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This is pretty much just a vacation recap and more for my own recollection later on than anything else.  I already touched on the little crossfit component, but a brief follow-up on that… OMG I was sore!!  LOL my quads screamed going down stairs until at least Friday and my traps are still a knotty mess.  But I LOVED it 🙂  Another note… I spent 5 days quite nearly pain-free in terms of nerve pain bullshit.  It was kind of unbelievable after years of torture.  Walking in the cool ocean water felt amazing and living without any need for socks or shoes was heaven.  I need to win the lottery… the ocean is calling me back.

Got back in the very early morning this past Wednesday from 5 days on Anna Maria Island 🙂  It was AWESOME!  My mom even kept the degree of crazy to a reasonably low level with only a few temper tantrums when I didn’t do exactly what she wanted.  The weather was perfect aside from the last day which started with an incredible thunder storm and was thick and humid throughout.  The kind of day that makes it a little less painful to leave the island paradise.

Saturday was one of the few days we had stuff planned.  Went to Orlando to watch the National Women’s Soccer League game Orlando Pride vs. New York Flash.  Ok, I’m kinda hooked.  At first I just enjoyed the people watching and the chance to spend a day with Amanda, but the game was so good I can’t wait to go to another one.

imageAfter game day the whole intention of the rest of the trip was time by the ocean and take things as they come.  Took the double kayak out ONCE.  Walk the beast to what was supposed to be the calmer side of the island – NO SIR!  So turned around and walked it to the other side.  Yes calmer, but after dragging it through the sand, getting it into the water, quite ungracefully scampering ourselves IN (somehow without flipping it!!), we paddled around for like 10 minutes and got bored!  LOL!!  Back out of the water, back through the sand, back up the road to the house, and back to the beach to hand out with a couple of noodles!  That was the WOD.  The “sled” drag through the sand was tough!!  Especially in flip flops… Although pretty sure accompanied with lots of laughter.


Last full day on the island ended with a neat sunset.  Wasn’t the brilliant pink and red it could have been, but the reflections and clouds that painted the sky were still quite impressive!  Sunset beach walk was followed by a little impromptu jam session with Amanda and my cousin Luke who I haven’t seen in like 13 years.  Very cool!  Will definitely look to do that again some day.  Hopefully sooner than another 13 years…


Last minute dinner plans before the mad dash to get our rental car back on time.  Not enough time to go sit and eat something somewhere.  Not the type to hit a fast food place.  No opportunity to cook or prepare anything in the car.  So… whole chicken??  DONE!  Geeks 🙂  But it worked!

imageWhen the flight was delayed like 2 1/2 hours cause of the storm that hit I was pretty relieved we opted for the chicken!  Hangry is not a nice way to end an awesome vacation.  Crisis averted!  There were some pretty long faces in the airport when the status of our flight changed to “delayed” and the eta grew farther and farther away.  At least two Canadians found tons to talk about and laughed the whole time…



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