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throw’n down

It would probably be a shorter conversation today if you were to ask me “what doesn’t hurt?”  Yesterday was the team Showdown Throwdown at CF Division and my team Shrug Life killed it 🙂  Well… we didn’t win, but had so much fun and did really quite well.  Tied for 2nd place in the last workout too!

Shrug Life

Shrug Life

WOD # 1 – Thruster Ladder

2:00 for each athlete to work as far up the ladder as possible:

Complete 2 thrusters at each weight


WOD # 2 – The Girls

18:00 time cap, 1 athlete working at a time:

males – 30 snatches

females – 30 clean & jerks

remaining time – max reps unbroken wallballs

Score – 325 (205 wallballs)

team throwdown4

WOD # 3 – Bambi

7:00 time cap, 1 athlete working at a time:

males – 20 calories Airdyne

females – 15 calories Airdyne

Once first athlete completes calories on airdyne, move on to sled pull relay.  Trade off on sled pulls with second athlete once airdyne is complete, and third/fourth until 7 minutes is complete.

Score – 180 <- don’t know what that means… but I think we came 6th in this one 🙂

team throwdown2

WOD # 4 – The Hundreds

20:00 AMRAP:

100 calorie row – 25 cal per athlete

100 synchronized kettlebell swings #35

100 synchronized burpee-box-jump-overs

100 synchronized deadlifts #105

Score – 425 reps  <- ONLY team in first 2 heats to get back to the row!!

team throwdown

In terms of personal performance, not too often I say this after a comp, but I was really pretty happy with how I did 🙂  Had hoped to get a little farther on the thruster ladder, but decided I was ok with being average there.  Made up for it in the other WODs too!  Got through my 30 clean & jerks in 2 smooth sets of 10 and an 8+2 (not perfectly touch’n’go, but close).  Also killed the row and deadlifts in the last WOD.  Like, kept my split about 1500 cal/hour 🙂 and crushed 2 sets of 25 reps unbroken deads.  The burpee-box-jump-overs kicked my butt HARD.  Ryan and I kept the synchro thing going really well!  I suggested before the WOD started that we were never going to win this dance if we both tried to lead… “You lead!  I’ll just pick up your rythym!” 🙂  It worked great, except his pace was more than I could handle in the burpee bit :p  I cut our sets shorter than planned when I was struggling to get myself up on the box haha!!  Strategy worked none the less.  Tied for 2nd in the workout felt pretty great!  Would love to do another comp with this crew 🙂

Another note from yesterday… I need to plan the fueling portion better.  Got home later Friday night after our final playoff ball hockey game in Hamilton, which yes we lost and yes I was one penalty away from getting kicked out of, and didn’t take the time to figure out a food plan for Saturday.  By the time I got home from the comp after 4pm, I’d eaten some watermelon, 2 aussie bites… I think a few blueberries… yeah.  Fail.  Went out for dinner cause I was totally lacking the desire to cook anything and had the most delicious burger complete with bacon, although anything probably would have been the most delicious thing at that point.  At least I drank lots of water I suppose 🙂  and today has been better on the planning front.  Ball hockey happening again tonight, so we’ll see what my legs think about that!

between the lines

It’s taken me a while to piece it all together, but I’ve finally figured out a bit of the struggle I have with my mother.  There are times we have a great relationship, but others where I don’t really want to involve her in my life at all cause of the stress she causes.  While I know she considers her intentions to be only the best and sees things as someone else is generally to blame, I’m kinda over her shit.  The thing is, we’re good friends… but only when I’m single.  As soon as there’s someone else in my life things blow up.  Why should I have to deal with the torment just for being happy?  I googled it… this it a “thing”!  Single parents (especially) who rely on their children heavily to provide their happy existence.  It’s sad, I get that.  I wish my mom could find someone to love, but the incredible high expectations she has for me in that regard would be tough for anyone to handle.  She asked recently “do I ask too much of you??”  The answer is no, but yes at the same time.  In a literal sense no, but in the context that carries the expectations she would never put to words… yes!  We are responsible for our own happiness, right?  Anyways, not fun.  The rock and hard place comes in knowing I can just suck it up and deal with it, or try to talk to her about it and deal with the consequences of that.  Odds aren’t in my favour when either way.  Bright side – I AM happy 🙂  Had an action-packed weekend as per usual these days.  Got to jam with my girl again yesterday morning after hitting up open gym together at CFD.  Amanda drank the koolaid!!  😀  Super exciting!  Also checked out the Sound of Music Festival in Burlington Saturday night with our Hamilton ball hockey girls.  Good times! 

Sun. June 19:

Partner WOD – For Time:
25 synchronized burpees
500m row
400m run
50 combined KBS

–rest 1 minute

400m run
500m row
50 combined wallballs

–rest 1 minute

 500m row
400m run
50 combined box jumps

400m run
500m row
50 combined lunges
25 synchronized burpees

Time – 40:04

Mon. June 20:

Part 1. Back Squats: 2-2-2  #155
Part 2. 4 Rounds:
400 Meter Run
4- Muscle Ups
40- Double Unders

Part 2 was rough.  It’s 4,000 degrees outside and even hotter in the box.  Rowed the last 2 rounds cause I was tired and not feeling it this morning.  Happy with the squats though 🙂

MS Side note – I’m considering Aubagio.  It’s another guinea pig situation in terms of a new form of treatment for MS.  Not needles though, and the other option was back on Capaxone.  I’ve been drug-free for 6 months, but I’m still concerned as to what kind of damage I could be causing that I just don’t see evidence of right now.

Nutrition side note – I’m sooooo over chicken and broccoli right now.  Probably more so broccoli, but I need to come up with a different idea for lunches.  It also has to be easy ish cause I’m rarely home by myself to cook anymore.  Good thing I got a bigger crockpot for my birthday!!

feels like a dream


Yesterday was my birthday and I’m still waiting to wake up and realize it was all just a dream 🙂  Such an amazing day!  Got to wake up beside my beautiful girl, had to work but that’s typical, then walked out to my car after to find my wonderful girlfriend standing by my car holding a rose!  I had been expecting to jump in my car to head to Burlington to hang out there!  What an awesome surprise 🙂  reservations for dinner at the Keg complete with a birthday “cake” made of watermelon and berries followed by a little jam session with my rockstar.  I’ve wanted to play together for quite a while, so when Amanda mentioned that she brought along her guitar so we could play I was pretty excited!  Cept it wasn’t her guitar.  I now have my very own!!!  Once the level of completely shocked settled down enough for my brain to actually function, we played together for a while and I actually kept up!  Such an amazing feeling 🙂  So does my dream comment make perfect sense?  Best birthday most probably ever… still can’t stop smiling 😀


stop stalling

Finding the perfect title shouldn’t be the make or break…

Today I’m actually being responsible ish and taking a partial rest day.  Like, I went to the 6am WOD but am NOT going for a run as well.  It sucks.  Or I suck at this.  Or whatever… Anyways SP called me out for limping into the box this morning and I will admit that although I’ve managed to coast along in a state of just slightly injured for quite some time now, I need a little break before it becomes just injured.  10 days from the next CFD comp… Can’t have that!! So I’m sitting on my little postage stamp sized balcony writing random chaos and working on some pretty awkward tan lines.  I don’t get to see the sun as often as I’d like… I’ll take it 🙂  By the way, I did sit on my couch last night with ice packs on my sore hips and put in a good effort foam rolling my angry IT band this morning so I should get some brownie points for that as well.  And today’s WOD didn’t really include legs…

Tues. June 14:

4 sets of:
Row 25/20 Calories
Rest 1:00 Between Rounds

Bench Press: Every 2:30 seconds perform: 3-3-3-3-3-3-3


Dumbbell Bent Over Rows: 10-10-10 #25
Dumbbell-Weighted Abmat GHD Sit-Ups: 15-15-15

GHD sit-ups cause it’s going to be one hell of a long time before anyone is going to talk me into weighted abmat sit-ups again.  Still recovering from last Tuesday, and I like the GHD 🙂 We worked in groups for the bench press part cause we only have 3 benches.  I was pretty happy I kept up will Coach Rachel up until the very end.  I got 1 rep at 115, then couldn’t get the bar more than like 3 inches above my chest.  Still pumped 110 felt totally doable.


Florence and the Machine concert Friday night was AWESOME 🙂 don’t know why I didn’t take a camera… So unlike me… But the crowd was like nothing I’ve ever seen at the Molson Amphitheater before! To stand and look out over the lawn section was like looking at a where’s Waldo game.  Nothing but a sea of heads.

This might be just my sleep-deprived brain speaking, but I’m considering I might need a rest day.  On the bright side, it’s been a good ride 🙂 I have still been taking Wednesday and Sunday off from the box typically, but Wednesday has become my longer run day and Sunday is also run-my-butt-off at ball hockey. Saturday’s that I have to work I get a run in before my shift, and the ones I don’t work have been partner WOD days with my chick 🙂


Right?  Well… Even though I played a great game last night, including scoring our only goal, I felt like my shoes were filled with cement for a chunk of the first period.  May have been a lack of pre-game fuel… Brought a normal breakfast to work, but didn’t consider lunch or the fact that I had to race right after work to get to my 6:00 game… Peas and coffee got me through.  Odd combo, but I’ve come up with worse…


Came home and slept crappy, then got up at 4:30 to head to the box. Not much gas in the tank, but got through a challenging WOD and fell into my now typical routine of straight from the box to a run. For at least 10 minutes my body questioned “are you effed?!?!” But got over it for the rest of my pretty casual 5k.  I’m just tired.  Tonight is pretty low key though so there’s opportunity to actually get to bed at a reasonably early time 🙂

Mon. June 13:

5 Rounds, 1 Round is 3 Min followed by 3:00 Minute Rest:
30- Air Squats
20- Deadlifts #155/#105  #85
10- Shoulder to Overhead (Press/Push Press/Push Jerk/Split Jerk) #155/#105. #85
Remaining time in that 3 min Max Meters on the Rower

I don’t have a whole lot to say about this one. After round 1 it hit me that there were still 4 more. The air squats and deads happened pretty quick, but the shoulder to overhead was tough. Shaved things down to #75 for the last round when my push jerk went out the window

You can keep your diamonds


As I mentioned on the CFD comment thread for today’s WOD – deadlifts are a girls best friend.  Well, this girl for sure  🙂  Today’s WOD had my name written all over it.  Even the muscle ups couldn’t suck the awesome factor out of handstand anything and heavy deadlifts!  Also hours later nothing feels sore or overly fatigued so I was either moving really well or should have gone heavier… Or both.

Thurs. June 2:

2:00 Minutes: Handstand Hold (cumulative)
30 Rounds for Time
1- Deadlift- 80% of 1RM #200
1- Muscle Up (transitions)

Result – LOVE.  But no idea what time.

Hey!  So, I did Helen Tuesday.  Rx too! And my girlfriend isn’t even upset. Yet another comment that’s only not shocking in crossfit… Right up there with the only place white marks on the couch aren’t suspicious. (chalk. 😉 ) Anywho… it sucked at the start, but really wasn’t that bad!  Just my paws hurt.

Tues May 31:

“Helen” 3 Rounds for time:
400m Run
21- KB Swings 24kg/16kg
12- Pullups

Time – 12:37 Rx

Ran around like a crazy person after the WOD trying to catch up and all the life bits I’ve totally slacked on lately.  Even messed around with the guitar till my fingers hurt!  Then packed my food-prep-fail lunch (can of tuna, a handful of snap peas and 1/2 an avocado) and booked it to the World for a run before Chek.  One of those days where everything just comes together 🙂  trotted along for an easy 8km with a mix of people watching and HGTV before heading to the Sport Chek dungeon.  Learned my lesson last time too!  No men’s change room this time!!

Ok, so crossfit is awesome, my girl is awesome, work has been decent… Only thing getting in my way really is the constant never pain, but after finally talking to my doc and hearing his suggestion to put me on drugs that will make me gain weight, cause muscle weakness, cognitive difficulty, impaired balance, lack of motivation, bla, bla…. Never mind. I’ll deal with the pain and hide it with a smile as much as I can 🙂 it always could be worse.  And I’ve been drug-free for 6 months and couldn’t be happier about it!

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