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back in the game


Happy New Year 🙂  I even made it to midnight!  Woot!  Went to a movie New Year’s Eve with a friend, then there was wine, the ball dropped, and less than an hour in to 2015 I was ready for bed.  I’m not one of those people who says “thank GOD 2014 is over!!”  but I am pretty relieved December is behind us.  The build up to Christmas is pleasant and happy, even Boxing Day is a fun energy in my store, but the remainder of the month brings grumpy customers, grumpy staff, and many moments where I’m just about ready to tell everyone to get the fawk out!  Haha!


It’s called “boxing week”


All good 🙂  I didn’t kill anyone.  Crossfit helped me keep my sanity despite the fact that my body was tired and sore and begging for a rest.  New Year’s Day, rest I did.

Need a little follow-up on something.  Early December I had made the choice to give up nuts for a month.  Well, that didn’t happen.  I lasted nearly 2 weeks, then had Christmas cookie day at my mom’s house and my good intention went out the window.  I mean, come on… who makes cookies and doesn’t sample them?  It would have been a disservice to my friends and family to not try at least 1, right?  ‘Cept 1 became well, more.  I’m leaving it at that.  :-p  So, not only did the month take on a nut-free-for-all tone, chocolate joined the party too!  A new addition to our Paleo Christmas cookie day for this year was the Peppermint Chocolate Crackle cookie.  Evil little things, but so tasty!

IMG_1943 Then came Christmas Day.  My goal was to eat super-clean leading up to Christmas so I could treat myself with the only ice cream worth cheating with, President’s Choice Candy Cane Chocolate something-or-other.  Well, I’d already fallen off that band wagon, so I wasn’t about to punish myself on Christmas Day of all times by skipping out on the ice cream!  It was so worth it.  Even when I kind of felt like garbage the next day.  Not like I could go lift on Boxing Day, so there was little to no remorse.  Oh! And jolly old Saint Nick put a big ‘ole Costco bag of walnuts in my stocking!  I left that bad-boy in Brampton.  Once in a while is one thing, but 1kg+ of walnuts in my kitchen is just not a good idea.  Like, ever.  People think I have great will power… nope!  Not at all!  But I know that about myself, so I avoid temptation cause if you think fitting anything from Costco into a stocking is a challenge, fitting my BUTT into even my comfy sweatpants could be just as challenging if the nuts followed me home.

Ok, rant complete.  The whole intention though was to bring to light my renewed nutritional focus.  Day 2 of 2015, and 5 weeks away from heading back to the Caribbean for a little R&R in the sun 🙂  My game plan had been to scrap the chocolate AND nuts Jan. 1, but the day was spent at my mom’s and while I was good to the chocolate pledge, the nuts were far too accessible.  So today’s the day.  As I mentioned when I first gave up the nuts, my intention was to see if it affected me in terms of the pain in my leg.  A fellow CFD friend and I were talking New Years’ Eve and she asked if it had made me feel any different during the nearly 14 days I stuck to the program.  “Yes!  I did feel different!” I replied.  “I was bitter and grumpy about snacking on celery!”  haha!  True story.

Fri. Jan. 2:

4 Rounds of:
5- Power Cleans- #185/#135  #85
200m Run/Row/Sally  Row

***PLUS 20+ burpees to be done if you find yourself waiting for a rower!

I wanted to RUN today!  I miss running… like to the point I have been quite seriously considering joining a gym or buying a treadmill.  Totally pointless during the spring/summer/fall, but when it comes to running outside on the -20 degree (-300 with the windchill) dark winter days… I’m a BIG baby!  This morning snow was falling softly as I was driving to the box.  Figured my chance to get out and run may not happen and during the warm-up, Coach Dave tossed his 2 cents in to Sharon’s WOD – “No running today.  Too slippery!”  So row I did.  Learned on the first round that showing off your awesome rowing efficiency was not the smartest idea for this couplet.  Hopped off the rower, stepped up to the bar, and didn’t even get the bar high enough for a super-low squat clean!  Laughed it off and carried on, but kept that in mind for the next row!


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  1. Gosh! I’ve been thinking the same thing lately about running.. maybe get a cheap membership somewhere with a treadmill? I don’t even like to run… haha

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