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Calm before the storm

Thurs. Feb. 11

For the first time in a while, today I woke up in a better frame of mind than I’ve been in. I decided to work from home yesterday cause I had to complete my employee reviews and needed a quiet space to focus and get them done. Since my work got rid of district managers, it seems a lot of the work load they took care of has been passed down to the store mangers and my plate is so full sometimes I’m not sure where to begin. That’s something I struggle with. Putting things in order… Anyways, I’m happy with the progress I made yesterday on the reviews, and I got in a good snowy walk with Yuko at “lunch” and formed a plan for the conversations I need to have with my staff. Bonus – the blanket of fresh snow covering the trails yesterday made for a gorgeous walk ūüôā then today we woke up to -17 degrees, so thank god we got before that showed up!

Backtrack for a minute to the “putting things in order” thing. I’ve got so much going on in my head right now… Stuff I want to blog about cause it might help me make some sense of it all, but again I don’t know where to start.

Yuko heads to Dog Guides University Tuesday for the Autism Assistance program. ¬†I couldn’t be happier! Well, unless he fails and gets to come home. ¬†Then I really couldn’t be happier, but I don’t see that happening. ¬†He’s just too awesome for words. ¬†Also not the reason I signed up for this. ¬†#makepeoplebetter

Should I sign up for the Open? ¬†I’ve kinda sucked at crossfit lately. ¬†My head isn’t 100% in it at the moment. ¬†And DK took some pics of Yuko and I where I noticed how BIG my butt is. ¬†But I like squatting heavy… And I like almond butter. ¬†The struggle is real.

I need a career change, but what do I want to do? ¬†When will it be ther straw that breaks the camel’s back? ¬†I feel backed into a corner at my job sometimes. ¬†Pretty sure the HR twat doesn’t like me for some reason. ¬†Although she doesn’t like dogs. ¬†Those kind of people can’t be trusted! ¬†Vegetarians are on that list too.

I miss running… Is the answer – get a treadmill, or join World Gym? ¬†Almost broke myself running on the icy trails last week. ¬†Picture a freshly zamboni’d ice rink, with a dusting of fluffy fresh snow, and lots of hills… Yup, that happened. ¬†I skied down a few spots on my running shoes, slipped and Yuko caught me once, then ended up on my knees and threw in the towel. ¬†I think World Gym is the answer. ¬†I miss running, and shorts and tank tops weather is coming eventually. ¬†The big butt dog pics also helped me make the commitment to myself to snack on veggies more and stop eating nuts and my fav oats, banana, almond butter, protein powder mix, cause that can’t be helping. ¬†Although I won’t perfect it over night… I crushed like half a bag of snap peas while doing my reviews yesterday. ¬†SO good! And better than a bag of nuts or chips I s’pose.

I’m on the list for another puppy March 22. ¬†Is that what I want to do? This is a tough one. ¬†Yuko has just become a part of my rhythm over the past 11 months. ¬†I’d have to go through the baby stages again, but at the same time a puppy sleeps more. ¬†I have moments of thinking how nice it will be to go to the grocery store without a dog, but then I have 10 times as many thinking about all he’s given me ūüôā At the moment, I’m leaning in favour of doing this again but it changes a few times a day. ¬†I have a different life than I had when I brought Yuko home. ¬†I have a girlfriend in a different city that I like spending time with.



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  1. Beautiful dog ūüėä

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