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PR baby :)

Hi-5’s and head-butts all around 🙂  First round of 14.2 went down yesterday at Crossfit Division with PR’s for many.

CFD open 34

A gruelling WOD, but my chance for personal redemption.  Overhead squats are favoured by few and chest to bar pull-ups?  I still don’t have kipping pull-ups under my belt, but I had a game plan this time.  Get through the OH squats with minimal drops of the bar, don’t need to be adding a whole bunch of snatches to get the bar back from the ground to overhead.  Then the pull-ups.  Use the swing to get up as high as possible, then fight like hell for the rest.  I should have video’d this one!  I probably looked like a fish out of water with the little mid-rep tantrums I put up every time getting my chest to the bar.  BUT I DID IT!  🙂  Just a 3 minute workout, but holy shiiiiiit.

My 14.2 – 18 reps in the books 🙂

PR baby!!  Thanks to the wonderful guidance and support of my amazing CFD Coaches!  At Friday morning coffee, it was Coach Sharon’s suggestion to switch up my grip to palms facing in that made the difference.  I don’t have the mobility in my shoulders to get my chest anywhere near the bar with palms facing away.  Not only did I get my first EVER chest to bar pull-up, I got 8!  As for the OH squats, while the weight wasn’t heavy, it was the first time I’ve ever done an OH squat with weight on the bar!  I did drop the bar once, and the snatch/muscle up of the bar to get it back over head likely wasn’t pretty but this one wasn’t going to beat me.  Struggled to keep balance a little till Coach Dave’s voice cut through the chaos.  “Look straight McDowell.”  Sir, yes SIR!  And DONE.

CFD open 21

Dave from work came to watch and take pics.  For once I don’t look like a total dork while lifting.

open 14.2


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