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now I get it

Yet again, this post got stuck in the draft phase.  I can’t help that I have a hard time publishing something that feels unfinished.  Also can’t help that I’m pretty scattered sometimes.  I’m not apologizing though.  I made a vow to a friend that I’d stop apologizing.  It’s my blog and my story.  Sometimes it seems like there are gaps in the live version too.


Sun. May 17:

I’ve decided I’m over begin upset that the Sunday WOD has become an Open Gym time slot.  Mainly because it just means Rachel and Dave both come in and jot something on the white board and it turns into a WOD double-header day.  It’s been pretty wicked the last two weeks, but I’ve been lucky I guess that we’ve not had hockey.  Sitting here at my computer now, the thought of hoping in the car to go run around for an hour is not at all appealing.  I should have had a nap today, but instead Yuko and I walked to Tim’s at 5:00 to get a small coffee.  Small cause I hope to sleep tonight, but non-decaf cause I was fighting to keep my eyes open.  So the day started with WODs:

WOD 1 – In Teams of 2 

For Time: 150- Burpee Box Jumps

*Every 4 minutes, Run 400m (both partners) 

*Start the workout with a 400m run

Time – 19:06

WOD 2 – “treats” for time  #55 (all)

35 – Back Squats
30 – Push Jerks
25 – Front Squats
20 – Push Press
15 – Overhead Squats
10- Strict Press

Time – No friggin’ clue!  By the time this was done, my brain was too

Went to the box all prepared so Yuko and I could head to Bloomingdale after.  Much more fun to go on a long dog walk adventure with a friend, but I’m the only one who had to stick around for the long weekend, so Yuko and I headed out just us two.  Unlocked the secret to the running buddy I’ve been looking for – ditch the leash!  A bit of a problem when I want to run in the city, but we’ll figure it out.


Sat. May 16:

Ever have one of those moments that further justifies in your mind why you are doing or did something?  Could be anything.  Could be that moment when you final succeed at something and realize all the effort was worth it.  Could be watching someone else succeed and feeling proud you helped them find their way.  I had one of those moments yesterday.  I was helping a girl in a wheel chair to put a new memory card into her phone.  Probably one of the smallest transactions I processed all day, but by far the most meaningful.  I helped her take the case off her phone to put the card in and she asked if I could please get the dog hair out from behind it!  I smiled and we got to chatting.  Turns out, she has a dog guide!  And from the Lions Association just like Yuko!  That moment made things real for me.  To hear the personal story of someone who both loves and values her dog guide made this process feel more important than ever.  After 2 1/2 months of trying to come up with the right answer when people say “i couldn’t do that! How are you going to give him up?” I feel like I finally have a clear idea in my mind of the WHY, which hopefully will help with the HOW.  Raising a puppy only to turn around and give him back after a year isn’t a sad experience.  As I’ve said from the start, it isn’t about me at all.  It’s about the service I’m providing to someone who needs assistance by doing the best I can to help Yuko become a great dog guide.  While I just want to enjoy the year with my little man, I’m also excited for his graduation when I get to see him paired up with his new partner.  I KNOW he’s going to make someone very happy, and I’m already so proud of the dog he’s becoming.  Although I do wish he’d get over his passion for chowing dandelions…


I love that I got the most easy-going puppy there is, but he’s not quite the dream running partner.  Headed out this morning thinking we could get in a nice little run before heading to work.  While I had promised Yuko that it wouldn’t be a long one cause my cardio is pretty garbage right now, it ended up being even shorter than planned cause I was totally gassed from pulling his big butt the whole time!  I guess he could have been still tired from playing at the park last night?  I came home with a total mud-puppy!

mudpuppyOh, the joys of parenthood 😉  Yes, I’ve become that guy who shows you endless kid photos but he’s kind of a big deal in my world at the moment.  With 14 of the CFD crew currently in Trinidad, the mornings have been pretty quiet.  Yesterday I was the only non-coach to show up for the 7:30 class.  Just me and 4 coaches.  Good times!  The boys decided to do some regionals WODs while Sharon joined me for a little back squatting.  I wanted to put more weight on the bar, but got a disapproving eye considering I didn’t really take a rest day this week…

Fri. May 15:

Back Squats: Work up to a HEAVY set of 2 Reps*  #145

*10 push-ups & 10 bicep curls between rounds   #20lb dumbbells


Alright, I get it.  This morning’s WOD rubbed in my face that yesterday’s hill session should not be counted as a rest day.  If Tuesday was an upper body destroyer (which it WAS!!  Core too!  My chest and abs are still screaming) then today was the counter part.  My quads were dying in the first round and I had flash-backs of the hill sprints.  Oops!

Thurs. May. 14:

3 Rounds for Time:
75- Double Unders  *
50- Air Squats
25- Calorie Row

Time – 17:56 (I think!)

I got a few double unders in the first round, then proceeded to whip myself with increasing frequency and intensity.  By round 2 I felt like Fight Gone Bad and although I managed to convince myself “NO CRYING!”, I stuck with consistent singles.  The calves still got a good workout.


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