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ok with break even

Tues. Nov. 25:

Rest day tomorrow, I’ve promised myself!  Well except for hockey, but that doesn’t really count.  Coach Dave posted a blurb about the importance of taking rest days a few days ago.  I read it, but went anyway.  Today was 6 in a row, and I will admit my legs are more than ready for a day off.  I’m generally very good at sticking to the 3 on, 1 off, 2 on, 1 off routine.  Wheels only fell off this week cause I was actually able to make the Saturday class, but the busy retail season is just about upon us, so rest days will sadly become more frequent.

Teams of 2: 2 Rounds of

2:00 Air Squats
One Partner holds the bottom of a squat

2:00 Deadlifts (185/135)   #125 FAT bar
One Partner holds a second Barbell in the hang position

2:00 Hand Release Pushups
One Partner holds a handstand  plank

2:00 Toes to Bar
One Partner hangs from pull-up bar

Score is Max Reps – 365

Secret to getting so many reps – a couple of air squat speed demons.  Paired up with speedy Sam again and crushed this fun little WOD.  However, if I never again see an air squat, my legs would be overjoyed.  “The most underappreciated movement there is” according to both Dave and Sharon.  I totally get that, but at the moment my legs are so not interested in anything resembling a squat.  Or stairs.  The worst part of todays WOD – trying to squat after holding it.  Or more so, trying to stand up I guess.  Never used the fat bar before and totally expected it to be way harder, but it was ok.  Goal for next time this WOD comes around – hold a handstand instead of a plank.

Mon. Nov. 24:

PRs are super exciting, but some days just breaking even has to be satisfaction as well.  Walked in to the box today with a goal to clean at least #100, with a small hope to get a new PR.  Well, I beat my goal by 5lbs.  🙂  No new PR, but broke even with my current one and today, I’m ok with that.

Part 1. Power Clean: Build to a Heavy Single   #105
Part 2. OTM for 10 Minutes:
2- Power Cleans (75%)   #80
5- Burpees over Bar

So, I loaded up my bar for part 2 with my typical comfort zone weight #75.  Till my friend said “no… we should do #80.”  Ok then, game on.  When all was said and done, we both could have done #85, but all good.  Note to self – when trying to find the most efficient burpee over the bar strategy, I tried to jump my feet up out of the burpee to land as close to the bar as possible so I could simply hop on over right from my landing spot.  This worked out alright, till an over-ambitious jump kicked my wrist.  Stuck the landing thankfully, but made sure not to repeat that nonsense.

Sun. Nov. 23:

Pre-WOD Sunday skill work included attempting the handstand walk.  My first thought:

tumblr_m0cajdDOuw1r7c24oo1_500but after trying to kill myself on my first attempt and flipping right over with an alarming landing facing the ceiling… I actually was somewhat successful!  After that first total disaster, I figured out how to land on my feet.  Then how to kick up and hold it for a few seconds.  Then I got a few attempts complete with 2-3 walking steps.  Yes!!  I’ll consider THAT a huge success considering a few months ago I was still terrified to kick into a handstand against a wall.  Will be practicing that business a bunch now I’m sure 😉

So, since I made it to the WOD yesterday, today possibly should have been a rest day.  (hahahaha! right!)  When Dave mentioned yesterday that it would be a day of skill work, I figured that gave me justification to take a pass on the resting.  Then this happened:

3 Rounds, for time:

400m run

50 air squats

Time – 10:14

Sound pretty simple??  Try it!  I dare you!  Just walking to the door after 50 air squats is hard enough… I think I finished 2nd on this one, but only cause I was determined to chase my little speedster friend.  She took off right away and beat me on the first run by about 5 seconds.  I wasn’t able to catch her, but was still happy with the push it provided 🙂  Well, until I got to work and had to climb the stairs anyway.  Haha!



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