one day it'll all make sense.

I’ve come to terms

Ok, I’m officially tired of being hungry all the time.  I can’t be alone here.  This week I’ve spent 3% of my time sweating my tail off at the box, another 5% trail walking or running with Yuko, 33% working, 27% sleeping and about 99% of the not sleeping time HUNGRY.  It’s stupid.  I’m not on a restrictive diet or cleanse.  I’m not eating crap.  Just always hungry.  This being said, it’s potentially about to get a lot worse.  Why?  Cause seeing as I’m clearly in calculation mode today, I came to the realization that my love affair with Kraft All Natural peanut butter is not helping me fit into my fall-is-coming clothing.  I love it so much… but pack your things PB, we’re through.  Note- if you’re wondering how the hell I got into eating this shit, there was possibly some moment of starvation where I realized the all natural PB I was buying to stuff Yuko’s Kong toys with wouldn’t kill me to have a little… Shit rolled down hill.  Fast.

Saturdays are non-WOD days typically for me, so Yuko and I headed to the trail for a short run this morning 🙂  It was bright and quite cool at 7:15am and the trail was empty.  Perfect 🙂

yuko run

Post WOD yesterday when the group headed out for our little 1 mile flush, I was pleasantly surprised to notice how easy the uphill trot to Northfield felt.  My hill runs are paying off 🙂  The pooped out puppy currently napping at my feet would suggest they are paying off for him as well.  Actually, a customer made a comment the other day that hurt my heart a little.  “He looks so bored!” he mentioned when noticing the cute bundle of fur curled up and napping beside my behind the sales counter.  “He’s not bored, he gets a LOT of exercise!  He’s just tired” was my response.  It’s true!  I also asked the customer if he had a dog.  When he said yes, I asked where he was… “at home.” was his response.  And my dog is bored?  Another of the things this experience has taught me – people often don’t really think before they speak.

Tomorrow is the MS Bike Tour in Niagara.  The 75km trek I participated in for several years, but haven’t in a few.  The reminder emails I’ve received this week have brought back a bunch of memories 🙂  There was the time I felt like a total badass after passing a whole line of cycling club riders only to have the whole line return the favour a few minutes later by bowing past us like we were standing still.  Or the dude saying “I hope you girls are ready for the big hill ahead!” referring to the bump in the road to get up on the overpass.  Aparently he didn’t notice we were on mountain bikes.  LOL!  While I have no question in my mind of whether or not I could still do the ride (even though I haven’t so much as sat on my bike once this year!) it’s just not something I have any interest in doing anymore.  You know when you do something as much to share the experience with someone else as to experience it yourself?  This was one of those things, but the memories will last a life time.




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