat. Nov. 22:

In teams of 2 3, AMRAP 20 minutes:

buy in – 3000m row  12:22

partner 1 – 5 Deadlifts  #155

partner 2 – max reps box jumps 30″/24″  step ups

Score – 78 box “jumps”

Cause of the odd number, I jumped into a team of 3.  Thank gawd I guess!  Meant 2x 250m less on the rower.  I may or may not have survived that.  I was the last to row as it was, then we jumped right on in to the deadlift/box jump part.  Cause we had a threesome, and I was dumb enough to go heavy, I loaded up my own bar and just tried to keep pace with the other 2.  Pretty happy with my score considering many teams struggled to hit 100 between the 2 athletes.  It was pretty awful though :p  Coach Dave mentioned during the warm-up “Someone might even die today!” in typical Coach Dave fashion.  I had moments of thinking he may have been right :p

A casual comment was made Friday when Coach Dave was taking our coffee orders for the Friday morning coffee WOD.  He joked about the McDonalds people hating him for going through the drive thru and ordering 13 coffees!  LOL!  Not to mention the line up of cars behind him that would be less than impressed.  Anyways, the comment was :

Crossfitters are lazy

We all sort of laughed it off, but yesterday I got thinking about that a little and it’s kinda true!  Even though my photo shoot was cancelled yesterday, I still headed to Brampton to visit my mom, etc. and when I got there she wanted to go a bunch of places to shop and stuff and all I wanted to do was just chill.  haha!  Are we lazy?  Or is it just an instinct to attempt to conserve energy when not at the box for when we ARE at the box?  Although, one thing is for sure – my productivity is at its best in the morning.  That’s why I WOD in the morning.  And cook.  Etc.  Ohhh… cook.  That was an epic fail yesterday even though I took care of it in the morning.  Note to self – label spices with CARE.  I made a huge batch of beefy sweet potato chili with full intention of freezing it to start building my reserves for December retail insanity.  The fail – 3 tbsp of chill powder.  While the mixture simmered away on my stove top for an hour, I kinda wondered why it smelled different, but didn’t really sweat it cause I was running around cleaning and stuff.  Then when I tasted things, I realized my mistake!  My “chill powder” was actually mis-labeled chipotle powder.  Not the same thing!!!


True story.  A valuable lesson learned, and another reason I stick with the same sh*t  variety may be the spice of life, but if it involves chipotle powder, I’ll stick with the same old stuff.


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  1. I read this to my husband (who is currently making chili) and no reaction…5 minutes later I hear “tastes like fire”. He then repeats it, hoes to the cupboard and checks the spices. Sorry about your chilli, thanks for the laugh!

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