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From my blog readings I’ve enjoyed experiencing all of the different perspectives people take to the start of a new year.  Most of you have opted to map out a solid set of goals for yourself to work on in 2015.  Got me thinking… What are MY goals for the year?  Do I even want to paint things with such a wide brush?  I mean, a year is a long time!  So for now, I’m going to focus on smaller goals and see where that takes me.  I mean, it wasn’t even a goal of mine, but my blogging dedication has returned at the moment 🙂  That feels good cause there’s a whole world of random sh*t going on in my head at any given time which just needs to be shared sometimes.  I can ramble here.  No one looks at me funny.

Anyway, I read something today about setting realistic goals and adjusting your training to be successful.  I’ve been crossfitting for a year and a half.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE it.  Love lifting heavy.  Love chasing PR’s.  Love the community environment most of all!  But for today, and really the next month, my goals will shift from a performance focus to one geared towards the aesthetic side of things.  At least until after my trip…  I completely had to come to terms with the fact that I may not be able to lift as heavy, but it won’t be forever…

Wed. Jan. 14:

7:00am 5km run

Although my running buddies bailed on me again today, still had a great run 🙂  Running with someone is a great way to make the distance pass quickly, but running alone is by far my fav. time to think!

runnerAin’t that the truth!  But most of the ones I create in my head are just too weird to share 😉
Tues. Jan. 13:

6:30am 2.5km run, followed by 7:30am WOD –

Teams of 2 AMRAP 20 Minutes:
10 Push Presses (115/80) #65
10 Kettlebell Swings (53/35)
10 Box Jumps (24/20)

Result – 16 rounds +20 reps

Yes, I’m addicted.  Even if it’s just a short one, I really like my pre-WOD run.  I AMRAP better after the trot around the track, I swear!  And if it’s all just in my head, so be it.  If nothing else, Tuesday’s visit to the rec. centre may become routine just cause the Laurier girls’ hockey team practices there while I run :-p

Mon. Jan. 12:

6:00am 5km run, followed by 7:30am WOD –

At the 0:00…
AMRAP 5 Minutes:
5- Squat Cleans #155/#105  #65
5- Bar Muscle-Ups  MU transitions
5- Box Jumps (40/30)   #24
At the 5:00…
5 Minutes to Establish a Max Effort:
Clean + Hang Squat Clean + Front Squat + Jerk  #90
At the 10:00…
18 – 12 – 6 Reps:
Deadlift #275/#185   #145
Strict Handstand Pushup  30sec handstand hold

Time – 15:18

Yes, my squat cleans were sandbaggin it a little in terms of weight, but my legs were still feeling all of Sunday’s wallballs.  I made up for it in part 2 though, first attempt @ 90lbs I failed the hang squat clean but I got my sh*t together and completed the set 😀  Very little time between parts today so when the 10 minute mark came, I just slapped some plates on the bar and started dead lifting.  Initially I thought I was loading things a bit light, but 18 reps was hard!  Wasn’t till after that I added things up… I’m ok with 36 reps @ 145lbs.

Sun. Jan. 11:

Every 5:00 Minutes for as long as possible, perform:
35- Wallballs 20lbs/14lbs
10- Double Unders
6- Muscle Ups  MU transitions

Survived 3 rounds.  Up waaaaay past my bed time Saturday night and I felt it for sure!  First round of wallballs were a borderline-pass-out situation, but I got it together.  Enough to keep moving anyways.  Got in my 10 DU each round too 🙂  not unbroken, but it’s progress.


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