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in stride


My last post I cried about my flying through the air and using the ground as a cheese grater on my knees.  What I forgot to mention, I think, was that after the open road running catastrophe… I turned to the softer sandy beach for my running fix 🙂  ***Take note!!  I actually have a HEAD in this photo!  Although I clearly didn’t take this one myself, I also didn’t crop it off :p

You can barely even notice my chewed up knee in this photo… but I’ll confirm YES, it DOES still hurt!  haha!  Got back to Canadian soil on Tuesday night and played ball hockey on Wednesday night, where of course I took a stick across the bruise just to make sure.  If you’ve never played ball hockey, although I’m sure any sport would do, it works wonders for releasing energy, stress and aggression.  The month of December working in retail would be a hot mess if I didn’t have hockey as an outlet… 

Holy cow, the list of recipes I’m day dreaming about after getting back is pretty extensive…  when I get a chance to put some of the day dreams into action, I’ll share the successful ones!

Lastly… with my excitement to jump back into the weights yesterday may have been a bit over-ambitious :s  My back is soooo sore today, and considering yesterday I worked legs, not back??  Oops!  Legs were feeling it a bit too when I went to hike the stairs at work this morning.  Amazing how quickly the conditioning can slip away…

everything’s better with bacon

Ok, so my last post was a short rant about squats and knee pain and a bit of a cry for help.  I got some great feedback (thanks!!) and spoke to a few other people as well outside of my little cyber world.  I’ve come to my own conclusion that I want to try the “build up supporting muscles” theory.  As I mentioned, I have never before had problems with my knees.  Although, I have never before been so little.  Through my Paleo adoption, I have become the lightest I’ve ever been.  Not complaining really, but the thunder-thighs I knew so well just aren’t there anymore.  This makes me happy.  This also makes my knees angry I think.  So, I’ll be busting it out to build up my quads and hammys a bit more over the next while to see if it helps.

Ok, boring.  Yesterday was my day off again.  I always think of all kinds of random stuff to write about on my days off, but never seem to fit it in!  I accomplished a lot though… cooked some bad-ass chili for the week (thank you!)  Got in a decent upper-body workout and some core too with p90x ab ripper.  Played tennis with Ange, which was ultimately a complete disaster since it was clearly too windy but we played anyway and found ourselves doing a whole lot of chasing the ball.  Felt like old times when I just sucked, only yesterday I was hitting the ball well and it just had a mind of its own.  Always a laugh when it changes direction 2-3 times while in the air and again when it hits the ground.  Like playing with one of those crazy reaction ball thingys…  We played ball hockey last night in Acton too in about 40 degrees.  I sweat buckets, but ran my butt off 🙂

So, let’s talk for a minute about living a Paleo lifestyle.  While I absolutely love it, it sure can be a challenge.  Every time I leave home, I have to consider how long I will be gone and how much food I need to bring with me, cause anyone who’s with me here knows that “grabbing something” along the way when your stomach starts growling isn’t an easy thing to do.  Generally speaking, I’m really good at packing my little lunch bucket, but yesterday I somehow under-calculated just how long I’d be out and found myself out of food and ready to gnaw my arm off.  This is where it gets funny, I think.  I felt like bacon and eggs.  mmm….  So I headed into Tim Horton’s to grab a coffee, and some bacon and eggs.  Sounds like a simple request, doesn’t it?  HA!!  First off, I live in an area where there is a bit of a language barrier.  I tried to explain that all I wanted was an egg patty and some bacon, but the poor people behind the counter (yes, there ended up being 3 people crowded around the little till trying to figure it out) just couldn’t wrap their heads around the fact that I didn’t want a breakfast sandwich.  This dialog must have been repeated at least 8 times:

TH staff: “what kind of bread?”

ME: “no bread.  no cheese.  JUST bacon and egg.”

Thankfully, in the end we did manage to work things out, but it was one heck of a process!  Thankfully I was alone.  :-p  Ange would be embarrassed.  My friends would think I was weird.  The Tim Horton’s people found me totally confusing.  But I was happy 🙂  Left with a piping hot coffee and my bacon and eggs.

Squats suck.

Ok all you fitness fanatics, I need your help!  I’ve been sporty my whole life, an since getting into the crossfit stuff, I’m killing my knees.  I’ve run on pavement playing ball hockey for 10 years with no knee problems, now suddenly I feel like a 90-year-old at times.  😦  Granted, my Chelsea success yesterday came with 450 squats, but I’ve always been very careful to protect my knees and am a huge believer in keeping proper form in any sort of exercise I do.  Got home from work last night and parked my butt on the couch with an ice pack on the worst one, my right knee, but still have found going down the stairs at work pretty killer today.  Could be MS related, but I doubt it.  Ugh…

Any ideas?

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