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relentless re-cap


A chill Sunday evening after a busy weekend! Amanda brought me a bass guitar for dummies book (pretty much!) which makes way more sense than anything I found on YouTube 😉

I did it! 7 days straight of “journaling” every day 🙂 it might have gotten me back in the blogging game. I hope so, cause I kinda dig it.

Another accomplishment – my goals for the CFD Relentless Showdown yesterday were pretty simple. Don’t barf (especially in WOD 1) and don’t finish last. Success on both! Although I felt like the first goal might not be achievable more than once… Pretty happy with my performance and I have a fairly clear idea of what I want to work on.

Sat. Jan. 23:

WOD 1:

AMRAP, 12 minutes:
75 calorie Row
150 Single Unders
75 Wallballs

Score – 301 reps

WOD 2a:

In 5 minutes – establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk  #110

WOD 2b:

AMRAP, 90 seconds:
Clean & Jerk – #65

WOD 3:

For time (5 minute cap):
20 calorie Airdyne
15 Burpees w/ jump on plate
10 Pull-ups

Score – 7 pull-ups

At the end of the day, we only worked out for 23.5 minutes.  When you put it that way it doesn’t sound so bad, right?  Not so much.  Coach Sharon told me to focus on not being too hard on myself on Friday when I was stressing about it and asking myself why I didn’t just shoot it instead of competing.  Easier said than done 😉  I wanted to get back to the rower in WOD 1, which I did manage to do.  However I had hoped for a minimum 5 calories.  I got 1.  I started really well.  Paced my row and was first to the jump rope.  Those went well too, only broke the 150 reps once.  Then got to the wallballs and ran out of gas completely!  Started with decent sets, but the last 25 reps I got sooooo many no-reps that I finished it 3 at a time!  3!  Cause #4 was a no-rep and no one wants to hear that.  Such a waste of energy to miss the line by maybe an inch.

relentless jerk

WOD 2 started well too.  I had enough time between 1&2 to actually eat something, after I convinced myself I wasn’t going to barf.  Rehydrated a bit, and felt really good in the warm-up.  Started the WOD with #85 – easy.  Game plan was to not increase so slowly that I burnt out just from number of reps completed, so I went right to #105.  Fail.  Oh shit.  Nailed #95, then back to #105 with success.  Lots of time left, so why not #110?  Fail.  I was completely ready to strip the bar down for part B, but Coach Jamar (who was my judge) said “just get under it” so casually that I shook it off and squat cleaned that sh*t.  Killed part B too.  21 reps, just kept moving the whole time.  I mean, my girlfriend was watching.  Suck it up princess.  Interestingly enough… I expected the jerk to hold me back, not the clean.  Hmm.

WOD 3 – Oh, Sally!  I knew after 20 cals on Satan’s tricycle my brain wouldn’t co-operate so the game plan was to concentrate on not messing up the burpee-plate-jump.  Success.  Then after watching a whole bunch mix their grip for the pull-ups quite successfully, I went that route too.  Booooo!!  Wrong answer!  It may have been a good tool to keep in mind when the wheels fell off, but after 5 decent reps things fell apart.  I got a bunch of no-reps and only squeaked out 2 more legit ones.  7 pull-ups total and I had plenty of time!  Better than none I guess.

For once I wasn’t the photographer for this event.  DK got lots of awesome picks and even a few of me, but I haven’t loaded them on my computer yet so they will appear later maybe 😉  He had to leave near the beginning of WOD 2 and I kicked myself after for not getting him to leave the camera so I could have captured some more of the action, but c’est la vie 🙂


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  1. I’ve been away from WP forever and Yuko has gotten so big! And so cute!! Catching up as best I can. Hope you are well

    • I’ve been pretty absent in WP land for the most part too! My Coach has mentioned a few times that he misses reading my blog, but quit honestly… it’s there when I need it and over the last several months I don’t! I’m taking that as a good thing 🙂 Hopefully all is well with you! I think I almost miss reading others tales more than writing my own at times, but life is busy and life is good 🙂

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