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I may have hit rock bottom.  Might be at the breaking point I’ve been needing for a while to actually make some real changes.  NEVER do I want to have the thoughts of “oh god!  Please not the sit-down-fat!” when cuddling with my chick.  It’s dumb and awful.  It’s a road I’ve been down before and will go down again unless someone can remove that part of my brain that creates these thoughts… Hey MS!  Time for you to step up and help me out for once?  You’ve effed with useful parts of my mind, how about putting your powers to something good for a change?

Anywho, I’ve said this before but maybe this time I mean business.  Maybe this time I’ll stop starring longingly at the abs I can see in the mirror from just the right angle and actually get my shit together.  Summer is coming… I want to wear shorts and strappy tank tops and the odd bikini and feel good about it.  Amanda and I have talked about doing a few runs this summer, starting with a 10k in April.  That’s SOON!  And she’s speedy!  I need to up my game to get ready for the run and ball hockey starts soon.  So my game plan is to tackle both of these goals together.  I’ve already started running again, now I just need to banish almond butter from my home.  There are way worse things, I know this is how it has to be.  I’m still doing the Whole Life Challenge, but haven’t cared about it at ALL this time around.  Haven’t been cheating, but that doesn’t matter.

My different approach to The Open this year is making for a much more enjoyable experience.  I don’t stress leading up to the announcement to the point I wasn’t even upset last night when I couldn’t get the internet to work so I could watch it.  I sleep like any other night, I don’t eat any different than normal, and I workout like any other week.  It’s pretty chill, and it’s FUN!  Score 🙂  Plus a little added bonus… I’m actually doing pretty well.  Was top female in the scaled division at CFD for 16.1 😀  16.2 I wasn’t as spectacular, but I’m still happy with how this time around feels.

Fri. Mar. 11:

Workout 16.3

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 7 minutes of:
10 power snatches
 5 jumping chest-to-bar pull-ups

Men use 45 lb.
Women use 35 lb.

Result – 104 reps

Not beating myself up after this little sprint, although I underestimated it a bit.  OMG my FOREARMS are ruined!  Grip strength is completely gone to the point I’ve had to hold my coffee with 2 hands today to prevent a catastrophe.  I never do chest to bar pull-ups, like ever.  Can’t even get my chest to touch the bar with palms facing outwards, so attacked these palms in.  Once the time ran out, my forearms looked like a snake that had swallowed a softball and screamed bloody murder.  However, I was entirely grateful when the WOD was announced and didn’t include any squats.  My legs are tired from this week… got an 8k run in Wednesday and somehow got tricked into a 35 minute row for calories yesterday, with a side of burpees after I went to the box just to mobilize and stretch 😉

Fri. Mar. 4:

Workout 16.2

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 4, 8, 12, 16 or 20 minutes of:
25 knee raises
50 single-unders
15 squat cleans*

Begin with a 4 minute time cap. If 1 round is completed in under 4 minutes extend time to 8 minutes. If 2 rounds are completed in under 8 minutes extend time to 12 minutes. Etc., adding 4 minutes per round completed for up to 20 minutes.

*1st round, 15 reps at 55 lb.
2nd round, 13 reps, 75 lb.
3rd round, 11 reps, 95 lb.
4th round, 9 reps, 115 lb.
5th round, 7 reps, 135 lb.

Result – 339 reps

I will admit I did beat myself up a little after completing this one.  I flew through the first 2 rounds, good pace through the third, then stepped up to the 115lb bar with a whole 4 minutes remaining and couldn’t get ONE little rep!  Once I blocked out all the voices outside and inside my head, I did manage to get under the bar twice but was too far forward to stand it up.  4 minutes… 0 reps.  Thankfully I’ve had the best judge for all of my WODs.  The person who always seems to be able to read the nasty things I’m saying to myself inside my own mind and snap me out of it.  I was mad at myself for what I didn’t do, but was completely forgetting all that I DID.  “Honestly, I expected you to struggle with the 11 reps at 95lbs.  You breezed through those!” she said.  Touche!  Also a little perspective… 115 is my 1RM.


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