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mind the mess

Not my most organized post, but not the end of the world.  My mind is spinning in 1,000+ different directions.  My VP sent me an email today containing the worst typo EVER.  I spent the first few hours of my shift thinking I needed to look for another job.  When I mentioned it to him when he called later, he burst out laughing!  Serious?  Dude!  I almost had a heart attack.  Then there’s the Showdown tomorrow.  Saving grace on that – it’s the first WOD that scares the shit out of me a little and my girl won’t be there to watch until before the second WOD 🙂  Not that I can’t do the first one, it’s all movements I’m pretty good at… but 12 minutes of hard effort and I could barf by the end.  That’s not hot at all.


Thank you crossfit for teaching me it’s about progress, not perfection. Learning to play bass might be the kind of slow progress like when you’re squatting super heavy and to the rest of the world it looks like you aren’t moving but 1mm at a time you get there eventually.  Apparently Yuko felt my progress was boring 😉

Here’s my nutrition WTF?! for the day.  I started eating more carbs again and I’ve lost weight.  Some not Paleo carbs either… oats!  I’m in love.  My work pants used to be pretty snug and are almost falling off. What the heck is that about?? Coach Sharon says it’s cause I’m not stressing about it anymore, but I don’t know…  I will say I’m not upset, just confused.

This is how we roll

Game plan for this week was has been to take it easy so I’m not too beat up for Saturday. Went to the box just to stretch and roll out on Wednesday morning… Yuko got right into things. Lots of downward dog and cat stretches that I somehow didn’t grab a photo of. So supportive!  Thursday’s WOD looked like a good chance to get in some last minute barbell practice with some of the movements I’ll see at the comp. It was a good one! I’d love to try again on a day where I could load the bar heavier.

Wed. Jan. 20:

Part 1. 2 Rounds of:
40 seconds of max reps: Power Snatches #165/#115  #55
20 seconds rest
40 seconds of max reps: Hang Power Cleans #165/#115  #55
20 seconds rest
40 seconds of max reps: Jerks #165/#115  #55
20 seconds rest
40 seconds of max reps: Front Squats #165/#115   #55
20 seconds rest

Part 2. 5 Rounds for time:
5- Deadlifts #315/#255  #135
15 5 – Kipping Handstand Pushups

Scaled the shit out of this to stick with my plans but kinda really liked it!  Shortest 20 seconds ever!


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