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15.1 in the books :)

After watching the live 15.1 announcement, Matt Fraser has provided a new favourite quote:

I train my weaknesses until I’m happy to see them come up in a WOD.

I have so much to say and have been going through the process of thought organization all weekend 🙂  Exciting stuff!  Like… 15.1 is in the books and I’m happy with how I performed!  Quite a contrast from a year ago when 14.1 wiped the floor with me.  After hearing the announcement that there would be a scaled division this year, my confidence grew.  At first glance I considered that I may have been sand-bagging a little with the scaled option for this one, but the #75 snatch was what my decision was based upon.  When Coach Sharon said “you’re toes to bar are good, but I don’t want to see you standing there staring at the snatch bar!” I felt the scaled choice was justified.  AND I was lucky enough to draw a GREAT judge too 🙂

CFDopen15-1 5

hangin’ with Coach Dave

Knees up seemed super easy, but I got a few no reps when I started to swing a little and couldn’t get my knees behind the bar on the return.  Sets of 5 seemed to work pretty well tho.  The deads and snatchies (G has suggested a name change, cause snatchies just sounds like for fun) were light enough to all go unbroken.  Finished 15.1 2 snatchies short of 6 rounds.

CFDopen15-1 8

Ok, clean and jerk never is a pretty face.  Also don’t know why I’m standing on one foot.  Can’t say there was no shrug though, seeing as I don’t have a neck in this shot.  Started 15.1a with #75, then #95 (big jump, but I wanted to maximize rest in between), then #100 & finished with #105.  Matched my old/current PR.  Failed my first attempt at #105, but shook it off and nailed it.  I still had a minute left and could have tried #110, but I was satisfied.  And uninjured.  After all was said and done, Coach Dave and I laughed a little.  His first comment was “so McDowell.  You strict-pressed your first two lifts, and push-pressed the last 2.  Waste of energy girl!”  LOL!  What can I say?  I just feel secure in knowing there’s less chance of messing up the catch, or failing my lift, when both of my feet stay as close to the ground as possible!  I still hate to split the jerk.




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  1. it was the snatches that put me into scaled too. guess that’s a weakness I need to work on! good job!

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