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a different approach

Back to old bad habits when it comes to wordpress… Posts are drafted, but never making it beyond the drafting phase.  You’ll have to just trust me that it’s probably best that some of the crap I write stays that way.  Some days I’m just scattered and can’t come up with a logical order of putting my thoughts into type.  Others I’m full-on venting and often not very nice.  Those are better kept just to myself 😉  And venting about your JOB on the internet just doesn’t seem smart at all.

Anyways, aside from that life is GREAT 😀  I did it after all.  I signed up for The Open.  I’m sure no one really expected any different, but skipping it this year did cross my mind.  So far I’ve stuck to my plan to just treat the WODs as just another workout.

Fri. Feb. 26:

Workout 16.1.

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 20 minutes of:
25-ft. walking lunge (front rack)
8 burpees
25-ft. walking lunge (front rack)
8 chest-to-bar pull-ups

Men lunge 45 lb.
Women lunge 35 lb.

Score – 264

Slow and steady and UNBROKEN was my goal.  Success!  Although I still thought I possibly might barf by the end…  Not a technically difficult workout, just loooong.  It’s Monday as I’m typing this and my BUTT is just about recovered.  Each group of 25′ lunges took me 10 reps to complete.  200+ lunges?! My butt has every reason to be still a little bitter about the whole thing.

I took a few of my lieu days from December’s workaholic session to spend a weekend with Amanda 🙂  Went from 16.1 home for a quick shower and breakfast, then out for a day of snowboarding.  Coach Sharon later mentioned to me that it was nice to see I wasn’t as anxious going into an Open WOD this time around.  That’s cause I was more nervous about getting on my board for the first time in like forever than a few lunges, pull-ups and burpees!  It was great though 🙂  My legs held out.  After a few shaky runs I got my sh*t together and was right back in the game!  Amanda and I had been joking leading up to our snowboard day that if we broke ourselves, at least we’d have the weekend to recover!  No need 😉 can’t wait to get out again!


I’ve been a good food influence on my girl too 🙂  We made omelets with broccoli, asparagus and zucchini for breakfasts and chicken or salmon (same veggies) for dinners.  Only used 1 indulgence token over the 3 days in the form of a little goat cheese on my salad 🙂  So worth it.  SO GOOD!


Mon. Feb. 29:

Back to reality this morning.  Back to the box for 6am and back to work.  Sigh… 😉

partner WOD

 Teams of 2, AMRAP 20 Minutes:
3 Calorie Row, 3 Hand-Release Pushups, 3 Dumbbell Snatches (50/35)  #30
6 Calorie Row, 3 Hand-Release Pushups, 6 Dumbbell Snatches (50/35)  #30
9 Calorie Row, 3 Hand-Release Pushups, 9 Dumbbell Snatches (50/35)  #30

Partner 1 completes the round of three reps of each movement, then Partner 2 does the same.
The team alternates in this fashion for the 20 minutes, adding 3 repetitions to each movement per round.

Haven’t done a partner WOD with SP in a while 🙂  The snatches got tough as the reps climbed, but I was happy with how I was able to maintain a good pace on the row throughout.  Kept the split above 1,300 cal/?? 😀  Certainly jacked up the heart rate a bit!!


Wed. Feb. 17:

Yesterday was awful.  I cried until my eyes burned, and I’m still not done yet.  Maybe I’ll want to talk about it one day, but the wounds are still too fresh.  Then to top things off, after getting to work today and having another mini melt down seeing all of Yuko’s toys still scattered casually in my office, I had to tell an employee I’ve worked with for 4 years his position had been terminated.  We we’re besties or anything, but no decent person enjoys sharing that kind of news.  We both cried.  Now life must go on.  Worst 24 hours I think I’ve experienced.  It’s not entirely done yet, cause I still have my review to “look forward to” this afternoon, but hopefully that’s a better scene.  Either way, life goes on.

After dropping Yuko off yesterday and regaining my composure enough to be around people, I headed to World for a run.  Oh my!  The people watching in that place is incredible!  I mean, there were good shows on the tvs too, but I couldn’t stop watching the live entertainment. It was just what I needed to numb my brain a little before heading to Burlington to be with my girl and watch some more live entertainment (soccer).  I think I’m my father’s daughter in that regard. He always taught me sadness is not meant to be shared. Put on your best smile and face the world. Sadness is weakness. Not saying I agree, but I’ve never been the kind of person who likes anyone to see my tears.

10 Rounds of :
15/12 Calories on Airdyne
Rest 90 seconds between rounds

Not as awful as I expected.  Not exciting, but Petunia and I have made amends.


Thurs. Feb. 18:

For Time:
800m Row
50- Back Squats #135/#95  #85
50- Bench Press #135/#95  #75
800m Row
35- Back Squats #135/#95
35- Bench Press #135/#95
800m Row
20- Back Squats #135/#95
20- Bench Press #135/#95
1- Muscle-up

Time – Long.  (close to 40min)

This was kind of wicked in a variety of interpretations of the word.  Kept my row under 2:10 split time for most of the WOD.  Only cleaned the bar once per back squat round.  Coach Dave stood by the bench ready to spot for my last round of bench press.  When I finished the squats I mentioned “but my legs don’t work!!” his response – “you don’t need legs to bench McDowell.  Get over here.”  LOL!!  After the last round of b. press my arms didn’t work either.

Fri. Feb. 19:

Slowly but surely I’m stepping out of the darkness of this week. Every day is easier.  I can talk about Yuko now and think happy thoughts. I can look at pictures and not fight to keep my composure. I can take a little comfort in knowing that I’ve done something amazing for someone else.  WODs, runs, my work family and my sweetheart of a girlfriend have helped get a real smile back on my face 🙂

Crossfit has been terrible and awesome all rolled into one this week.  I’m pretty relieved to discover my arms and legs do still function after yesterday’s long-ass brutality of a WOD.  Today was simple, but not easy.

Push Jerk: 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 

Obviously there were “treats” hidden in between rounds on this one. Almost 12 days of Christmas style, adding another movement after each jerk – 5 strict pull-ups, 5 box jumps, 5 air squats, 5 strict toes to bar, 5 burpees, something to do with a farmer carry… By the time the farmer carry was mentioned, I was out of time. Attempted #115 for my jerk 5-6 times but couldn’t get myself far enough under the bar to catch it. Will add split jerk to the long list of things to work on!

Classic Coach Dave line – You’ve been through worse!!

Typically surfaces in the toughest part of a grinder of a WOD when I’m sure the look on all of our faces is the same mixture of pain and terror. After the shit I handled this week, that line really resignates with me.

give and take


I wasn’t sure this would ever be a world where I belonged again.  I’ll throw this disclaimer in right away – this is not at all instead of crossfit. And certainly not an attempt to replace CFD in my life. It has been my life for 2 1/2 years, my family… and I have no need or desire to change that. I’m just at a point where I want to supplement with more running and I just couldn’t bring myself to go back to the track.  Plus the people watching in an actual gym environment is top notch!


Friday we had a potluck lunch going away party for Yuko 🙂 there were balloons and party hats and a crap load of dog treats and all kinds of people food too 🙂 I brought sweet potato brownies. Shocking, I know lol, but everyone always loves them! I’m getting just as bad as my mom when it comes to bringing the same thing to every social event. At least I come by it honestly, and no one ever complains.

Thursday night I finally cracked. I’ve been rock solid the whole way through, and still stick to my joy in knowing what an amazing dog I’ve raised and what a life changing experience he’s going to be for someone, but I started thinking about Tuesday and fell apart. Being really tired probably didn’t work to my advantage too. I still don’t know how I’m going to hand over his leash and just walk away, but at least I can think about it now without crying. Well, pretty much… almost…


Calm before the storm

Thurs. Feb. 11

For the first time in a while, today I woke up in a better frame of mind than I’ve been in. I decided to work from home yesterday cause I had to complete my employee reviews and needed a quiet space to focus and get them done. Since my work got rid of district managers, it seems a lot of the work load they took care of has been passed down to the store mangers and my plate is so full sometimes I’m not sure where to begin. That’s something I struggle with. Putting things in order… Anyways, I’m happy with the progress I made yesterday on the reviews, and I got in a good snowy walk with Yuko at “lunch” and formed a plan for the conversations I need to have with my staff. Bonus – the blanket of fresh snow covering the trails yesterday made for a gorgeous walk 🙂 then today we woke up to -17 degrees, so thank god we got before that showed up!

Backtrack for a minute to the “putting things in order” thing. I’ve got so much going on in my head right now… Stuff I want to blog about cause it might help me make some sense of it all, but again I don’t know where to start.

Yuko heads to Dog Guides University Tuesday for the Autism Assistance program.  I couldn’t be happier! Well, unless he fails and gets to come home.  Then I really couldn’t be happier, but I don’t see that happening.  He’s just too awesome for words.  Also not the reason I signed up for this.  #makepeoplebetter

Should I sign up for the Open?  I’ve kinda sucked at crossfit lately.  My head isn’t 100% in it at the moment.  And DK took some pics of Yuko and I where I noticed how BIG my butt is.  But I like squatting heavy… And I like almond butter.  The struggle is real.

I need a career change, but what do I want to do?  When will it be ther straw that breaks the camel’s back?  I feel backed into a corner at my job sometimes.  Pretty sure the HR twat doesn’t like me for some reason.  Although she doesn’t like dogs.  Those kind of people can’t be trusted!  Vegetarians are on that list too.

I miss running… Is the answer – get a treadmill, or join World Gym?  Almost broke myself running on the icy trails last week.  Picture a freshly zamboni’d ice rink, with a dusting of fluffy fresh snow, and lots of hills… Yup, that happened.  I skied down a few spots on my running shoes, slipped and Yuko caught me once, then ended up on my knees and threw in the towel.  I think World Gym is the answer.  I miss running, and shorts and tank tops weather is coming eventually.  The big butt dog pics also helped me make the commitment to myself to snack on veggies more and stop eating nuts and my fav oats, banana, almond butter, protein powder mix, cause that can’t be helping.  Although I won’t perfect it over night… I crushed like half a bag of snap peas while doing my reviews yesterday.  SO good! And better than a bag of nuts or chips I s’pose.

I’m on the list for another puppy March 22.  Is that what I want to do? This is a tough one.  Yuko has just become a part of my rhythm over the past 11 months.  I’d have to go through the baby stages again, but at the same time a puppy sleeps more.  I have moments of thinking how nice it will be to go to the grocery store without a dog, but then I have 10 times as many thinking about all he’s given me 🙂 At the moment, I’m leaning in favour of doing this again but it changes a few times a day.  I have a different life than I had when I brought Yuko home.  I have a girlfriend in a different city that I like spending time with.


how I roll

Oh God it’s been a whole work week already since I started this post.  Life is good generally speaking, just spins along in circles around me sometimes and it’s tough to keep up.  The sliding scale from light to dark of all the things in my world has been heavily weighted on the light end.  My chick is great.  I’m soaking in all the Yuko I can in the  home stretch of our time together.  Crossfit I still totally love.  Learning to play guitar and digging it.  I’ve pretty much accepted that I’m not really interested in the Whole Life Challenge this time around, but I’m just eating well and drinking lots of water and letting the rest all just pretty much happen.

Last weekend was a great one 🙂 felt like spring is on its way, which is always nice to see.  Used a Whole Life Challenge indulgence on Sunday in the form of bacon at breakfast. I have no regrets. I made a great dinner for Amanda and I on Saturday though with lemon, dill and garlic brushed salmon, asparagus and sweet potato.  It was so good!  Also shamelessly hooked on baked chicken breast with a little grainy mustard and a heap of broccoli and asparagus.

This is how I roll.  Food is pretty routine most days, at least when it comes to packing my lunch bag in the morning before heading to the box.


eggs and sweet potato


chicken and veg

Need a WOD recap perhaps.  This week has been challenging most days, some with good results and some leaving me asking myself “are you new?!?!?”

Mon. Feb. 1:

Teams of 3 complete the following for time:
200- Front Squats #135/#95  #75
200- Kipping Handstand Pushups
200- Box Jump Overs
200- Pullups  ring pulls

LOVED this!!  I mean, 800 reps in a team of 3 – what’s NOT to love??  :p  Probably so much wrong with that statement.  Front squats felt great 🙂  We broke into sets of 10.  Handstand push-ups were by far the best I’ve ever done!  If ever there was a PR bell moment for HSPU, I think mine was today.  Sets of 5 for the last 3 movements and we finished at 33:44 I think.  Good times!!

Tues. Feb. 2:

With a running clock from 0:00- 30:00 Minutes perform:
50- Box Jumps, 24/20
50- Jumping Pull-Ups
50- Kettlebell Swings, 35/25
50- Walking Lunge Steps
50- Toes to Bar
50- Push Press, 45/35
50- Hip Extensions   <- OMG!
50- Wallballs, 20/14
50- Burpees
50- Double Unders
30:00- 35:00 Minutes: REST
35:00 Minutes- NOT FOR TIME perform:
Snatch Complex: 5 sets of: 1- Power Snatch + 1 Overhead Squat + 1- Hang Squat Snatch, climbing in load 
#75 (I think!)

My Filthy 50 time was brutal!  Was moving along really well until the hip extensions.  Hoped up on the GHD, rocked out 2 sets of 25, got off… and couldn’t feel anything from the waist down 😮 Like holy friggin hell I’ve been here before!!  Not a ton scares me.  Like really scares me… that did.  I stood in one place for what felt like 10 minutes willing my legs to return before picking up a wallball.  Ok, it wasn’t 10 minutes cause I did somehow still finish within the time cap, but still. WTF?  And the GHD should be a Glute Ham Destroyer cause it does.

As for the snatch complex, I redeemed myself ever so slightly.  Although my final round the hang squat snatch needed a do-over after a totally ugly rep.  Got under the bar so uncoordinated that I literally almost “took a knee”.  Sorted it our and still stuck the lift, but second attempt was solid.

Thurs. Feb. 4:

A. Squat Clean: 1-1-1  #105
B. Bench Press: 2-2-2  #105
C. Overhead Squats: 3-3-3  #105

Meh.  My brain has gone from “I don’t know if I can do this” to “eff this sh*t.  Not happening.”  Good times!  Although after a late Wednesday night, 6am came early.  My squat cleans were a bit of a hot mess, but I was pretty happy with the rest.

Fri. Feb. 5:

Part 1. Snatch: 2- Power Snatches every 30 seconds for 4 minutes – you choose the weight.  #65

Part 2. For Time
1000m Row, into:
4 Rounds for time
20- KBS, 70/50
60- Double Unders (practice)
Then, 1000m Row

Time – 14:37

Goal today – get some double unders and keep the row split time under 2:10/500m.  Done and done.  😀

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