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Taking a rest day today.  Not happy about it, but my hip is KILLING me!  That’s one of those old injuries that hasn’t reared its ugly head in quite some time, but SURPRISE!  Not exercise induced either.  It started hurting after my last rest day on Saturday.  Totally SUCKS too!  Today is deadlift day!!  All good though…  I’ll just fit them in Friday 😉


Feel like a 90-year-old whining about my bad hip, but the fall from the horse way back in 2001 has continued to haunt me randomly over the years.  Stupid horse.  With a rest day from the box comes a bunch of random ramblings about the other shtuff that bounces around in my brain.  Sorry about your luck :p  I’ll hopefully be back at the box again tomorrow 😀

Ok… a big part of the game of life is nutrition.  I get that.  I understand that what we put into our bodies has a huge impact on what we get out of it.  I find the whole nutrition thing absolutely fascinating really and spend a good amount of time reading and asking questions in an effort to learn more and more.  In a year and a half of following the Paleo lifestyle, I’ve come to some astonishing realizations of what foods don’t work for me, as well as what I seem to tolerate easily.  Gluten is NOT my friend.  I’ve had a very few “cheats” where I have allowed myself a “treat” of something that I used to LOVE, but that contains gluten.  It only took a very few of these cheats for me to realize that it just wasn’t worth it!  For the next few days, I dealt with joint pain that I had been otherwise free of for months.  The first time, I just figured it was a coincidence.  By the third, I made the connection and said my final goodbyes to licorice allsorts.  Shouldn’t be eating that crap I guess anyways :p

Anyways, my initial intention behind this rant was to share the problem I seem to have lately.  I’m really good at the food prep part of the game.  Especially now that it’s SQUASH season in Ontario.  Simple things get me excited…  but COME ON!!  There’s just so much awesome you can do with these bad boys!  So, when Coach Dave reminds us over and over to “get the food in ‘ya” while we are in this current building phase, I have absolutely no hesitation in tossing him the big “thumbs UP!”  Then comes the other question.  The one that has had me bowing my head in shame lately…  “How’s the hydration?”  What the hell?  I used to be soooo good at this part to, but lately I SUCK!  The intention on a regular day is to drink half your body weight in ounces.  PLUS more on the sweaty WOD/ball hockey days.  Rounded out, that’s 9 glasses of h2o…  shouldn’t be that big of a deal!  But some days, I’m just not that thirsty 😦  To make matters even worse… I’m a coffee lover.

How much water to YOU drink in a day?  Do you find a way to make yourself drink MORE even when you don’t feel like it?  HOW?


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