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sunshine and laughter

This is pretty much just a vacation recap and more for my own recollection later on than anything else.  I already touched on the little crossfit component, but a brief follow-up on that… OMG I was sore!!  LOL my quads screamed going down stairs until at least Friday and my traps are still a knotty mess.  But I LOVED it 🙂  Another note… I spent 5 days quite nearly pain-free in terms of nerve pain bullshit.  It was kind of unbelievable after years of torture.  Walking in the cool ocean water felt amazing and living without any need for socks or shoes was heaven.  I need to win the lottery… the ocean is calling me back.

Got back in the very early morning this past Wednesday from 5 days on Anna Maria Island 🙂  It was AWESOME!  My mom even kept the degree of crazy to a reasonably low level with only a few temper tantrums when I didn’t do exactly what she wanted.  The weather was perfect aside from the last day which started with an incredible thunder storm and was thick and humid throughout.  The kind of day that makes it a little less painful to leave the island paradise.

Saturday was one of the few days we had stuff planned.  Went to Orlando to watch the National Women’s Soccer League game Orlando Pride vs. New York Flash.  Ok, I’m kinda hooked.  At first I just enjoyed the people watching and the chance to spend a day with Amanda, but the game was so good I can’t wait to go to another one.

imageAfter game day the whole intention of the rest of the trip was time by the ocean and take things as they come.  Took the double kayak out ONCE.  Walk the beast to what was supposed to be the calmer side of the island – NO SIR!  So turned around and walked it to the other side.  Yes calmer, but after dragging it through the sand, getting it into the water, quite ungracefully scampering ourselves IN (somehow without flipping it!!), we paddled around for like 10 minutes and got bored!  LOL!!  Back out of the water, back through the sand, back up the road to the house, and back to the beach to hand out with a couple of noodles!  That was the WOD.  The “sled” drag through the sand was tough!!  Especially in flip flops… Although pretty sure accompanied with lots of laughter.


Last full day on the island ended with a neat sunset.  Wasn’t the brilliant pink and red it could have been, but the reflections and clouds that painted the sky were still quite impressive!  Sunset beach walk was followed by a little impromptu jam session with Amanda and my cousin Luke who I haven’t seen in like 13 years.  Very cool!  Will definitely look to do that again some day.  Hopefully sooner than another 13 years…


Last minute dinner plans before the mad dash to get our rental car back on time.  Not enough time to go sit and eat something somewhere.  Not the type to hit a fast food place.  No opportunity to cook or prepare anything in the car.  So… whole chicken??  DONE!  Geeks 🙂  But it worked!

imageWhen the flight was delayed like 2 1/2 hours cause of the storm that hit I was pretty relieved we opted for the chicken!  Hangry is not a nice way to end an awesome vacation.  Crisis averted!  There were some pretty long faces in the airport when the status of our flight changed to “delayed” and the eta grew farther and farther away.  At least two Canadians found tons to talk about and laughed the whole time…


Crossfit Bradenton


First WOD in another country!!!  Not that I’ve tried many places other than CFD, but it was neat to hit a local box while on vacation.  Crossfit Bradenton was pretty similar to what I’m used to and they were welcoming to drop-ins.  The coach was great, we warmed up as a group and everyone was very supportive of each other.  🙂  Great to see a similar amazing atmosphere exists outside of CFD as well.  Plus the WOD sounded pretty great so on our last day in Florida, my awesome girl encouraged me to check it out 🙂


Tues. May 17:

 Part 1 – 3 rounds of: 10 reps of sumo deadlift #145

Part 2 – For time: 21-15-9

24/20 in burpee box jump over

front squat at 115/85 lb (no racks)

Result9:13 Rx


LOVED this one!  And Amanda took a ton of pics 🙂  One WOD and I think I at least doubled the number of good crossfit pics I have of myself.  Score!  Anyways… the WOD.  My goal going in to part 2 was unbroken sets since the weight wasn’t huge.  Near the end of the 21 reps I was shaking… but didn’t want to clean the bar again so I paused at the top and kept moving.  A wicked humid day meant a sweaty mess and my legs were toast by the end but still pretty pumped.  Sandbagged the deadlifts a little, but knowing the day also had hours of sitting in a car and an airplane I made that choice with a clear conscience.  Today is the dreaded “day 2”.  My legs are not overly impressed and stairs are the enemy.

A little R & R


Ok, more like a lot! Rest can turn into rest-less in excess. Unless you’re new here, you should know how well (noooo) I deal with ONE rest day… But we were in paradise 🙂 so I’m not really complaining.  Just might be looking to shake things up a bit next time around.

My mom and I have always believed that we travel well together.  Both non-drinkers and not huge into the party all night scene.  We both enjoy exercising while on vacation, walking on the beach and falling into a routine of early morning coffees and lunch at the beach BBQ.  Yet the last few years I’ve felt like there was an incompatibility that I just couldn’t put my finger on.  I think this time around it came to me…  I think everyone goes on vacation with a specific purpose or goal.  And I think it’s deeper than just the general “I like adventure!” or “I just want to relax” cause while we both went into each of the trips we’ve taken together preaching a common goal of relaxation. Yet there were smaller intricacies that were just not satisfied.  I realized this year what my mom’s entire trip motivation is, and got a clearer understanding of my own by recognizing what it isn’t!


My mom is a sun worshiper.  That is ALL that’s on her mind while on vacation.  Comments such as “I just want to sizzle and fry!” or “When the sun’s out, I don’t want to go for lunch/to the beach/for a walk/(insert anything that doesn’t involve laying on a pool chair cooking yourself)” were frequently dropped.  A sun worshiper’s MAIN goal while on vacation is to come back tanned the darkest shade humanly possible.  And it’s never enough.  While I DO enjoy the sunshine, and got myself caught up in two enjoyable books while away, I’m not sure I fall into the sun worshiper category.


The joke for years has been – Better finish that book before the trip is over!  Cause I’m not likely to touch it again until the next vacation. It’s sad, but true.  Took me two years to finish The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo… It’s as if vacation is the only time when my mind can detach enough from the 100s of other things that swim around in there in everyday life to focus on reading.  So as the days wore on, and the pool chair boredom grew, these moments became more and more frequent.


My MAIN goal for my vacationing is – a memorable vacation.  I like to come back and have lots of great memories 🙂  Don’t get me wrong, there are a few!  Haha!  Like… one of the bartenders from the swim up bar asked me to marry him.  A few times.  Poor guy… I didn’t have the heart to tell him he was barking way up the wrong tree.  He wanted me to stay in the Dominican with him and the minute I got off the plane in Toronto and heard we were forecast to have -30 degree wind chill for much of the weekend, I considered getting right back on!  One thing I’ve always wanted to do since I was pretty young was go horseback riding along the beach.  It almost happened this year! There was a place within walking distance from the resort where we could have joined a group, but I without boring you with the details, it didn’t happen.  Next time it WILL!

Anyways… Before I fall into my old habits of leaving a post in the draft phase eternally, I’ll just share a few picks that speak for themselves. Riu Bachata, Puerto Plata was amazing 🙂  I’d recommend it to anyone and hope to get back there again one day.


Mmmmm…. Coffee 🙂



Last note – entirely random useless fact… If you’re a chocolate covered almond fan, good for you. I’m not. I think they taste like dirt. Anyways, ever bit one in half just enough that the chocolate pulls off the almond?  Those are some ugly looking nuts! I’m not talking occasionally either, it seems to be a common occurrence. The reject nuts become your beloved treat. Someone one day must have said “what am I to do with the gnarly looking almonds that no one will want to eat? I know!! I’ll dress them up all fancy with a chocolate coat!”  Don’t judge a book by its chocolate cover? I will, thank you!  You’re not fooling me.  Chocolate covered dirt.

accepting the unknown

Good weekend 🙂  Still a little sore from Sunday’s AWESOME WOD.  Haven’t done a Crossfit Total in a while, and as a partner WOD – D & I pushed each other and kicked ASS.  Love it 😀

partner WOD2

Teams of 2 Complete:
0:00- 10:00 Minutes
50- Burpees AFAP (as fast as possible)
*with the remainder of the 10 minutes…Establish a 1RM Back Squat
Beginning  10:00- 20:00 Minutes
50- Burpees AFAP
*with the remainder of the 10 minutes…Establish a 1RM Strict Press
Beginning 20:00- 30:00 Minutes:
50- Burpees AFAP
*with the remainder of the 10 minutes…Establish a 1RM Deadlift.

NEW PRs!!  1RM back squat – #175   1RM deadlift – #225  😀

Monday was family day, and another team WOD with… MORE squats.  Yup.

In Teams of 3:
AMRAP in 6 Minutes:
Clean and Jerk ladder#135/#95  #75
1/1- 2/2- 3/3 etc….  we made it to 7
Rest 1 Minute
In Teams of 3:
AMRAP in 6 Minutes:
3- Front Squats #165/#105 (No Racks)  #85
Rest 1 Minute
In Teams of 3
Pullup ladder
1/1-2/2-3/3 etc…   we made it to 9

Good times 🙂  Especially happy to clean 85lbs.

As for the rest of this week, Coach Dave has decided it’s a great time to NOT post any of the WODs.  Instead, every day will be a surprise and no one will be able to cherry pick their favourites.  Not my style anyway, but expecting the unexpected is something I found challenging from the start so I will benefit from this experience as well 😉  This being said, I will wait until tomorrow to share anything about today’s WOD, just in case anyone happens to read my sh*t.

Instead, I will leave you with a little more Dominican fitness.


Practicing the pistol squat in the sand at least provides a softer landing for the many times I ended up on my butt…

happy friday :)

Back from vacay and already I’m a blog slacker.  However… I haven’t had heaps of free time between working both jobs, getting to the box every day, restocking my depressingly empty fridge, doing post-trip laundry, etc.  Not complaining though 🙂 after a killer week in the sun, I’m happy to get back into the swing of my life.  Amazing what a little time away from the every day grind of life can do for a person’s mind and soul.  I’m a happy person again and it feels great 🙂

Post-vacay WOD summary:

Wednesday 6:30pm – Back in the game!!

“Fight Gone Bad”
3 Rounds for max reps of:
1 min- Wallballs
1 min- SDHP 75/55
1 min- Box Jumps, 20″
1 min- Push Press 75/55
1 min- Row for calories
1 min Rest

PR b*thches!!  308 reps total 🙂  The wallballs were awful, but thankfully I was relatively efficient enough through the box jumps and SDHP (sumo deadlift high pulls).  Wednesday evening is not a common WOD time for me, but I was super eager to get back into things that I wasn’t bothered at all.  It was a good group at the box and Coach Dave’s class was very nearly high-jacked by Coach Sharon!  No way that was gonna happen :p  I had to call her out on that sh*t!  haha!  I’ve got her back when the tables are turned on Friday mornings, but this time I had to come to Dave’s defense.


Thursday 6:00am – bright and early

30-20-10 reps for time of:
Power Snatch #95/#65
Handstand Pushups

Ok, I worked on handstand holds while on vacay.  Not quite at the handstand push-up stage yet.  Especially 60 REPS!  Went with hand-release push-ups for this one.

Time – 9:40

exercise capehaha funny :p  One day this will be true 😉

Friday 7:30am – coffee day 🙂

After Coach Sharon gave us the option to suggest what our warm-up should be and none of us could come up with anything, she made one up with sprints and burpees and jumping jacks and rowing that had us all groaning.  Of all the days for Coach Dave to not try to bud in?!  I tried calling him to come to our rescue, but he had already left to get the Friday coffees 🙂  Good thing!  Turns out the warm-up he had assigned the 6:00am class was way worse than the one we received!  Coach Sharon, you’re awesome 😀

3 Rounds for time:
75- Double Unders
50- Air Squats
25 Calories on Rower

Sounds easy enough, right?  As usual… that means it’s gonna suck :p  Actually, the first round I was thinking “oh good GOD! I should have stayed in BED!” but I told that part of my brain to shut up and keep going.  Actually loved it 🙂  even the wobbly legs that carried me each round from the squats to the rower made me laugh.  Although I wasn’t laughing when I got to work and stood at the bottom of the stairs to the lunch room… sigh…  haha

Time – 14:49



I’m baaaack 🙂  where to begin…

My week of soaking up the sunshine in the Dominican was exactly what this kid needed after the craziness of the Christmas season in retail and all the other work-related stresses that have been thrown my way thus far in 2014.  We couldn’t have asked for better weather!  7 days of sunny skies and the thermostat hovering around 29 degrees celsius, before the humidex.  🙂  This was the first time I’ve gone on vacation since switching from the daily MS injections and man was it nice to not have to explain the pack of needles stashed in my carry-on!  I did manage somehow to set off the metal detector in the Dominican airport coming home though and got patted down quite thoroughly.  Also met a Dominican at the swim up bar who was determined to grab my hand and stare longingly into my eyes at every chance he got.  Mom told him I had a boyfriend.  Guess in some cases it is better to tell a lie…

Riu Bachata, Puerto Plata D.R.

Riu Bachata, Puerto Plata D.R.

It was a week of relaxation and good food, but I also did find the resources to enjoy a little exercise as well.  The morning we flew out of Toronto, of course I had to check the CF Division website to see what the WOD was.  :p  OCD?  maybe.  It was Grace.  Not all that often that we get to measure our progress with one of the “ladies”, so I decided that one of my vacational conquests would be to do the WOD in paradise.  Lucky for me the hotel had a gym!  It was nothing special, but it did the trick.

Dominican GRACE 3:31  #75

Dominican GRACE 3:31 #75

No PR set with this one, and I got some looks from the others using the little gym when I’d set the non-bumper weights down with anything less than grace, but I was happy with the result 🙂  Also worked on pistol squats on the beach 🙂 but the pics of that will have to wait.  Landed my butt in the sand quite a few times, but made progress over the week.

The resort was nestled into its own private little cove that had a nice 2km ish boardwalk along the ocean that provided the perfect path for morning runs.  My mom being the run-fanatic that she is, was more than happy to lace up the runners several times during our vacation too.  As suggested by Coach Dave on the last WOD before I left, I spent some time working on my handstand holds too.  My goal had been to practice on the beach and get a pic of handstanding against a palm tree, but that goal will have to wait until the next Caribbean adventure.  :p  Against the wall in the hotel room is one thing, but I’m still a bit of a chicken.

dr2014 2

The food at the resort was fantastic!!  Even with my goal to remain as loyal to my Paleo lifestyle as possible, I was still able to find tons of great options to eat.  The fish was incredible, which is something I very rarely make for myself at home.  There was also often beef, pork or chicken “fajita” stir fry with onions and peppers that I popped on a bed of lettuce and topped with avocado.  It was so good!  Bonus in my mind, cause now I have some new ideas to try to add a little variety to my home cooking :p  Even with the great food and hours spent just lounging in the sun, I still lost weight while away.  I don’t get why that happens.  I mean, I ran some, lifted some, snorkeled some, but nowhere near the activity level I get at home?  Not that I’m complaining…

dr2014 1

My flight got in late afternoon yesterday and by the time I got home, it was nearly 8 pm.  Spent the morning sitting enjoying my Dominican coffee by the ocean in shorts and a tank top, boarded the plane, and spent the evening scraping more than a foot of snow off my car!  Back to reality!  Today being Wednesday, there was no 7:30am WOD, but you can bet I’ll be back at the box for tonight’s 6:30 class 😀  While I was away I didn’t miss home, didn’t miss work, certainly didn’t miss the Canadian winter, but I DID miss my crossfit family!  Can’t wait to get back into the routine of things when it comes to the box.  First day back will be a good challenge:

“Fight Gone Bad”
3 Rounds for max reps of:
1 min- Wallballs
1 min- SDHP 75/55
1 min- Box Jumps, 20″
1 min- Push Press 75/55
1 min- Row for calories
1 min Rest

I’ve done this one before, so I know the level of suck to look forward to, but I can’t wait to get back at it!!  🙂

in stride


My last post I cried about my flying through the air and using the ground as a cheese grater on my knees.  What I forgot to mention, I think, was that after the open road running catastrophe… I turned to the softer sandy beach for my running fix 🙂  ***Take note!!  I actually have a HEAD in this photo!  Although I clearly didn’t take this one myself, I also didn’t crop it off :p

You can barely even notice my chewed up knee in this photo… but I’ll confirm YES, it DOES still hurt!  haha!  Got back to Canadian soil on Tuesday night and played ball hockey on Wednesday night, where of course I took a stick across the bruise just to make sure.  If you’ve never played ball hockey, although I’m sure any sport would do, it works wonders for releasing energy, stress and aggression.  The month of December working in retail would be a hot mess if I didn’t have hockey as an outlet… 

Holy cow, the list of recipes I’m day dreaming about after getting back is pretty extensive…  when I get a chance to put some of the day dreams into action, I’ll share the successful ones!

Lastly… with my excitement to jump back into the weights yesterday may have been a bit over-ambitious :s  My back is soooo sore today, and considering yesterday I worked legs, not back??  Oops!  Legs were feeling it a bit too when I went to hike the stairs at work this morning.  Amazing how quickly the conditioning can slip away…

Far from home…

Well… Sitting in the airport waiting to board the plane… Today begins the journey of vacationing with my mom for the first time. Its also the first time vacationing since beginning my paleo life. A whole week away… From life, from stress, from work… But also from my kitchen and the gym!!! Wish me luck!


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