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The wheels are constantly in motion, but sometimes nothing comes from it all.  In terms of my blog dedication, this has certainly been the case over the last month.  I’ve got some little victories to note, and some mental turbulence that has played a part in my writer’s drought.  In a general sense, I write a lot when I’m sad or angry and also a fair amount (generally with more pictures 🙂 ) when I’m happy or excited.  When I’m tired or bored, the random literary chaos tends to dry up a bit.  However, at the moment my world is a combination of all of the above.

The 2015 Crossfit Games Open is DONE.  Second time around for me, and in a general sense I’m quite happy with myself for how I performed.

15.1/15.1a –  178 reps / #105

AMRAP was decent.  Felt like the scaled option was possibly a little over-scaled with the knee raises… until my first no-rep.  Yup.  Very few no-reps came my way this year and most of them were from one of the simplest movements.  For the 1RM clean and jerk, I didn’t get a new PR but I DID match my current one.  Not too shabby.

15.2 – 51 reps

My one 2015 Open WOD that I’m not proud of.  My very first pull-up was a mess and things careened downhill from there.  Overhead squats were solid, but my workout ended at the 6:00 mark.  At least I could be happy my hands didn’t rip, but

15.3 – 770 reps

5th overall @ CFD (scaled)  I could leave out the little detail that my legs were destroyed till probably Tues. after, but that’s all part of the experience I suppose.

15.4 – 81 reps

While I wasn’t over-the-moon excited with my result, I was ok.  There were a few moments in this little WOD where I wasn’t sure if I was about to barf or pass out, but then I’d glance at my judge and realize I really couldn’t do that to her.  So the only choice was to just keep moving.  Friday night I had tickets to the Kitchener Ranges hockey game but by like 5 pm I was feeling nauseous and exhausted.  😦  By Saturday evening I couldn’t fully extend or bend my arms.  Like they just wouldn’t move and hurt to try.  15.4 may have shown me a mild case of Rhabdo.  Took things easier than normal for the week  and scaled anything that involved locking out the old arms and recovered.

15.5 – 10:49 

Matched one of my idols!  😀  <–ok, she did Rx, but still!!  Huge win in my mind 🙂  This WOD was a mental grinder for sure!  Although I was happy with my time on this one, it’s one I am considering attempting again.  My only regret with this one, and the only reason I would consider putting myself through this torture again, is the mental game.  I was in the midst of my 15 calorie row and in the deepest, darkest place when Coach Sharon snapped me out of my little self-destruct mindset.  “KATE!  Stop being so hard on yourself!  You’re doing really well!  Be POSITIVE!” she said.  Wow! My frame of mind rerouted immediately and the entire workout changed.  It was kind of awesome.  I’d like to try 15.5 again just to see what could happen if I focused on that the whole way through.

Yesterday Yuko managed to tear a hole in his bed.  Then I came into the office to this:



There was green fluff everywhere LOL!  But I couldn’t bring myself to stop him right away.  He was having way too much fun, and you just can’t get mad at that FACE.  Especially with green fluff hanging from his chin…


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