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Work in progress

I have so much I want to write about that I don’t even know where to begin… a friend who was researching MS for her thesis a few years ago told me that many people with MS have a difficult time putting thoughts in “order”. Probably not the only thing that can cause this, but definitely something I’ve struggled with. But this post isn’t about that… this one is about food and health mostly and things that relate. I’ll try to keep on track ūüėČ

Finally got in to see the new doctor on Friday. ¬†Finally a doctor who was very thorough and ordered all the tests needed to figure out what’s going on. ¬†Vainity plays a part for sure, but I also question WHY things are the way they are out of interest. ¬†WHY when I exercise regularly and eat very clean am I still struggling with my weight? WHY with the same exercise routine and healthier eating than previously have I GAINED 45lbs in the last 5 years? “It’s probably muscle!” Is the lamest excuse I’ve heard over and over. Yes, I’ve definitely put on some muscle when going from a ball hockey 3x a week runner who lifted moderate weights from time to time to a crossfit junkie, but that really doesn’t explain the body fat %!! Wii Fit would tell me I’m obese again and get itself tossed off the balcony.

So the new doctor order so much blood work that the ladies at the clinic didn’t know what to do with themselves. ¬†Best part was he went through it ALL with me and explained all the red highlights on my results. ¬†My iron, vitamin D, B12, testosterone and cortisol are lower than he’d like to see. ¬†My thyroid is fucky and my adrenals are waving the white flag. I take 5000IU of vitamin D religiously every day! ¬†Increase it he said. ¬†Also gave other recommendations to add/increase other vitamins/minerals and gave me prescriptions for T3 and DHEA.

Next he looked at the sample day of my diet that I sent him. ¬†There was a bunch of red highlights here too! ūüėģ “You say you follow a ketogenic diet? There’s a LOT of sugar here” he said. ¬†What?!? In fairness to myself, the sample day I sent him was two months ago and a lot has changed since then, but I was still shocked to hear that!! I could be causing my weight because I eat a little tomato sauce, some snap peas and a few baby carrots once or twice a week, and onions. ¬†Not the onions!!! ¬†The rest could go but the onions stay. ¬†Besides, I’ve decided I’m going to try the supplements and the prescriptions before altering my diet any further. ¬†If I change everything all at once, how do I know what works? ¬†(Still fuming a bit… I sit beside my girl as she munches on a bag of chocolate things each night but I’m overweight cause I put onions in the BBQ veggie mix. Pffft)

I mentioned that a lot has changed since I sent my sample day to the doc. ¬†I March of this year Amanda and I gave the exogenous ketones a try and were disappointed with our lack of success. We decided to give them another go and things have been better this time around. For me I think it all started when Jen addded me to the 60 hour fast group on Facebook. ¬†I had tried the fast before but didn’t make it all the way through. This time I wasn’t entirely into it from the start either! Made it 20 hours and ate a little something which I initially saw as throwing in the towel, but actually shifted my mindset somehow! After that I completed the 60 hours and have since followed the intermittent fasting which a ketogenic diet is intended to accompany. I wake up, drink coffee with MTC oil, drink my ketones (slowly), and LOTS of water. When I’m hungry, I eat. During the week when I work all day and head to the box shortly after, there are days I don’t chew anything until 7:30-8pm. ¬†Others I eat lunch and dinner. ¬†I still don’t know what is the right method for ME, but it’s all a work in progress really… and in the first 10 days I lost 10lb! I haven’t been able to shed ANYTHING in forever, so it feels like something is going right.

Finding my rhythm 

“So, this week has been different. I figured I’d ease into the transition of WODing less and lifting more, ¬†but when Amanda decided she wanted to try to we sorta jumped in with both feet! The game plan was (and I think still is essentially) lift Monday and Wednesday with a Coach Carson, Tuesday by ourselves, then WOD Friday and Saturday. Except yesterday’s WOD didn’t sound great so we lifted Friday too! The only problem¬†I see that could happen is I never used to cherry pick workouts. The WOD was the only option, so I just sucked it up and did it even when it sounded horrible. Now there’s another option ūüė≥ I mean, we still got a great workout, but I haven’t really sweat yet this week and my Fitbit thinks I’ve maybe died or been kidnapped or something. There’s a huge positive note coming… Tuesday I PR’d my snatch!!! Finally after like 100 years!! ūüėĀ AND my girl PR’d pretty much everything. Snatch, overhead squat, deadlift (200lb club!!), strict press, back squat… it’s been a great week. ¬†Saturday partner WOD was a sweat fest, so nice way to round things off too.



On the nutrition front, I’m trying to not fall into old habits in terms of mindset. When I change something and don’t see mad results after two weeks I tend to get discouraged… I don’t think my clothes are fitting any different and the number on the scale hasn’t really budged. I know there are other factors that could be affecting that (like being a GIRL), but my negativity still wants to trash talk my efforts. Anyways… I’m sticking to the plan and hoping I’m on the right path. My days are pretty routine for food:

Breakfast – 2 eggs, 1/3 sweet potato

Snack – beef protein shake, 1/4 cup oats+1 tbsp flax+1/2 tbsp chia+6 almonds+1/2 banana

Lunch – BBQ’d chicken breast, BBQ’d veggies

Snack – 1/2 chicken breast, 2 tbsp BBQ sauce, snap peas, carrots

Dinner – BBQ’d chicken breast or salmon, BBQ’d veggies

*sometimes there’s a second protein shake, or double oatmeal depending on the day/WOD. My one guilty pleasure is the BBQ sauce ūüė¶ one days I might get over that but maybe not. Not much variety, but SO tasty and Amanda and I are both cool with it, so whatever. All works out to around 1,400 cals per day with 130-150g protein, 100-125g carbs, 40g fat. I’ve basically cut the fat in half and doubled the carbs. Now my fingers are crossed it’s the right recipe for my stupid body.

just breath… and lift!

It’s harder to¬†put in the effort to write something when I don’t have something totally exciting to talk about.¬† Some random drama right now too.¬† I’m back on the sh*t list with my mother for not doing a good enough job of balancing my very limited “free time” between her and my girlfriend.¬† “This always happens when you’re with someone!¬† We hung out lots when you were single!”¬† Thanks mom.¬† I don’t really think the solution is I need to just be single again, so… yeah. Added pressure at work this month too cause it’s the final month of the “year” and people don’t seem to be super camera-shoppy at the moment.

Wed. Sept. 14:

BUY IN – OTM, 12 rounds:
1 Power Clean + 1 Front Squat + 1 Squat Clean
**Increase weight each successful round

WOD – Wednesday Chipper:

10 Rounds for time:
40 Dumbbell Thrusters  #20
40 KB Swings  #35
30 Pull-ups
30 Weighted Box Step-ups  #20
20 Ring Dips
20 DB Squat Cleans  #20

Time – 12:30

Loved the buy in ūüôā¬† The WOD was good too although it did involve random scaling for the ring dips and some of the pull-ups.

Tues. Sept. 13:

AMRAP 20:00 Minutes:
In Teams of 3-4, Relay Style:
20/15 Calorie Bike
15- Pushups
100′ Farmers Walk (70/53)

5 Rounds.  Airdyne makes push-ups way harder than they should be :p

Mon. Sept. 12:

3 Rounds for Time:
40- Air Squats
20- Hang Power Cleans #115/#75  #65
Rest 3:00 Minutes
2 Rounds for Time
5 –Rope Climbs
100 Foot HS Walk bear crawl
1 Min L Sit (accumulate if necessary) bar hang

Scaled the seconf part of this to death.¬† My hip was back to its old trips and my first rope climb was detrimental.¬† Ah well, can’t be superhuman all the time.

Sunday Amanda and I went to Open Gym at CFC.¬† Jason runs an insane¬†2 hour class which we’ve yet to attempt, but cause there are 2 gyms really the other side is¬†available for working on your own or playing with the barbell club crew.¬†¬†It’s¬†been a good chance to work on stuff for the comp we are¬†doing together in a month and get some¬†pointers on lifts ūüôā¬† 3 years I’ve kinda struggled with the snatch and this past Sunday I got a few tips that really made¬†sense!¬† First… it’s not a deadlift.¬†¬†Ditch the stripper pose and lower your BUTT!!¬† Second, after you jump and open your hips… pretend your arms are full of groceries and you need to close the car door… with your butt.¬† :p


Last week’s Hero WOD Friday wasn’t as awesome for me as the previous ones.¬† Quite probably one of my favourite days of the week, however this week I didn’t live up to my typical expectations of myself.¬† I’m trying to not beat myself up for it too much though considering I took the smarter route by scaling stuff cause my shoulder is still pretty unhappy with me after last Friday.¬† Why can’t we all be indestructible??¬† Anyways, I need to be smart in this respect for once in my life.¬† In just over a month my girl and I have our first comp together ūüôā

Fri. Sept. 9:

BUY IN – Warm up:
Part A – 3 Rounds
30 sec. Skipping
10 per leg Spiderman Stretch
5 Scapula Pull-ups / 2nd round 5 Strict Pull-ups / 3rd Round 5 Kipping Pull-ups
Part B – Empty bar
100m Jog
10 Good Mornings
100m Jog
10 Back Squats
100m Jog
10 Elbow Rotations
100m Run
10 Strict Press
100m Run
10 Front Squats
100m Run

10 Stiff-legged Deadlifts


10 Rounds for time:
5 Thrusters  #65
10 Pull-ups  scaled
100m Sprint
Rest 1 minute

Time – 23:45

Only part of this I did Rx today was the sprint.¬† I HOOFED it!¬† ūüôā¬† The scaling option Coach suggested for the pull-ups involved a barbell on the rack, high enough that arms were fully extended sitting on your butt… then grab the¬†bar an pull straight up with feet still on the floor.¬† Challenging, but my shoulder was down for that ūüôā¬† Rx for the thrusters was 80lbs too, which I don’t think I’ve ever done before but would like to have at least tried.¬† Oh well… next time ūüėȬ† There will be a next time.¬† I liked this WOD and really want to give it another shot when my shoulder is happy again.


Love. Ok, all the ones in the photo have bacon, but only half did. And we crushed them all… Sounds pretty ridiculous except that skewers happened at lunch time, then we finished them off for dinner. And I still fell way short of my calories goal for the day. My chick eats twice what I do, yet I’m the one who struggles to get my giant quads into my shorts. It’s bull shit. Anyways… Skewers were so good!!


Fri. Aug. 19:

One year minus a day from the last time I did this spicy Hero WOD.¬† My time was better last time through, but I didn’t jump all the box jumps then (or any!).¬† Plus I didn’t crash pretty hard, spend a good 15 seconds on my butt trying to figure out A – what the hell happened?!? and B – well, now what??¬† A little proud of myself for picking myself up off the ground and continuing.

Hero Friday @ CFC


Seven rounds for time of:
15- Kettlebell Swings  #35
15- Power Cleans #65
15- Box Jumps

Time – 20:13

Yeah, I don’t know where my head was today.¬† Round 1 I went from KBS to box jumps, then realized my mistake and corrected myself.¬† First little fail.¬† The bigger fail was round 3 of box jumps when I completely ate it on my 15th rep.¬† Unbroken was not my best plan of attack apparently.¬† I would have maybe recovered if I hadn’t put my box like 18″ from the pull-up rig… I tried to jump sideways when my shin made contact with the box, but somehow ended up crashing down on my tailbone HARD.¬† Ouch!¬† Ego hurt a little too.¬† All things considered, box jumps are still kinda new in my bag of tricks and I did manage to recover and carry on.¬† My time wasn’t even that bad.

Nutrition note – I may have briefly touched on the ever-changing game plan in the last post.¬† The naturopath has suggested taking a look at the FODmap diet to help deal with my stomach.¬† I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I miss broccoli!¬† Like, to the point I said “screw it!” and tossed it in the dinner stir fry last night.¬† Essentially, I have every intention of carrying on with the game plan I developed a week earlier after seeing Jen, however I’m limiting the foods that could be causing problems.¬† I can live without asparagus and I guess I can limit broccoli and avocado.¬† Thankfully I don’t eat dairy or bread and stuff or I’d have a lot more changes in store.¬† I won’t complain.

sleep, eat, WOD, repeat

Game plan update – I’m still working to figure out what needs to be done and how to make it happen.¬† Pretty sure the minute Jen said I need to eat more my stomach was right on board.¬† I’ve been hungrier than ever since lol!¬† I may need to raise chickens somewhere cause I’m eating like double what I used to.¬† One success so far, I haven’t even looked at a Quest bar since Friday.¬† Peanut butter is a work in progress, but I’ll get there.¬† I decided that’s the lesser of 3 evils and I have a partner in crime when it comes to peanut butter from the jar with a spoon…

Wed. Aug. 10:

With a running clock, every minute perform 1 lift and add 10lbs.
Start with an empty barbell and Snatch for as long as possible.
Once you cannot snatch the weight, Clean for as long as possible.
 Once you cannot clean the weight, Deadlift for as long as possible.
Max weights – 85 / 110 / 245

Just mentioned to Amanda Monday night that I feel like I haven’t seen the snatch in a workout for ever!¬† Today felt good.¬† I loved the format of this workout and even though I kinda had hopes to PR something, it wasn’t happening today but at least I came very close.¬† Matched my current snatch 1RM and fell 5lbs shy of my deadlift 1RM.¬† The dead was almost 30 minutes in, so all good.¬† First attempt at 245 I could swear the plates were glued to the ground!¬† Shot Dave a WTF?!?! look, he responded “CHALK!!”, so I chalked up and lifted the bar.¬† It wasn’t pretty, certainly wasn’t fast, but I got it up.

Tues. Aug. 9:

Morning WOD with my girl at CFC ūüôā

Buy in – 3 round:
 8 back squats  #125
5 front squats
 10 jumping lunges (per leg)

WOD – for time:
400m Run
30- KBS #16kg
 30- Sit-ups
300m Run
 30- KBS
30 Sit-ups
200m Run
 30- KBS
30- Sit-ups
 100m Run
30- KBS
30- Sit-ups
 Time Р15:25

When I first read this one I wasn’t super-pumped, but I totally liked it!¬† Third day of testing Jen’s “timing” methods and the squats felt really good.¬† Maybe the sweet potato helped?¬† Not out of bed early enough for the full 2 hours pre-WOD, but I guess by the time we warmed up and actually started lifting it wasn’t too far off.¬† The WOD was a sweat fest ūüôā¬† Kept all of the KBS unbroken except for the last round which I had to split to 15/15 cause my hands were slipping.¬† Also getting into the habit of American (overhead) swings where I always used to only go to eye-level.¬† My shoulder was angry the first few times but seems to be getting over it.

Mon. Aug. 8:

AMRAP 14:00 Minutes
7- Muscle Ups  (transitions)
50- Wallballs 20/14
100- Double Unders  (200 singles)

Result – 2 rounds + 25 wallballs (finished 3rd round after time expired)

15.3 flashback??¬† Except the scaled version eliminated the muscle ups all together and left me pretty wrecked for like 2 days.¬† So… 150 wallballs was enough today and skipped the “balls to the wall” effort level the Open brings out ūüėČ

Sat. Aug. 6:

CFC Partner WOD Рfor time:   
400m Run
300m Run
KB Swings
 Goblet Squats

 200m Run
Lunges (per leg)
100m Run

**Both work at same time.¬† Ex. partner A does 21 wallballs while partner B does 21 burpees, then¬†switch.¬† When both have completed 21’s, both move on to 15’s, etc.
Time – 25:40

Pushed Amanda a bit with this one ūüôā¬† No scheduled rest and when your partner is a speed demon through pretty much every movement there really is NO rest :p¬† What goes around comes around, I know.¬† One day she’ll return the favour.

step up

I need to vent for a minute.¬† I agree that everyone is different and the only person I am responsible for is myself.¬† If you want to cheat on your diet, or cheat reps in a WOD that’s up to you.¬† It’s generally none of my business.¬† There’s an exception to that.¬† When you join our Whole30 discussion group and post a pic of a chocolate skor cluster with a comment “is this Whole30? hehe!” it becomes my concern.¬† This might not have bothered me all that much if you hadn’t been my partner for Murph and cheated a rep or two off every round.¬† And if I wasn’t already waking up thinking about chocolate I may have cut you a little more slack too.¬† But listen, it’s not my job to count your reps for you, but when trying to transition smooth and efficient, counting reps is the way to go.¬† When my usual WOD buddy doesn’t have to miss a WOD for an exam, we are seamless.¬† So while yes, you are only cheating yourself in the end… don’t try to drag me down with you!¬† I’m committed and hard-working.¬† Get with the program.

Sat. Apr. 18:

Ok, I probably shouldn’t be blogging about today at all considering I called in sick. ¬†I¬†never call in sick, but after a 4th night of not sleeping much I felt justified. ¬†PLUS the mobility workshop going on at CFD seemed like something I really needed. ¬†As for the WOD first, maybe not so much… but I was there, so… yeah.

unknown-1Ahh… Murph. ¬†Done as a partner WOD today thankfully! ¬†Cause had it been solo I might have said “eff this!!” during either of the runs. ¬†It was a beautiful sunny day, but heading up the hill to the turnaround point was running head first in a wind tunnel lol! ¬†Maddy and I paired up and decided to split the middle chunk in to rounds of Cindy. ¬†Good plan I think ūüôā ¬†Kept us moving at a steady pace the whole time, although I have no idea what our end time was.

Fri. Apr. 17:

So much for the chiro miracle I had hoped for. ¬†Day 3 running on very little sleep. ¬†Day 3 getting out of bed at 3-something cause I just couldn’t get comfortable enough to hope for more sleep. ¬†As soon as I got up and got moving around, the back feels fine. ¬†Arg.

4 Sets:
1 Power Clean+ 2 Front Squat + 2 Jerk Complex

*Increase loading for each set*

75 / 85 / 95 / 100

Got up to #100, but my clean was ugly, squatted easy-peasy, then failed the jerk. ¬†Shook it off and tried again. ¬†This time failed the clean! ¬†Again, and again… ¬†Took me a few attempts, but I finally completed the complex at #100. ¬†Same weight as last Friday… ¬†that’s not the point of this exercise but running on fumes I decided to be ok with that. ¬†Also didn’t want to really mess up whatever is going on with my back.

Thurs. Apr. 16:

Team 10k Row
*Teams of 3, switching every 250m*
*Every 5 Minutes, perform 3 plate pushes (1Each)*

Time –¬†48:47

Sweet jeezuz this was rough! ¬†Learned my lesson when I took the bait of Greg encouraging me to row harder to reach 5800 meters before the 5 minute plate push. ¬†I switched gears and rowed HARD. ¬†Then wanted to die for the next 10:00. ¬†Noted. ¬†I figured¬†this one would take a while, but didn’t expect nearly 50 minutes. ¬†Clearly, cause post-WOD I had to toss Yuko in the car, rush home to inhale some food (cause I was¬†starving and kinda dizzy!) and book it to my chiro appointment. ¬†Thank God I made that! ¬†She cracked me like crazy! ¬†Maybe I’ll be able to sleep properly again without being unable to breathe every time I move. ¬†Not fun.

Wed. Apr. 15:

Pretty proud of my little man today ūüôā Who turned 3 months on Monday. ¬†Yes, that is a thing. ¬†I’ll only have him till he’s a year, so we’re gonna celebrate. ¬†Happy 1/4 birthday Yuko lol. ¬†Back to today – first we got up early and headed to the track. It’s been quite some time since I’ve brought Yuko along, like the last time we were still at the point where I had to carry him up and down stairs and he really sucked at walking. Today we managed to run together (super-slow, but it’s a start!) for almost a whole lap! ¬†Then we walked another, and he settled down and slept on my hoody while we went through a Rachel WOD creation. 5 rounds with a partner – jog 1/2 lap, sprint 1/2 lap, 10 burpees, 30 second plank hold, tag your partner. ¬†Ok, I did sprint-ish. ¬†The first 3 anyways. I’m disgruntled at how downhill my running capacity has slipped. Something to work on. And not the point of this story.


After the track we headed to Yuko’s first day of puppy school ūüôā ok, I was a little nervous that he might poop in the classroom, but also excited to meet the rest of his litter ūüôā ¬†From the minute we walked into the centre he was a bit of a spaz, but there were dogs everywhere and lots of stuff to sniff. I had to pretty much tackle him so the vet could give his vaccines and he jiggled like a jumping bean on the scale. ¬†Wish I new what his weight was when I got him, cause today was 10.5kg… Ever seen the movie Best In Show? The group of people which I share the “Y” litter with sort of reminded me of the movie. ¬†An eclectic group, although all very nice. There was Yorkie and his stereotypical gay couple who have avoided any dog socialization up to this point as they were fearful that others may not have vaccinated their beasts. And I’m not making an assumption here, the more chatty of the pair threw in a “me and my husband” comment at one point that made hubby turn a bright shade of red. Then there was the French woman who got paired with Yvette. That doesn’t happen by accident, right? ¬†There was also a young couple who had Yugo. Seriously? That was confusing when she kept saying his name and my little fur ball didn’t know what to think. I mean, I guess when you pick the letter “Y” for a litter, there are only so many options. One thing I did pick up from the little meet and greet while we all sat in the waiting room (the people sat, the dogs strained to sneak in a little play session) is that while I’m really pretty easy on Yuko in terms of demands, he’s really pretty awesome. ¬†He settled in the chaos better than most. He doesn’t bark a lot, which many voiced as a concern. AND he’s the only of his litter who sleeps through the night! That’s lucky for him since we’ve had the pups 6 weeks now! He would have got the old “return to sender” ages ago.

image-1Yup. ¬†That’s my boy. ¬†Sure I’ll listen to you and “Sit”, but don’t expect my attention to be undivided.


and then there was 1

Well, I handed my key to the castle in Cambridge back to the regular store manager on Saturday. It was a moment I had been looking forward to for quite some time, however it felt somewhat bittersweet. While I’m relieved to focus my energy back solely towards my own store, it was a good 6 months and I will miss the team I built there. Ah well, I achieved my key goal. I left the store in a better place than it was left to me. ¬†**amendment to this little rambling – I figured out¬†why I’m less excited than expected to jump back into the groove in Waterloo. ¬†I really enjoyed my 6 months with no assistant manager. ¬†When discussing it with a friend, she agreed. ¬†“I’d rather just have minions. ¬†Hot ones!” ¬†she said. ¬†Amen to that! ¬†Not that I don’t like my assistant manager as a person, but I spend more time putting out fires he creates than doing my job. ¬†There’s a mission.

So, I’ve been on board with the November Whole30 for 2 weeks now, and my energy has returned full force ūüôā I’d also noticed about a week into it that the “flushing” reaction I got quite regularly from my MS drugs had become far less frequent. ¬†Today I was having a great day at work, all happy and smiles, when I was hit with the worst flushing reaction I’ve ever had. ¬†Tomato red, feeling like I’d gotten a sudden painful/itchy sun burn, when DK paged me out from my hiding spot in the office for a manager override. ¬†DK just got this shocked look on his face and kept asking if I was ok. ¬†Thankfully it went away, but took probably a half hour! ¬†Geez! ¬†Care to know what I did “differently”? ¬†Chewed a piece of gum. ¬†Seriously?! ¬†May have been completely un-related, but also may not. ¬†I’ll try again and see what happens I guess.

Speaking of food.  A few of my staples lately:


Bacon, eggs & sweet potato


Ground turkey, tomato paste, onion/garlic powder & zucchini noodles

Both meals I really enjoy, but I’m starting to feel the need to change things up before I get totally bored. ¬†Just need inspiration. ¬†Although after yesterday’s WOD, I was hungry enough I wasn’t picky at all. ¬†Maybe that’s the trick? ¬†Plan my eating routine to follow my trip to the box and I’ll be satisfied eating anything. ¬†Yesterday was a Will WOD. ¬†As was mentioned on the CFD site “you know what that means!” and if you’ve been here a little while, you should! ¬†A fellow 6am’er whole generally avoids the weekend WODs mainly because the details are rarely posted sent me a text yesterday morning. ¬†She wanted to come try a “Will WOD” but was nervous cause she didn’t know what to expect. ¬†My response – Expect everything. ¬†A gymnastic bit, heavy lifting and some cardio. ¬†Expect it to be long, and HARD. ¬†And¬†pray for a partner WOD. ¬†Guess what?! ¬†I hit that one right on the mark. ¬†And I loved it! ¬†ūüėÄ

As has been my norm recently, time for a batch of WOD catch-up.

Mon. Nov. 17:

5 Rounds of:
12- Kettlebell Swings (70/53) #35
12- Toes to Bar scaled
200 Meter Run  4 row/1 sally (air dyne)

Time – 11:31

Yes, scaled the crap out of this one. ¬†Coach Dave tried to get me to grab a heavier kettlebell, but my back is feeling a bit sketchy again so I went lighter but unbroken. ¬†I’ve come to the conclusion I may become a regular at the chiropractor if I plan to continue beating myself up 5 times a week at the box. ¬†Not to mention hockey where I have this amazing ability to get in front of shots quite regularly. ¬†Last week I caught the follow thru in the form of a stick whacking right across the knee cap. ¬†It’s a different sort of game in Mississauga in the winter. ¬†We play 4 on 4 in this small little arena thing. ¬†I’ll take a picture next time… but it’s been called pinball by a goalie friend. ¬†The name fits. ¬†Ok, wandered quite a bit with that one. ¬†Unbroken. ¬†Right. ¬†Yes, my reps were unbroken, not sure I can say the same for my legs! ¬†Soooo tight by midday! ¬†I blame Sunday’s wallballs more than today though. ¬†And maybe sally. ¬†I was walking funny after I got off and Dave totally called me on it haha!

Sun. Nov. 16:

Partner WOD:
50 Power Cleans  #75
100 Deadlifts  #125
200 Wallballs  #14
*Every minute, both partners complete 4 burpees  88 burpees

Time – 23:22

OMG a Will WOD that didn’t totally suck all the life out of me ūüôā ¬†I loved this. ¬†Even with the evil burped twist to it. ¬†I’m a “chipper” kinda girl. ¬†Give me big reps that once you get through them, you’re done with that movement and I’m a happy camper. ¬†Dreaded the 200 wallballs at the end, but I had my competitive partner for this and we kept a really good 5 reps each rotation that worked all the way through. ¬†I wimped out of one of the burpee rounds near the beginning of the wallballs to avoid passing out, but otherwise just kept moving ūüôā

Fri. Nov. 14:

Teams of 2 CRANK OUT
AMRAP 20 Minutes:

1 Burpee Box Jump (24/20), 1 Calorie Row
2 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20), 2 Calorie Row
3 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20), 3 Calorie Row

Score –¬†10 rounds +3¬†burped¬†box jumps

Thurs. Nov. 13:

Part 1. Sumo Deadlift: Build to a Heavy Set of 3 Reps  #185
Part 2. OTM for 14 Minutes
Odd Minutes:
5- Sumo Deadlifts (75%)  #135
15- Air Squats
AMRAP Double-Unders
Even Minutes: Rest

LOVED the sumo deadlift ūüôā ¬†First time ever trying this out. ¬†It felt really unsteady when the bar was lighter, but as the weights pilled on things just came together nicely.

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Adventures, Explorations & Ponderings of JaseyBaz

Ketogenic Endurance

Use the Carnivore Diet to break your own Health Code. Build general preparedness to enable you to do anything you want on whim, and have a robust body and mind to fight disease, illness and viruses. Improve your lifestyle as your life may depend on it.

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Hello 2019, Goodbye Carbs!

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#Fearless Keto

An authentic community providing all the necessary ingredients to make living a low carb lifestyle easier and tastier.

The Keto Family

Helping You Live a Happier, Healthier Life

Let's Do Keto Together!

with Lauren Rabadi

Coffee, Keto, & Curse Words

Just a mom trying to survive daily chaos. Follow my health and fitness journey, keto style.

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a record of my experience with the ketogenic diet.

Keto Kelly

Living my best life - sans carbs and sugar.

The Bright Side - Keto and Healthy Living

‚ÄúAnd suddenly you‚Äôs time to start something new and trust the magic of new beginnings‚ÄĚ ---Meister Eckhart