one day it'll all make sense.

just walk away

For like ever, I’ve thought the Jillian Michael’s style of in your face coaching was something I could totally handle.  I mean, maybe I could if it was actually coming from her cause she’s pretty hot, but in the real world it’s just not something my mind is willing to take.  This morning’s WOD involved building up to a heavy squat clean and jerk.  I lifted #105 piece of cake.  Added a measly 5lbs to the bar and failed the lift.  I mean, my 3 rep max hang clean is #115 for gods sake.  Left to my own devices, I would have taken a second and nailed it.  But when 3 coaches, all of whom have all the right intentions jump in with tips, pointers, encouragement, etc, my brain says “nope!  I’m DONE!”  Sometimes hearing “You can DO this!!” is not what you need to hear.  Sometimes you need to hear nothing.  Sometimes you just need to walk away from the bar.


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