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so proud


And on the 5th day (of the new year), 2 PR’s were achieved 🙂  Strangely enough, for me anyways, the lift I failed today was deadlift!  Say what?! I know!  I’m over it though.  It was the strangest feeling to #215 no problemo, then step up to #225 and barely manage to get the bar off the floor!  Smarti promised I actually did get it about 6″ off before I bailed, but it just didn’t feel right so I let it go.  Pouted for a minute, but got over it.  “You PR’d the other two!  Don’t be greedy McDowell!” Coach Dave said with a smile.  He’s right 🙂

Mon. Jan. 5:

Build to a Max at Each:
Back Squat   #175  PR
Bench   #115  PR
Deadlift   #215

Post-WOD I spent some time working on some goats… Power Snatch and snatch balance, handstands (my not-so-secret new-found LOVE) and pistol squats.  I worked so hard on the pistols a few months ago when I had challenged a friend to 30 reps for time by month end.  I’ve since not spent much time on them and it shows!  Haha!  Coach Dave dropped a little hint for an upcoming event that suggested maybe I should build them back up again 😉

Sunday was a “rest day”, but I have set myself a little goal for the new year to do what it takes to get running again.  After I finished work, Smarti and I met at the rec centre to check out the track.  Brings me back to beign a little kid and going for swimming lessons 🙂  All these years later it’s almost as if my mind dismissed the fact that sort of thing still existed!  Free place to run?  Score!  Will definitely be sure to bring my iPod next time though… 5km=20 laps.  By lap 4, my brain was numb :p  But worth it I s’pose until I can get outside again.  And I want to be able to run along the ocean while away next month 🙂



Saturday was the first “Bring a Friend Day” of 2015.  It was also my mom’s birthday 🙂  So I figured asking her to join me would be a perfect chance to spend a little time together.  This being said, had I proposed the idea 6 months ago the reaction it received may not have been as pleasant as it was.  Thankfully Toys for Tots in December changed her view of my cult-like addiction for the last year and a half.  It’s not a cult at all 🙂  CFD is the best community on the planet.  It was great to see others experience that environment and all the support we each show one another.  Anyways, mom laced up her favourite pink shoes and jumped into the action.  All said and done, she LOVED it!  And I was so proud of both her and my peeps for such a great day.

Sat. Jan. 3:

Partner WOD – AMRAP 20 minutes

CF athletes – “Cindy” 3 5 pull-ups, 6 10 puch-ups, 9 15 squats

New athletes – 3 push-ups, 6 sit-ups, 9 squats

Odd minute – Athlete 1 works

Even minute – Athlete 2 works

Ya buddy!!!  Mom was great, and this kid completed 20 full rounds!!  Like, we’re talking 120 push-ups (that didn’t get tough till the last 2 minutes) and 180 squats (which, meh… whatever) BUT the huge celebration in my mind was the 60 pull-ups!!  Woot!  ALL were kipped and my hands didn’t even rip 🙂


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  1. How fun that your mom went!!

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