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Pure chaos

First post in like forever that has nothing to do with crossfit! Say what?!  I know, but it’s a rest day.  Also out of character. Actually, both of those comments might make you wonder if my blog has been hacked but it’s legit. So prepare for some pretty random stuff. This is why my brain needs crossfit. Left un-influenced, it’s pure chaos.


Speaking of chaos… Kaos was the best teal Cavalier a girl could have.  Don’t judge.

I want another tattoo.  Actually, I’ve wanted another one probably since the day after I got my last one but I’ve still not come up with something that I’m really committed to spending the rest of my life with.  Don’t read into that too deeply, I really am talking about a tattoo. I have 2 currently, both of which made sense to me at the time and still do.  I carry happiness on my shoulder and strength and energy on my wrist… all of which life can try to strip you of at times and most of which you have the power to chose whether to fight to keep or surrender.  So what next?  One day I’ll figure it out… I like the ones that are a symbol of the activities you are in to like hockey, or soccer, or baseball… Or the ones that represent a passion for a pet or whatever. But I’ve been into so much and my hobbies are constantly evolving and changing.  Do I go in to a tattoo artist and say “ok here’s the deal. I figure I should represent everything over the years cause if I get a tatt of what I’m in to right now it will probably change in the next year or 2 and then it won’t make any sense. A collaboration I can build on. So… I want a something to do with swimming, something musical, horse riding, snowboarding, running, mountain biking, ball hockey, a cat, a dog, and crossfit.  Probably heavy on the crossfit… Maybe skip the cat. Ideas?”  Pretty sure I’d get the “this chick is crazy!” look.  Maybe I’ll just stick with words.

Went to see The Trews last night.  I wasn’t much of a fan of their music and a little skeptical of the venue, but it was AWESOME!  First, an outstanding group of performers and second, a standing ovation in a public library?! Crazy, right?  Incredible night 🙂



Post-concert the drive home turned into live carpool karaoke with Amanda and her bestie Brad. Also quite entertaining. Before they even got into it Brad asked if I was going to sing along too! Um, no. Not unless the music is loud enough that I can’t be heard :p I wish I could sing, but happy to listen to those who can 🙂

Slept in today after the late night last night. Like, slept through my alarm. Well, technically my alarm didn’t go off and when I did wake up and realized it was like 7:48 and I was in Burlington and had to get to work for 9 an hour away THAT was alarming! Threw clothes on in record time, Amanda handed me a bag of snap peas, a banana and a bottle of water (breakfast and lunch?) and bolted out the door. Made it to work, but just on time! Amendment… Made it to work with a large Tims coffee just on time. Necessity, and still made it. Actually got another large coffee around 10 and wanted to curl up under my desk probably around 2 when the caffeine high wore off.  Not an option. We were short staffed so I had to dust off my selling skills and go be awesome lol!

Don’t worry, back to crossfit tomorrow. Order will be restored.


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