one day it'll all make sense.

feels like a dream


Yesterday was my birthday and I’m still waiting to wake up and realize it was all just a dream 🙂  Such an amazing day!  Got to wake up beside my beautiful girl, had to work but that’s typical, then walked out to my car after to find my wonderful girlfriend standing by my car holding a rose!  I had been expecting to jump in my car to head to Burlington to hang out there!  What an awesome surprise 🙂  reservations for dinner at the Keg complete with a birthday “cake” made of watermelon and berries followed by a little jam session with my rockstar.  I’ve wanted to play together for quite a while, so when Amanda mentioned that she brought along her guitar so we could play I was pretty excited!  Cept it wasn’t her guitar.  I now have my very own!!!  Once the level of completely shocked settled down enough for my brain to actually function, we played together for a while and I actually kept up!  Such an amazing feeling 🙂  So does my dream comment make perfect sense?  Best birthday most probably ever… still can’t stop smiling 😀


Some crossfit details to catch up on… This week as been kinda different, and a whole new batch of sore, but good 🙂  Even began the box-hoping adventures in Burlington trying to find the best fit for my girl.

Wed. June 15:

Crossfit Burlington North – Intro fitness assessment

4 min Row – max meters  1,104m

Tabata – push-ups  8 reps*

Tabata – air squats  15 reps*

Score – 15/20  <– no idea what that means, but apparently it’s really good!

Tabata “score” was the lowest number accomplished in the 8x 20 second rounds.  Probably how Tabata is typically intended to be scored, but I usually just see it as a “go as hard as you can for 20 seconds x8” kind of thing.  Amanda was a little jaded that she couldn’t add reps and have it count for anything haha!  Lack of communication in both the row and the Tabata earned CF Burlington North a bit lower score than they would have otherwise received.  It was also 100 degrees in there which lost them more points considering it was a cooler night outside.  We have 2 more places to check out this month.  Need more data before any final scores are given 😉  Plus… I have very high standards cause CFD is AMAZING.  Anyways…  my chest was SO angry about the push-ups a whole 32 hours after our heavy bench press day.

Thus. June 16:

1000m Row- moderate pace   4:03
2:00 Minute Rest
4 x 500m Row repeats-  3x sub 2:00, 1x 2:02
2:00 Minute rest between rounds

Seriously?  Almost got to negotiate a better WOD today cause it looked like I might be the only person to show up at 7:30am.  And – my birthday!  Come on!  All said and done, it wasn’t that bad 😉  I like rowing, just also like variety.

Fri. June 17:

OTM for 20:00 Minutes
1-3: Deadlifts #315/#205– Remainder of Minute: Double Unders/Burpees/Rowing/Airdyne or SkiERG- Do what you suck at!.

Rx baby!!  Deadlifts are my jam.  Nuff said.  Oh!  I got some double unders practice in and didn’t whip the shite out of myself either.

Still in dream land after my incredible birthday.




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