one day it'll all make sense.

lesson learned

Incredible day spent on a 20km canoe trek with my girl 🙂 Very well prepared in terms of food and water for the ride BUT… when the UV index is ridiculous and there’s barely a cloud in the sky 4 hours of direct sunshine on the water was maybe not the best.  I rarely even burn and I’m pretty fried.  Lesson learned.  Next time things will be different… I’m wearing a cape.  The picture doesn’t do any justice really…

canoe3Hopped in the car after the canoe trek and headed back to Burlington for the 5pm edition of Hero Fridays at CFC.

Fri. July 22:

Build up to 1RM – Bench Press
#115 (attempted #125, then #120.  No luck.)

WOD:    DT – 5 Rounds for time:
12- Deadlifts
9- Hang Power Cleans
6- Push Jerks
Time – 11:05  #85 (2 rounds), #75 (last 3)

You know those days where a lift feels like everything is going your way, then all of a sudden it’s over?  Yeah well, that was today lol!  My bench press felt great, then I loaded the last pair of 5lb plates on the bar and flopped.  Switched to 2.5lbs, shook my arms out and took a minute to regroup… Set up the same as always, unracked the bar, lowered it to my chest, even got if half way up!  It still makes me laugh how you can go from telling your spotter “I’m good, I got this!” to “NOPE!  DONE!” in less than 2 seconds!  Right after the bench we got set for DT.  #75 is the old me.  #85 or #95 are my go-to loads now, so I went for #85 despite the tired, hot, hungry, etc. 100 excuses that told me to scale more.  Made it through 2 rounds, but when I had to drop the bar 4 reps in to the second set of jerks cause my whole body was shaking and my hands just wouldn’t hold on to the bar, I peeled 10lbs off and carried on.  It was a pretty full day already and I WAS pretty hungry!  Apparently an egg white omelet, 2 granola bars (clean and gluten free of course) and a pear wasn’t enough fuel for a 4 hour canoe ride, a 1RM strength session, and a hero WOD.  Another lesson learned.



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