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gratefully fooled

Crossfit is the headliner today no question!! An impromptu trip to Burlington on my way home from dinner with my dad and sister last night voided any chance to make the 5am class this morning, but things happen for a reason sometimes I guess.  Got to the box just in time for the 7:30 class and was the only car in the parking lot aside from Coach Rachel.  Eek!  1 on 1 = it’s just YOU kid!

Thurs May 5:

Part 1. 5 x 500m Row: Alternate with a partner until you have both completed 5 rounds in total

OR 5x500m row with 2 min rest between*

Part 2. “Heavy Grace” 30- Reps Clean and Jerk for time #225/#155  

Result – 9:36 #95

*goal was to maintain consistent split time for full 500m – 2:06 / 2:04 / 2:02 / 2:00 / 1:56

The last 500m row killed me! It wasn’t that much faster than the rest, but the only round that I struggled hard to keep the split the whole way through.  Then a quick rest, a short warm-up and into a “heavy Grace”.  Fantastic trickery!!  I read the posted weights and thought “pffft!!  We’ll be scaling that nightmare!”  When I dropped the bar after my 30th rep, Coach Rachel got all excited… You just did Grace Rx!!!  Oh shit!!  First time 😀 Amazing!!

In a bit of a round-a-bout kind of way I got my 4 CF workouts in this week 🙂  Made it to CFD Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and did a variation of the posted WOD at the World on Wednesday.  Just can’t make the 7:30 time slot at CFD when I have to work at 8!  A new schedule is coming though which includes 6am Wednesday classes!  Double header again this week at ball hockey tomorrow.  It’s a little disturbing how excited I am about that I think.

Wed May 4:

5km run

3 rounds, not for time:

40 good mornings  #40 bar

15 DB bicep curls  #15

20 reverse lunges  #40 bar

10 bent over rows   #40 bar

The second part of this ^^ was long and tedious and really weird to be doing after all this time in a gym.  Good though.  And my hammys HURT today, so it was effective I guess!

I should really stick to animals. I mean, I kept Dr. Tom happy and healthy for more than 3 years.  I mean, I think he was happy but it’s hard to really tell with a fish… And Yuko shared an incredible almost-year with me.  But plants are just not my forte.  I got a comment from my cleaning girl this week – Um, the plant upstairs is dead.  LOL!!  Yeah.  Amanda brought me a cactus to kill a few weeks ago too.  Very kind, but I don’t like it’s chances of survival even though it’s a cactus.

on the fly

Life is good.  And BUSY!!  😮  Still working on the balance component, but the tides are always changing so I’m learning to just adjust on the fly rather than looking for the regular routing and rhythm of things.  It’s exciting and fun and exhausting at times, but good 🙂  Making it to crossfit 5 times a week just isn’t in the cards right now, but I’m ok with that.  Managed mon-thurs last week, which I think I can maintain.  A puppy sitting opportunity came up last week, so I had Peanut with me from Sunday till Thursday and didn’t get to World to run at all but did get in a bunch of good walks 🙂

peanutFriday morning Amanda and I headed across the Peace Bridge into New York state for a little road trip/soccer game action.  I’m not the soccer super-fan my chick is, but love the road trips 🙂  With our own little car karaoke and laughing at getting a little lost a few times and some quality road trip snack prep it was a great 2 days away from every day life.  *Car karaoke does not include me singing 😉  Not loud enough to be heard anyways lol!  Side note – hey Mother Nature!  It shouldn’t be that cold on April 29th.  Just saying…  My toes didn’t warm up for like 2 hours after the game.chilly KA

Sunday was Acton ball hockey.  I’ve officially learned that I can’t work till 5 in Waterloo if I intend to get to a 6:00 game on time.  Especially if I have any hope of warming up!  Without traffic it might have been possible, but of course someone had to break the 401 a little.  If you aren’t from Ontario, you probably have no idea how commonly that happens so I guess I should have known better.  It wasn’t a waste though!  I got there only a few minutes into the first period and got a nice goal 🙂  Plus I learned that although I’m sure it’s not exactly legal, it is possible to change into a sports bra while driving.  Ok not legal at all.  And the guy in the truck next to me got more of a show than I’d been hoping for… but it’s doable.

Check it out!  More than half way through my post and I haven’t even really talked about working out!  Bored?  Last week may have been the wrap up to our long and heavy WOD phase, although I hope not entirely cause I really enjoyed it!  Long and heavy, but a sh*t ton of rowing and airdyne too!  Coach Dave teased at one point that he never sees me anymore.  A bit of an exaggeration…  Also teased that girls make us weak.  That’s true in some regards, but not entirely.  And he was totally just joking around in both regards 😉  Weaker?  Not in terms of crossfit.  Crushed 10 rounds, 3 reps #135 back squats last week.  PR’d my snatch.  Strict pull-ups are getting “easier” (ha!)

Back to today.  The WOD that left me laying on the bench in the changeroom contemplating if I was going to live or not for a good 10 minutes.

Mon. May 2:

Tabata Airdyne: 4:00 Minutes of 20 sec on 10 sec off
Immediately after
AMRAP in 5:00 Minutes
7- Box Jumps 24/20

7- Hand Release Pushups/Handstand Pushups
Cash Out: Prowler Push with a Partner, 5 Rounds Each alternating GO HEAVY and GO 50′ down then 50′ back and switch  – 4x25lb plates 😮

Tabata anything can get nasty.  First few rounds – meh… 20 seconds is no big deal.  Then comes – jeez… we’re only half way?  Followed by – OMG!!  20 seconds feels like forever and the 10 second rest is too short.  Airdyne anything IS nasty.  Period.

Part 2… meh.  No amazing but not entirely awful.  And sandwiched in between the other two it really wasn’t that bad.  It was the cash out that killed me.  OMG the prowler!  Here’s another reason I WOD at 6am.  Gives me time to talk myself out of barfing, have a cold shower, get my composure back, and make it to work like everything is cool 😉


making sense of it all

Sometimes inspiration comes at the most inopportune time… I’m pretty sure I’ve written some great blog-worthy material in my mind recently while driving or on the treadmill.  I’m not at all lost right now, but I AM going through the process of putting all the new pieces into my world and trying to figure out how they all fit.  Spending time with my chick is pretty high on the priority list.  And practicing guitar cause I get heckled slightly when I can’t keep up.  All good fun!  Loving it.  Still trying to redesign my nutrition routine to not throw away so much food since I’m not home nearly as much.  I ate a chicken breast yesterday even though I wasn’t entirely sure when I cooked it.  I didn’t die, so I guess it was ok.  And feels like the water component has gone completely off the deep end.  Pretty sure I’m pretty dehydrated 99% of the time but I’m trying to fix that.  My legs tell me it’s worth the effort.


Ball hockey started this past Friday in Hamilton.  Co-ed 3 on 3, similar to the hockey I played two winters ago at Laurier.  Good times with a very entertaining group, and a good little warm-up for Acton ball hockey in the big arena which starts Sunday I think.  Also trying to get into a rhythm of sharing my time between running and crossfit.  Up till now I’ve pretty much just added the running, but I’m not sure that’s sustainable.  Time will tell I guess!  The running is intended to serve multiple purposes, so I guess time will tell if that proves effective as well.  First – hockey needs running.  Second – want to run some races with speedy Amanda this summer.  Third – I was invited to a slip and slide party and want to look hot in a bikini.  So, the third reason is probably the main reason but all are important.  Who doesn’t want to look good in minimal clothing when the summer is approaching though?


I’m not sure if Coach Dave has given this little training phase we are starting a name, but if today is any indication it’s going to be nasty.  The names I came up with aren’t really posting appropriate either.  This week’s little side challenge is right up my alley though!  Last week was 100 push-ups, the last 25 of which I roped DK into completing with me at work.  This week is accumulate 2 minutes of handstand holds every day.  Crushed it today in 3 sets that should have been 2.  45 second, then 1:05, then 10 seconds to wrap it up.  Tried hard to make the 1:05 1:15, but when the ground starts creeping itself closer to your head I usually take that as a hint to bail.  It’ll come!


Mon. Apr. 11:

Part 1. OTM for 20:00 Minutes
Odd: Row Calories 20/15  12
Even: 15– Burpees  12
Part 2. For Time: 30- Squat Clean and Jerks #155/#105  #85

Time – 7:59

Sounds simple, right?  Part 1 was tedious and sweaty.  Oh wait, so was part 2.  Tedious, sweaty and HEAVY.  I know, 85 isn’t that heavy… but it was today.  Air squats felt heavy today after my brilliance yesterday.

Sun. Apr. 10:

For time:
100- Air Squats*
5- Muscle-ups (transitions)
75- Air Squats*
10- Muscle-ups (transitions)
50- Air Squats*
15- Muscle-ups (transitions)
25- Air Squats*
20- Muscle-ups (transitions)

*air squats wearing weighted vest

Time – 20:34

I don’t even know if the weighted vest part was by design in this workout, but when I looked over and another athlete was wearing one it seemed like a great idea.  20 reps in, I second-guessed that decision.  Later when I headed for my Sunday run after work, I realized my legs were pretty angry about it lol.  After at least 10 minutes of considering giving up,  I got it together and had a decent run.

whatever works

Sometimes I get a strange look when the answer to the question “So, what are you doing tonight?” is along the lines of “Like, after 9:30?  Sleeping!”.  Maybe I should follow this with the question “So, what were YOU doing at 5:00 this morning?”  Put things in perspective a little.  No, I’m not an 80-year-old, my life just exists in a different time zone than the majority of the population.  Today looks like this:

5:00am Out of bed.  Coffee, food prep and puppy cuddle time.  The intention was 5:30, but I’m preprogrammed.

7:00am Hike with Yuko.  5.5km of beautiful rolling hills with the wonder-pup.

9:30am Crossfit. 

Teams of 2:
Row 1000 meters
80 Box Jumps
60 Kettlebell Swings
40 Hang Cleans   #85/#75
40 Toes to Bar
60 Burpees
80 Shoulder to Overhead   #75/#65
Time – 30:00+ (I think!)

Today was a sweaty mess.  Like, the kind of day where despite the polar-dip-style shower after, I still sweat profusely for the next hour.  Started too heavy on both the barbell movements and made the team decision to shave weight off.

11:00am Work.  No comment.  It pays for everything else.

6:00pm Ball Hockey.  Fully expect this to be another total sweat-fest.  Especially knowing we will be short players tonight and it’s 4,000 degrees outside.

9:00pm (ish) Home.  My days can be marathons, so YES.  I will likely be in bed before 10:00pm, but that works just fine for me 🙂

just cause

IMG_2354Here we go again with getting “stuck” in the draft phase…  Without pictures, life would be boring.  I keep waiting till I have a chance to add some.  No more waiting, but no more looking for the perfect image to support my text :-p  Haha!  Side note – I got 2 compliments on Sunday at hockey 🙂  I was having a total “I just feel like a fatty and Whole30 is really not worth all the self-torture” day, to the point I nearly decided “screw this!  If I’m going to be unhappy with how I feel even when I eat super-squeaky-clean, then I’m going to be happy with eating chocolate and ice cream and maybe even that damn Oreo cookie I was craving a few days ago”.  When I got to hockey one of my team mates, Tink, introduced me to a friend she brought along.  Friend whispered something and Tink just laughed!  “She said you’re JACKED! And asked why I don’t look like that!”  Tink told me.  LOL!  I totally blushed.  That was exactly what I needed to hear that day.  The other compliment was from the time keeper who for some reason asked my age and was surprised by my answer.  “You don’t look 32 at all!!”  she said 🙂  I guess I should mention that I got myself into a conversation with the time keeper while sitting in the penalty box…  Shit happens :-p


Tues. May 5:

Teams of 23
60- Chest to Bar Pull-Ups
60- Calorie Row
15- Synchronized Overhead Squats (135/95)  #70
10- Synchronized Overhead Squats (155/105)  #80
5- Synchronized Overhead Squats (185/135)   #85

Time – 16:35  (Moi, Tara, Julio)

Dave’s “treats” post-WOD

20x burpee box jumps

YEAH!!  I feel like I haven’t box jumped in forever.  This being said, my wrists were toast after the OH squats and I nearly did a face-plant with my first burpee…

Confirmed – my body is begging for a rest day.  I’m kind of ok with that 🙂  Means I’ve either been working hard, or sleeping crappy and not drinking enough water…  I’m hoping it’s option A, although it may be a combination.  I wouldn’t say I’ve been not sleeping well, but the last few days I almost launch out of bed earlier than needed.  Could just be the change in the weather (finally!)


Thanks to the valiant efforts of a larger-than-normal Tim’s coffee, I’m finally feeling a little less like I was run over by a truck :-p  Two days in a row I’ve let myself fall into Coach Rachel’s trap and left the box in a mental fog haha!  It’s a good trap, but has its moments.  The new an “improved” schedule for May got rid of my usual Sunday morning WOD and replaced it with Open Gym.  Left to my own devices, not much is usually accomplished in Open Gym, but when Rach asked “heyyyy Kate!  Wanna join our partner WOD??”  I couldn’t say no.  Rachel’s programing sometimes can bring out the competitive side for me of “can I even do that??”

Mon. May 4:

Part 1. Squat Snatch: 3-3-3   #75 (x1, #65×3)
Increase load after each set <– not today!

Part 2. Front Squats: Work up to a HEAVY set of 3 reps   #135
Then drop the load 10-15% & REP OUT   #105 x18

Took Yuko and Syrup out to pee.  When I came back in Amanda asked “Do you want to work out??” with a big smile on her face.  Umm… didn’t we just… Ok!

For Time:
150 Double Unders   350 Singles
75 Push Press   #35

Time – 6:35

Then 100 walking lunges just cause.  My lower half had just recovered from the 200m walking lunges on Friday, so what the heck?  Why not!

Sun. May. 3:

In partners – Rest while partner works:
100m Row + 25 Burpees
200m Row + 20 Burpees
300m Row + 15 Burpees
400m Row + 10 Burpees
500m Row + 5 Burpees

Rest 5 minutes

1 Mile 800m run

Rest 5 minutes

OTM, 16 minutes:
ODD min – 3 Squat Snatch     #55
EVEN min – 3 Clean & Jerk (split)    #55

And an hour later, I grabbed a speed-shower and booked it to work.  15 burpees in I was dying LOL  Decided to cut the run in half considering I knew I had to run my tail off at hockey later.  I don’t regret the decision!  It took like half the day to recover from…  my cardio has gone out the window 😦


In other news—

While I wouldn’t necessarily consider it a milestone worthy of celebration, there’s definitely an opportunity to reflect…  March of 2015 was 10 years since I was diagnosed with MS.  It’s been an interesting ride, no question although I still consider myself incredibly lucky.  Since about a week after the shock and devastation of hearing those life altering words “You have MS.” I’ve made it a goal to manage the disease in a way that allowed me to continue being me.  For the most part, nutrition and exercise have helped me succeed with that.  Frame of mind has played a big part too!  I won’t say there haven’t been some bumps in the road, but I’ve made it this far 🙂

Another landmark – April 2015 marks 10 years working for Henry’s.  After 10 years, I’m still in a position where I can honestly say I’m proud to work for the company I do.  I’ve worked hard to climb the ranks and earned my stripes honestly.  I’m good at my job, but not cocky about my awesomeness :-p  Here’s where the 2 milestones tie into each other.  If you’ve followed along with my ramblings for some time, you should agree that I’m pretty open about the MS thing.  I share my experiences pretty openly, especially through my blog, but there are battles that I deal with regularly which I keep to myself.  Especially in a working environment.  I’m currently in the position where I need to hire 2 new sales associates.  Generally speaking, not much intimidates me at work.  I have no issue speaking up and voicing my view in a group of managers like at the meeting I was at this week.  I have no issues speaking to my staff in either a group or individual setting.  All of these people know me though.  When it comes to speaking to a new audience, such as performing an interview, I get nervous.  Sound dumb?  I have speech issues at times.  Could be an MS symptom, which is quite common, or also could be a result of the ridiculous number of concussions my poor head has experienced.  When sitting alone with a new person, it’s frustrating and a little embarrassing when I know exactly what I want to say, but somewhere between my mind and my mouth the message gets lost.  I’ve stared blankly.  I’ve spit out all the wrong words.  I’ve slurred, regrouped, restated, all while apologizing repeatedly.  It’s awkward and quickly beats down my confidence.  An interview should be easy and comfortable.  My intention is to get a feeling of how the applicant handles a new interaction and how easily they can carry on a conversation.  One of my applicants last week mentioned “sorry!  I’m a little nervous!”  The thought that crossed my mind – “You’re nervous?!  I’m just praying my brain cooperates and I don’t make myself look like an idiot!”

ok with break even

Tues. Nov. 25:

Rest day tomorrow, I’ve promised myself!  Well except for hockey, but that doesn’t really count.  Coach Dave posted a blurb about the importance of taking rest days a few days ago.  I read it, but went anyway.  Today was 6 in a row, and I will admit my legs are more than ready for a day off.  I’m generally very good at sticking to the 3 on, 1 off, 2 on, 1 off routine.  Wheels only fell off this week cause I was actually able to make the Saturday class, but the busy retail season is just about upon us, so rest days will sadly become more frequent.

Teams of 2: 2 Rounds of

2:00 Air Squats
One Partner holds the bottom of a squat

2:00 Deadlifts (185/135)   #125 FAT bar
One Partner holds a second Barbell in the hang position

2:00 Hand Release Pushups
One Partner holds a handstand  plank

2:00 Toes to Bar
One Partner hangs from pull-up bar

Score is Max Reps – 365

Secret to getting so many reps – a couple of air squat speed demons.  Paired up with speedy Sam again and crushed this fun little WOD.  However, if I never again see an air squat, my legs would be overjoyed.  “The most underappreciated movement there is” according to both Dave and Sharon.  I totally get that, but at the moment my legs are so not interested in anything resembling a squat.  Or stairs.  The worst part of todays WOD – trying to squat after holding it.  Or more so, trying to stand up I guess.  Never used the fat bar before and totally expected it to be way harder, but it was ok.  Goal for next time this WOD comes around – hold a handstand instead of a plank.

Mon. Nov. 24:

PRs are super exciting, but some days just breaking even has to be satisfaction as well.  Walked in to the box today with a goal to clean at least #100, with a small hope to get a new PR.  Well, I beat my goal by 5lbs.  🙂  No new PR, but broke even with my current one and today, I’m ok with that.

Part 1. Power Clean: Build to a Heavy Single   #105
Part 2. OTM for 10 Minutes:
2- Power Cleans (75%)   #80
5- Burpees over Bar

So, I loaded up my bar for part 2 with my typical comfort zone weight #75.  Till my friend said “no… we should do #80.”  Ok then, game on.  When all was said and done, we both could have done #85, but all good.  Note to self – when trying to find the most efficient burpee over the bar strategy, I tried to jump my feet up out of the burpee to land as close to the bar as possible so I could simply hop on over right from my landing spot.  This worked out alright, till an over-ambitious jump kicked my wrist.  Stuck the landing thankfully, but made sure not to repeat that nonsense.

Sun. Nov. 23:

Pre-WOD Sunday skill work included attempting the handstand walk.  My first thought:

tumblr_m0cajdDOuw1r7c24oo1_500but after trying to kill myself on my first attempt and flipping right over with an alarming landing facing the ceiling… I actually was somewhat successful!  After that first total disaster, I figured out how to land on my feet.  Then how to kick up and hold it for a few seconds.  Then I got a few attempts complete with 2-3 walking steps.  Yes!!  I’ll consider THAT a huge success considering a few months ago I was still terrified to kick into a handstand against a wall.  Will be practicing that business a bunch now I’m sure 😉

So, since I made it to the WOD yesterday, today possibly should have been a rest day.  (hahahaha! right!)  When Dave mentioned yesterday that it would be a day of skill work, I figured that gave me justification to take a pass on the resting.  Then this happened:

3 Rounds, for time:

400m run

50 air squats

Time – 10:14

Sound pretty simple??  Try it!  I dare you!  Just walking to the door after 50 air squats is hard enough… I think I finished 2nd on this one, but only cause I was determined to chase my little speedster friend.  She took off right away and beat me on the first run by about 5 seconds.  I wasn’t able to catch her, but was still happy with the push it provided 🙂  Well, until I got to work and had to climb the stairs anyway.  Haha!


one odd duck

If you are Canadian – Happy long weekend!  Unless you work in retail, then happy 2-3 days of next to no customers cause all the non-retail shopper types DO have the weekend off and DO have better things to do.  Hi-5!  hahaha… I’m not complaining, I promise.  More customers do make the time go quicker, but I still have month end stuff to keep me busy and I actually have the chance to get back to a little random blog action.

2232[1]So, for years I’ve never been able to comprehend why some feel it absolutely pertinent to change out of their work shirt just to go get a coffee.  Always thought it was just a pathetic excuse to drag the process out even longer.  That was until 2 days ago when I got completely cut off on my way to Tim’s and wanted to flip the bird to the jerk.  Sigh… realized it was probably not the best idea while wearing my company logo on my chest.  Ok, I get it now.

Wednesday I picked my sister up for a visit 🙂  She lives far and goes to school even farther, so we really don’t get to see each other all that often.  She stayed Wednesday night and I dropped her back with my dad on Thursday.  Being a fellow Paleo-type-thing, we went to the farmer’s market, went out for the awesomest Frat burgers, cooked some delish dinner, shopped a bit for some condo bits, didn’t get any of the intended unpacking done, and watched some Game of Thrones.  Listen, that was her idea I swear.  I’m going to be in wicked withdrawal when I run out of episodes.  Thursday morning I was awake at 4am and seriously considered heading to the 6am WOD… totally could have gone and made it home well before sis even woke up, but I stuck to my plan to give my body the 2nd rest day which it needed.  Paid off when I played like a rockstar at hockey Thursday night.  Also gave the hole in my thumb another day of healing before picking up the bar again Friday.

Why didn’t I post this yesterday?  Why do I feel the need to have some sort of “closing” to my posts?  Meh, whatever.  Had I actually hit the good ‘ole “publish” button yesterday, I would have actually published a WOD-free ramble.  But since I didn’t, I’ll have to recap today’s hefty serving of ass-kicking dished out by Coach Will.  Mom and Dad (aka Sharon and Dave) are back today, so things shall return to normal as of Tuesday.  I’m a mixture of excited and sad all at the same time.  The 10 days of variety have been kind of refreshing.  Although, not sure I’m feeling any remorse to see Will’s Sunday WODs come to an end.  It’s not that I’m not up for the challenge, but one of my team mates from Sunday hockey has mentioned “It’s not that I’m wanting to tell you to stop, but I will ask if you could maybe NOT crossfit Sunday mornings during playoffs…”  Haha!!  Not that I’m a superstar EVER, but I’m slow as sh*t when I’ve done a killer WOD the same day.  Noted.  Anyways, no hockey this week cause of the long weekend.  Good thing!  Cause this was WICKED!!  (interpret in any way you chose.  All options likely fit)

Sun. August 3:

20 Deadlifts   #135

2km row

200 Double Unders   200 singles

2km run

20 Muscle Ups/Ring Dips   RD w/blk band

Time –  27:28

First – my deads should have been heavier.  I’ve been good all week about picking a challenging weight but today my back was sore.  I blame Cambridge.  Second – ya, ya… No double unders during the WOD here.  My legs were wobbly as hell after the row, to the point that even my 200 singles went in chunks of actual singles at the beginning.  Oddly, backwards seemed easier(??).  BUT… I did get to the box 30 minutes early and put in a good practice sesh.  I can do them in my mind.  Like, can totally visualize the rythem.  Not unlike all my years of imagining the rythem of riding a horse around a course of jumps.  ‘Cept I could actually do that.  I feel like I’m close…  I HOPE I’m close.  Whipped the sh*t out of my hands and foreams this morning… but I’m not giving up.

Strange post-WOD shower thought…  Do you buy shampoo or soap based on the color of the bottle?  I totally do.  Lame.

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