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Well,  last week my post never made it out of the draft phase it seems. Summer is exciting and busy and exhausting and typically a time when my writing falls short, but no one wants to read my crap when the sun is shining bright for like 23 hours a day anyways.  I’m only writing now cause strangely enough I actually have an evening with nothing going on, and I need a short breather from my guitar. Just short though. LOVE ❤

Holy mother of… my legs just stopped cursing me yesterday from gym day with DK eons ago. Just in time for a partner WOD with my girl involving rowing, box jumps and wallballs. Rope climbed again this morning and at least I can confidently say it went way better than last Monday! And yesterday I walked 4 steps on my hands :). Not really a whole lot else new to share… I spent 3 minutes sitting in the penalty box last night for a crime I had no part in, yet when a player tried to take my helmet off with her ELBOW… No call. Shit’s bananas.


^^^ I’m ADDICTED to kabobs 🙂 don’t usually wrap my chicken in bacon… But Canada’s birthday is a pretty big deal.  BBQ with the Hamilton ball hockey crew was awesome, then Toronto on Saturday for Pride which isn’t at all the same now that all of my friends would rather stay home and veg than come out and I wasn’t even slightly drunk. Still time with my chick, so can’t go wrong.


This week has been awesome and scattered and pretty brutal on my body :p  After the comp last Saturday, I played a pretty intense sweat-fest ball hockey game Sunday night.  I think my legs were actually appreciative of the run to loosen things up.  Kept that ball rolling Monday with an easy 5k run before work, but after that turned up the heat again.  Tuesday made it to the box for a 6am WOD, then before Sport Chek I headed to get my new sticker for my car.  Got to the Service Ontario office… saw the 50 people in line… NOPE!  Turned around and left.  Anyways, this just meant I had even more time to run before my Chek shift 🙂  10k later… yeah.  Wednesday I was planning to go to the box after work, but DK convinced me to come join him for his hypertrophy leg workout.

Tues. June 28:

AMRAP in 30:00 Minutes
1- Rope Climb
MAX set of Unbroken pushups  x10
20 seconds hollow rocks

Rounds – 11

Hard to say positive things about this one.  My arms and legs were still pretty tired from the weekend, to the point it kinda felt like I’d never rope climbed a day in my life.  Round 4 I’m pretty sure I slid most of the way down. There was a scaling option with a sled and some plates that I turned to after that.

Wed. June 29:

Supersets – 4 rounds of each, 2 min. rest between

12 Back Squat  #95
 12 Leg Press  #180
12 Leg Extension  #85
12 Walking Lunges (per leg)  #25 plate overhead

12 Laying hamstring curl  #65
12 Back extension   #25 plate

There was another group of exercises, but after 2 hours at the gym I was DONE.  And soooo hungry, so I called it a day and went home.  Got home after 10:00, downed a protein powder/water combo after searching my fridge for something edible and coming up with nothing, then pretty much went to bed.  With super wobbly legs that wanted no part of carrying my hungry/grumpy butt up the stairs.

Thurs. June 30:

3 Rounds for Time:
400m Run
12- Deadlifts #275/#185   #125
21- Box Jumps, 24/20

Time – 12:13  <- slow as molasses

“Active recovery”.  That’s what I’m calling this cause my legs were still a mixture of angry and utterly confused from last night’s take-a-step-back-in-time workout.  I haven’t done something like that in a looooong time and I can honestly say it wasn’t a “damn I miss this!” feeling in the slightest!  Machines just don’t feel natural…  And I really like working with a barbell 🙂


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