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Whole Life, day 19

Past the point of testing the waters now.  Into the 3rd week of this and I’ve found my groove.  Learned the hard way over the weekend that being totally prepared when it comes to food is so critical cause the “I’ll just wing it” approach bit me in the butt a bit.  I mean who goes to a cottage weekend with a big group of friends and actually loses a few pounds?  Especially when there was chocolate, candy, chips, donuts, Cheetos, and BOOZE everywhere.  Not saying I was completely unprepared, I just underestimated how much I actually eat in a day!  Second note on temptations – for probably the last week I’ve gone through periods of planning how I’ll use one of the 4 indulgence tokens I’ve earned.  Thing is, it’s never gone beyond the planning stage as I can’t come up with a treat or reward that I can justify as worth it.  I’ve come this far and been through so much to get over the cravings, why give in now?  Took me at least a week to stop dreaming of Quest bars, what if allowing myself one means another week of chocolate cookie dough dreams?  No thanks.  Although I’m breaking up with my girlfriend tonight, so that might be the push I need.  Not getting too deep into that, but I realized I don’t want the instant family.

Probably a combination effort of Coach Dave’s awesome programming and my clean diet, but WODs have felt pretty great lately.  Especially the grinders.  I mean, those have always been my thing, but even with a stupid cold yesterday I kinda crushed this little piece to hellish heaven:

Tues. Oct. 6:

5 Rounds of 3:00 On/1:00 Off:
200 Meter Run
15- Wallballs
Max Reps Burpee Box Jumps (24/20) in time remaining.

Total – 71 burpee box jumps 😀

Right from the 3, 2, 1 GO!!!  The rest of the 6am class shot ahead of me.  I had a so;id pace for the run, but not all out.  There’s something to be said about strategy and knowing your own strengths.  I was the last one back in the box every round, but eased through my wallballs unbroken and at a good pace.  At the end, I met my goal.  Consistancy.  Rounds 1-4 I got 14 burpee box jumps, and added an extra rep for round 5.  Although… I won’t deny I was pretty sure I was going to barf after round 4.

Also a noteworthy day was:

21 – 15 – 9:
Deadlifts (225/155)   #135
Handstand Pushups

Time – 8:52

WOOT!!  Last one finished, but I was still on cloud 9.  First time completing Diane where I didn’t scale the handstand push-ups.  Many reps weren’t pretty, and the last 3 took 7 attempts to get, but still!!  WOOT!!


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