one day it'll all make sense.

get over it

I’ve considered starting a new blog.  Or perhaps an interactive type thing cause I’m quite certain I’m just one little fish in a big sea of people with the same issues.  I could call it:

“Out of the running for Mother of the Year”

While I could easily come up with a million examples, I’ll present a comment made yesterday as the ice-breaker.

You have gotten a lot thicker.  Maybe you should try eating less…

Is it any wonder I was eating disordered in high school growing up with this sort of role model??  Anyways, I can laugh at it all a bit now because I’m finally at the point where I know she means no harm with these comments, just has absolutely no filter or common sense to understand how horrible her comments are sometimes.  I don’t eat a lot.  I have gotten thicker, but I like to lift heavy.  There’s my Segway to mom-ism numero deux.

But there are a LOT of little girls at your gym who lift heavy too…

Yeah, well.  I’m just unlucky I guess.  I work out as much as my caring coaches will allow, still gain weight.  Eat less, gain weight.  Eat even less, gain more weight.  One day I’ll get over it.


Yuko had a busy week!  He went for a pool party/sleep over Wednesday night with Wafer, hung out at Sport Chek with me Thursday, then another play date Friday with Syrup!  When we were driving home Friday night we came across a carnival, so stopped to check out the sights and sounds.  One thing I’m completely sure about – this little guy isn’t fazed by anything.

yuko may30

Any-who… as you know I have another love in my life, aside from Yuko.  Time for the crossfit details mixed with other random rambling:

Fri. May 29:

Today just started out all wrong.  Fridays are meant to be the highlight of my week, but I knew this week would be different.  First – Friday is deadlift day.  It has been for like forever now.  I cried to Coach Sharon but was unsuccessful… so I decided that running could be useful today.  Reason being – immediately post-WOD I had to haul ass to my store to get organized for one of the hardest parts of being a manager.  Today I told my assistant of 4 years that he was no longer employed.  Never a pleasant process, although this one didn’t have any fear of my tires being slashed afterwards this time around.  The next hurdle will be dealing with the reaction of my staff.  At the end of the day, I’m running a business NOT a daycare, but I know some will be angry at me.  While lifting heavy would have helped to get me fired up and confident, running helped me organize my thoughts.  There’s reason 2 that today is all wrong.  Friday mornings are usually fun time with my pup.  AM offered to take him for the day since I have 11 hours of work and although I keep looking for him out of habit, I’m happy to know he’s having a fun day with Syrup 🙂

In Teams of 2:
400m Run
800m Run
1 Mile Run
800m Run
400m Run
*1 Athlete works as the other rest*

Time – 37:00 and change

Tues. May 26:

You know the workouts that leave you just not the same for an hour or several after you’re done?  Well, that was today.  Had to cool down for a good 10 minutes after to stop sweating buckets pre-shower.

3 Rounds of:
30- Calorie Row
15- Deadlifts (225/155)  125
30- Wallballs (20/14)

Time – 16:00

Not Rx, but I’m giving myself a little pat on the back for resisting the urge to scale the wallball weight.  The “rest” portion of this one was the deadlifts for sure.  My game plan to do those unbroken worked for the first 2 rounds, then I had to break the 3rd into 10 and 5 cause my hands just wouldn’t hold onto the bar any longer.

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  1. Hey, I feel like we have been on similar paths the last year. I too have gotten thicker but am eating the cleanest of my life. I finally paid the money and went to a nutritionist and found out that I was starving myself. I wasn’t eating carbs because of the whole 30’s I did last year, I was eating a lot of beef, pork and fatty meats like ribs and bacon. I wasn’t eating enough clean protein. My body thought it was being starved and held onto all the fatty meats I was feeding it, hence I was gaining weight. Now I eat clean protein (chicken, turkey, fish, eggs) every 2.5 hours and have reintroduced potatoes and rice to my eating. I have lost over 10 pounds in 6 weeks. It’s crazy, but it is working for me. I think because you CrossFit, it might help. So I am sharing 🙂

    I also need to post a blog bc I have been tanking in that area, but everything is so busy that when I am finally FREE, I am brain dead and passing out watching Orange is the New Black. ❤

    Keep being YOU! Don't change your blog! You GOT THIS.

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