one day it'll all make sense.

on the fly

Life is good.  And BUSY!!  😮  Still working on the balance component, but the tides are always changing so I’m learning to just adjust on the fly rather than looking for the regular routing and rhythm of things.  It’s exciting and fun and exhausting at times, but good 🙂  Making it to crossfit 5 times a week just isn’t in the cards right now, but I’m ok with that.  Managed mon-thurs last week, which I think I can maintain.  A puppy sitting opportunity came up last week, so I had Peanut with me from Sunday till Thursday and didn’t get to World to run at all but did get in a bunch of good walks 🙂

peanutFriday morning Amanda and I headed across the Peace Bridge into New York state for a little road trip/soccer game action.  I’m not the soccer super-fan my chick is, but love the road trips 🙂  With our own little car karaoke and laughing at getting a little lost a few times and some quality road trip snack prep it was a great 2 days away from every day life.  *Car karaoke does not include me singing 😉  Not loud enough to be heard anyways lol!  Side note – hey Mother Nature!  It shouldn’t be that cold on April 29th.  Just saying…  My toes didn’t warm up for like 2 hours after the game.chilly KA

Sunday was Acton ball hockey.  I’ve officially learned that I can’t work till 5 in Waterloo if I intend to get to a 6:00 game on time.  Especially if I have any hope of warming up!  Without traffic it might have been possible, but of course someone had to break the 401 a little.  If you aren’t from Ontario, you probably have no idea how commonly that happens so I guess I should have known better.  It wasn’t a waste though!  I got there only a few minutes into the first period and got a nice goal 🙂  Plus I learned that although I’m sure it’s not exactly legal, it is possible to change into a sports bra while driving.  Ok not legal at all.  And the guy in the truck next to me got more of a show than I’d been hoping for… but it’s doable.

Check it out!  More than half way through my post and I haven’t even really talked about working out!  Bored?  Last week may have been the wrap up to our long and heavy WOD phase, although I hope not entirely cause I really enjoyed it!  Long and heavy, but a sh*t ton of rowing and airdyne too!  Coach Dave teased at one point that he never sees me anymore.  A bit of an exaggeration…  Also teased that girls make us weak.  That’s true in some regards, but not entirely.  And he was totally just joking around in both regards 😉  Weaker?  Not in terms of crossfit.  Crushed 10 rounds, 3 reps #135 back squats last week.  PR’d my snatch.  Strict pull-ups are getting “easier” (ha!)

Back to today.  The WOD that left me laying on the bench in the changeroom contemplating if I was going to live or not for a good 10 minutes.

Mon. May 2:

Tabata Airdyne: 4:00 Minutes of 20 sec on 10 sec off
Immediately after
AMRAP in 5:00 Minutes
7- Box Jumps 24/20

7- Hand Release Pushups/Handstand Pushups
Cash Out: Prowler Push with a Partner, 5 Rounds Each alternating GO HEAVY and GO 50′ down then 50′ back and switch  – 4x25lb plates 😮

Tabata anything can get nasty.  First few rounds – meh… 20 seconds is no big deal.  Then comes – jeez… we’re only half way?  Followed by – OMG!!  20 seconds feels like forever and the 10 second rest is too short.  Airdyne anything IS nasty.  Period.

Part 2… meh.  No amazing but not entirely awful.  And sandwiched in between the other two it really wasn’t that bad.  It was the cash out that killed me.  OMG the prowler!  Here’s another reason I WOD at 6am.  Gives me time to talk myself out of barfing, have a cold shower, get my composure back, and make it to work like everything is cool 😉



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