one day it'll all make sense.

time for play

Ok, time for the good stuff!  Cause no fit bit escapes the snow and ice for sun a sand and a km of ocean front trail to do nothing but lay in the sun for 7 days 😉  Day 1 was pretty chill after a crazy month leading up to vacation time, but then it was game on 🙂

Day 2 I got my first ocean breeze run in 🙂  I had been looking forward to it for months!  The salty ocean air, the palm trees, the brilliant blue sky… oh right!  And the humidity.  😮  It kinda kicked my butt more than I had expected, but it was still wonderful.  Day 3 I stepped on a piece of glass and cut my foot pretty deep 😦  Sigh… that put a bit of a wrench in my runner runner plans.  So We went to the gym instead, which I had also intended.  Worked on my snatch.  Kept things light and worked on the “pieces” – deadlift, hang snatch, hang squat snatch, power snatch, snatch balance, power snatch (w/squat).  My game plan had been to work this movement a LOT while away, but I still felt like I was missing something.  Also realized that without the help of a knowing eye, I could be just grinding my bad habits deeper and deeper into my mind.  So I decided to take a step back.  However, I DID work every day on my handstands!  Note to self – next time I set myself this wicked little goal to spend a week practicing handstands on the beach, I will take into consideration the factors that don’t come into play in a gym environment.  The WIND was a big one!!  And the technique Coach Dave mentioned once of using your fingers as control is drastically less effective when the sand just shifts and says “you’re on your own!”.


I brought my new rope along.  The one that I currently hate cause it’s so light in comparison to my orange beast that it feels like I’m just willy-nilly spinning empty handles.  I brought it along with every intention of finding our little happily ever after.  Day 3 glass cut fell in just the right place that kept my rope in my suitcase.  However… I DID work on my pistol squats 🙂


Day 4 made it back to the gym.  Drooled a little over a totally good-looking french girl wearing a Crossfit something-or-other tank top.  I tried to talk to her.  Fail.  My little French paired with her pretty much non-existent english was just not happening.  But we shared a bar 😀  ok…  there was no magical moment.  The gym only had 1 bar.  Besides, bartender Antonio had already asked me to be his bride.  He wanted a wife, I just wanted a piña colada…


Day 6 I decided “eff it!” and laced up the runners again.  I had come to the conclusion that my foot was not going to require amputation and could just suck it up for another little trot around the island.  And I was bored with jockeying for a few inches of floor space in the tiny hotel gym.  Starting to really miss my home box…


Day 7 back out for the last island run 🙂  My foot didn’t fall off after day 6, so why not!  Plus running was a little window of “me time” and let me feel a little less guilty for the spoonful of Nutella that may have found its way into my hand on day 6.  Come on!  I made it to day 6!  That’s an accomplishment all in itself.  Also didn’t have even the smallest bowl of ice cream.  A spoon or two from my mom’s bowl, but ice cream isn’t my weakness.  Or ANY of the breads, cookies, cakes, donuts, etc.  The sun queen is a cookie monster.  My weakness was the bag of trail mix we brought from home.  Yup, that bad boy was GONE within the week.  Mom made a comment at one point “I only got a few handfuls!”  Not my fault. Not like I hid it – you snooze, you lose.  I should have hidden it though.  From ME.

Success!! Dedication pays off 🙂


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