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First – minor correction on my #boxlove post.  The hickie-bruise is from catching the bar on my collar bone (elbows down) in my push jerk.  NOT from front squats :p

Another busy day…  Started with a follow-up appointment with my MS guy.  Nothing new to report from recent tests, however when I refused to “take a seat” in his office as I always do, he once again strongly recommended I start on yet another prescription.  This one to help deal with the chronic pain in my right leg that makes it unbearable to “take a seat”.  I tried to politely decline, as usual, but after the hour drive to his office, I was in so much pain I was nearly in tears.  So, I left with a script.  But I also left with no promise of filling it.  If I can just avoid driving, and sitting, I’ll be fine.  I don’t want drugs.  I have crossfit as therapy.  :p

no one like burpees

So, of course, shortly after returning home after my appointment, crossfit I did.  I was a little bummed that the dr appointment got in the way of my usual 7:30am class with coach D, but I was able to make it to the noon class with another coach.  It kinda sucked.  I worked hard, but I left the box feeling like I should have picked a more challenging weight and set myself up in an area where I could have completed the WOD as it was intended.  During the first few warm-up snatch sets, another coach glared at me and said “if you forget to open your HIPS once more, you’re giving me 50 burpees!”  After that comment, I stopped loading the plates on my bar and opted to play it safe.  It’s not that I do it on purpose, I have all the desire and determination to do things RIGHT.  Just sometimes it seems my brain can’t figure out how to put all the pieces in the right order.  That’s where coaches D & S are great at giving tips on where what part I need to tweak to make the magic happen.  Anyways, I’ll work on my snatch again tomorrow.  And th next day. And probably the day after that.  As for today, the wimping out on my weight load is part A of why I’m mad at myself.  Then the WOD started and I quickly discovered that I could not broad jump the length of my bar, spin around, broad jump back.  The spinning part made me so dizzy I figured I would surely land on my butt soon.  So I switched to skipping.  Threw 50 single unders in between the snatch rounds instead of the jumps.  Then when I finished way ahead of all the others who were actually lifting challenging weights, I headed to the other side of the bo and completed 40 broad jumps where I could do 5 in a row before doubling back.  Hey dummy, had I put my bar on that side to begin with, I could have done everything all proper-like.  But it’s done.  I still worked hard, and tomorrow will be another chance to redeem myself.  Here’s the specs from today:

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of : Snatch (#165/#105)

20-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2 of: Broad Jumps (Length of the Bar)

Time – 13:11


Enough bitching.  I have good stuff too!

My September schedule is pretty much a right off and it’s only the 12th!  Exciting stuff to look forward to though 🙂  Final obstacle run of the year is this Saturday.  Ball hockey starts up again this month too 🙂  Finally!  But it’s September 21st I’m looking forward to the most 😀  There is a crossfit challenge happening in Etobicoke and CF Division is putting 4 teams in.  When the notice was posted looking for people interested in competing, I was only a few days out of my introductory month.  Sooo… I will be going as a cheer leader and photographer for my box and I couldn’t be happier!  My first chance to experience a crossift competition! 😀  Totally stoked!  Then the weekend after that is the summer end social 🙂  That should be good times too!  Still trying to figure out what I’m going to wear, but it should be cool to hang out with my fellow crossfitters when we’re not in our spandex-y best and sweating profusely.


Happiness is…

I haven’t posted anything in a little while, but in my mind that is never a bad thing.  When things are not going well, I write a lot.  When life is good, I write very little.  Just a quick follow-up on my little theory… since putting the brakes on my latest prescription, Alesse, things have slowly returned back almost to normal.  You really do take your basic senses for granted until one is taken away…  While I can’t imagine losing my sight or hearing, losing my ability to taste really wasn’t much fun either.  I am SO grateful to be able to enjoy food again 🙂  I will say though, I’ve learned a very important lesson from this whole situation.  Never will I ignore what my body is telling me.  While a doctor can take a quick glance at your chart and dismiss your complaints, only you can tell when something doesn’t feel right.  I understand that MS is a complicated disease, with many unanswered challenges, but I’m not willing to accept that any and every symptom I present should be brushed off and blamed on it.  Enough bitching though.  I am feeling soooo much better than I was, and really in a great frame of mind 🙂  The weather has certainly helped with my happiness too.  It’s been so much like summer this week and I’ve been grateful for every second of it.  Being only March, and Canada, I’m sure it won’t stick around for too long…

More appointments on the horizon.  Somehow most MRI appointments I get seem to be at really strange times too.  Tomorrow I’ll be heading in to Brampton Civic for a 10:15pm scan 😮  That’s already past my bedtime by the time the test is scheduled to begin!  Haha.  Good thing I tend to sleep through these things anyway, and as long as I’m sure to make sure Ange has a coffee all should be fine.

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