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It’s been a while, but I’ve been so busy!!  And this post spans 5 days.  I’m over it. 🙂 Happy Holidays! I didn’t feel justified to spend any time rambling online when I still had Christmas shopping to do, but the last two days I was finally successful with some critical bits that had been haunting me.  This little gem was like hunting for a Wii a few years ago! After 8 stores, my luck finally changed!  Operation Olaf – complete!  Had to get the nosy one in the back 😉

imageFunny part of taking this photo below… When Dave told us “ok smile!” You know that even the three facing the wall made sure to do so.  We laughed about it after.  CFD sisterhood 🙂  Best family a girl could wish for!

New swag is in!!  #proudtorepresent

New swag is in!! #proudtorepresent

Coach Sharon gets the front facing spotlight today cause today she almost made me cry.  My blog is no secret, more to the point there are quite often comments from Sharon of “I know I better be careful or McDowell will write about me!”  Today was a different story.  For the first time, my ‘please just walk away before I start crying like a baby!’ face had no effect.  “Not leaving you alone this time! Today you’re going to LIFT!” Came my way more than once.  Along with “put THAT in your blog!!”  Done 😉  Sharon and Dave get on all of us to #bebetter cause they give a damn.  That’s exactly what makes me want to work hard.  Today was a day of Kate vs. the damn snatch again.  And a complete mental train wreck.  I should be able to do this by now!  Some days I can do it, but today wasn’t one of them.  70lbs, over and over… not an issue.  75lbs… Nope. So for part 2 of today’s WOD where we had the option of Grace or Isabel (of which the website left out the OR part.  So naturally I fully expected to have to do both and mumbled a comment along the lines of “ok good! I’m not really that kind of girl” which phew no one seemed to catch :-p ) I went with Grace!  30 Clean and Jerk my brain could handle.


^^^ that’s #75.  Almost looks like I could have completed the lift!  Need to remember to throw my shoulders back though and stop only focusing on “open your damn hips!!” cause that cue still doesn’t seem to translate.

Mon. Dec. 15:

So, I made the decision a few days ago that Monday (like, today) I was going to give up nuts for a month.  Not as some sort of mental challenge, (although that it will definitely be!) not as an effort to cut calories or lose weight, (yup, the calorie cut is a given as well) but the reason I want to give this a try has to do with one of the key factors in why I was attracted to this whole Paleo thing in the FIRST PLACE.  From March 2012, I saw nutrition in a light that suggested I could help manage my disease better without drugs!  One of the key issues with an autoimmune illness is inflammation.  It can cause a whole lot of trouble and could be a large factor in the wicked nerve pain I’ve been dealing with in my leg for years now.  It’s gotten to the point it’s preventing me from sleeping well.  That’s where I draw the line.  I love sleep.  So when a friend sent me an article about how the omega6 fats found in nuts can cause inflammation, my mind was made up.  A  month nut free in hopes of some relief.  December maybe wasn’t the best month to try though.  I’m one day down, 30 to go, and I’ve already wanted to kill someone or something more than once.  Mostly my assistant, but at least he’s used to my crazy by now.  I decided this year I’ll ask Santa to drop him off on the island of misfit toys.  He’d fit right in!


Random act of crossfit…. I got a HANDSTAND PUSH-UP!!!   woooooo!!  It was kipping, and on a day where I was supposed to be practicing muscle ups, but I did it!  Used an abmat to avoid smacking my head on the floor, but just one.  And nailed the full lock-out at the top.  Then got caught laughing.  “Are you giggling McDowell??” Coach Dave asked from the other side of the wall.

Griswald Christmas lights, “Seriously people?!?  You live on a MAIN street!” Brampton is a disaster this year in terms of tasteful Christmas decor it seems.  Less really is more sometimes.  Expecially when 3-5 totally different light styles are thrown all on the same house.  On their own, probably beautiful.  But all together, “ooo pretty” becomes “ewww tacky”.  Just my opinion.




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