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a different approach

Back to old bad habits when it comes to wordpress… Posts are drafted, but never making it beyond the drafting phase.  You’ll have to just trust me that it’s probably best that some of the crap I write stays that way.  Some days I’m just scattered and can’t come up with a logical order of putting my thoughts into type.  Others I’m full-on venting and often not very nice.  Those are better kept just to myself 😉  And venting about your JOB on the internet just doesn’t seem smart at all.

Anyways, aside from that life is GREAT 😀  I did it after all.  I signed up for The Open.  I’m sure no one really expected any different, but skipping it this year did cross my mind.  So far I’ve stuck to my plan to just treat the WODs as just another workout.

Fri. Feb. 26:

Workout 16.1.

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 20 minutes of:
25-ft. walking lunge (front rack)
8 burpees
25-ft. walking lunge (front rack)
8 chest-to-bar pull-ups

Men lunge 45 lb.
Women lunge 35 lb.

Score – 264

Slow and steady and UNBROKEN was my goal.  Success!  Although I still thought I possibly might barf by the end…  Not a technically difficult workout, just loooong.  It’s Monday as I’m typing this and my BUTT is just about recovered.  Each group of 25′ lunges took me 10 reps to complete.  200+ lunges?! My butt has every reason to be still a little bitter about the whole thing.

I took a few of my lieu days from December’s workaholic session to spend a weekend with Amanda 🙂  Went from 16.1 home for a quick shower and breakfast, then out for a day of snowboarding.  Coach Sharon later mentioned to me that it was nice to see I wasn’t as anxious going into an Open WOD this time around.  That’s cause I was more nervous about getting on my board for the first time in like forever than a few lunges, pull-ups and burpees!  It was great though 🙂  My legs held out.  After a few shaky runs I got my sh*t together and was right back in the game!  Amanda and I had been joking leading up to our snowboard day that if we broke ourselves, at least we’d have the weekend to recover!  No need 😉 can’t wait to get out again!


I’ve been a good food influence on my girl too 🙂  We made omelets with broccoli, asparagus and zucchini for breakfasts and chicken or salmon (same veggies) for dinners.  Only used 1 indulgence token over the 3 days in the form of a little goat cheese on my salad 🙂  So worth it.  SO GOOD!


Mon. Feb. 29:

Back to reality this morning.  Back to the box for 6am and back to work.  Sigh… 😉

partner WOD

 Teams of 2, AMRAP 20 Minutes:
3 Calorie Row, 3 Hand-Release Pushups, 3 Dumbbell Snatches (50/35)  #30
6 Calorie Row, 3 Hand-Release Pushups, 6 Dumbbell Snatches (50/35)  #30
9 Calorie Row, 3 Hand-Release Pushups, 9 Dumbbell Snatches (50/35)  #30

Partner 1 completes the round of three reps of each movement, then Partner 2 does the same.
The team alternates in this fashion for the 20 minutes, adding 3 repetitions to each movement per round.

Haven’t done a partner WOD with SP in a while 🙂  The snatches got tough as the reps climbed, but I was happy with how I was able to maintain a good pace on the row throughout.  Kept the split above 1,300 cal/?? 😀  Certainly jacked up the heart rate a bit!!


Wed. Feb. 17:

Yesterday was awful.  I cried until my eyes burned, and I’m still not done yet.  Maybe I’ll want to talk about it one day, but the wounds are still too fresh.  Then to top things off, after getting to work today and having another mini melt down seeing all of Yuko’s toys still scattered casually in my office, I had to tell an employee I’ve worked with for 4 years his position had been terminated.  We we’re besties or anything, but no decent person enjoys sharing that kind of news.  We both cried.  Now life must go on.  Worst 24 hours I think I’ve experienced.  It’s not entirely done yet, cause I still have my review to “look forward to” this afternoon, but hopefully that’s a better scene.  Either way, life goes on.

After dropping Yuko off yesterday and regaining my composure enough to be around people, I headed to World for a run.  Oh my!  The people watching in that place is incredible!  I mean, there were good shows on the tvs too, but I couldn’t stop watching the live entertainment. It was just what I needed to numb my brain a little before heading to Burlington to be with my girl and watch some more live entertainment (soccer).  I think I’m my father’s daughter in that regard. He always taught me sadness is not meant to be shared. Put on your best smile and face the world. Sadness is weakness. Not saying I agree, but I’ve never been the kind of person who likes anyone to see my tears.

10 Rounds of :
15/12 Calories on Airdyne
Rest 90 seconds between rounds

Not as awful as I expected.  Not exciting, but Petunia and I have made amends.


Thurs. Feb. 18:

For Time:
800m Row
50- Back Squats #135/#95  #85
50- Bench Press #135/#95  #75
800m Row
35- Back Squats #135/#95
35- Bench Press #135/#95
800m Row
20- Back Squats #135/#95
20- Bench Press #135/#95
1- Muscle-up

Time – Long.  (close to 40min)

This was kind of wicked in a variety of interpretations of the word.  Kept my row under 2:10 split time for most of the WOD.  Only cleaned the bar once per back squat round.  Coach Dave stood by the bench ready to spot for my last round of bench press.  When I finished the squats I mentioned “but my legs don’t work!!” his response – “you don’t need legs to bench McDowell.  Get over here.”  LOL!!  After the last round of b. press my arms didn’t work either.

Fri. Feb. 19:

Slowly but surely I’m stepping out of the darkness of this week. Every day is easier.  I can talk about Yuko now and think happy thoughts. I can look at pictures and not fight to keep my composure. I can take a little comfort in knowing that I’ve done something amazing for someone else.  WODs, runs, my work family and my sweetheart of a girlfriend have helped get a real smile back on my face 🙂

Crossfit has been terrible and awesome all rolled into one this week.  I’m pretty relieved to discover my arms and legs do still function after yesterday’s long-ass brutality of a WOD.  Today was simple, but not easy.

Push Jerk: 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 

Obviously there were “treats” hidden in between rounds on this one. Almost 12 days of Christmas style, adding another movement after each jerk – 5 strict pull-ups, 5 box jumps, 5 air squats, 5 strict toes to bar, 5 burpees, something to do with a farmer carry… By the time the farmer carry was mentioned, I was out of time. Attempted #115 for my jerk 5-6 times but couldn’t get myself far enough under the bar to catch it. Will add split jerk to the long list of things to work on!

Classic Coach Dave line – You’ve been through worse!!

Typically surfaces in the toughest part of a grinder of a WOD when I’m sure the look on all of our faces is the same mixture of pain and terror. After the shit I handled this week, that line really resignates with me.

give and take


I wasn’t sure this would ever be a world where I belonged again.  I’ll throw this disclaimer in right away – this is not at all instead of crossfit. And certainly not an attempt to replace CFD in my life. It has been my life for 2 1/2 years, my family… and I have no need or desire to change that. I’m just at a point where I want to supplement with more running and I just couldn’t bring myself to go back to the track.  Plus the people watching in an actual gym environment is top notch!


Friday we had a potluck lunch going away party for Yuko 🙂 there were balloons and party hats and a crap load of dog treats and all kinds of people food too 🙂 I brought sweet potato brownies. Shocking, I know lol, but everyone always loves them! I’m getting just as bad as my mom when it comes to bringing the same thing to every social event. At least I come by it honestly, and no one ever complains.

Thursday night I finally cracked. I’ve been rock solid the whole way through, and still stick to my joy in knowing what an amazing dog I’ve raised and what a life changing experience he’s going to be for someone, but I started thinking about Tuesday and fell apart. Being really tired probably didn’t work to my advantage too. I still don’t know how I’m going to hand over his leash and just walk away, but at least I can think about it now without crying. Well, pretty much… almost…


how I roll

Oh God it’s been a whole work week already since I started this post.  Life is good generally speaking, just spins along in circles around me sometimes and it’s tough to keep up.  The sliding scale from light to dark of all the things in my world has been heavily weighted on the light end.  My chick is great.  I’m soaking in all the Yuko I can in the  home stretch of our time together.  Crossfit I still totally love.  Learning to play guitar and digging it.  I’ve pretty much accepted that I’m not really interested in the Whole Life Challenge this time around, but I’m just eating well and drinking lots of water and letting the rest all just pretty much happen.

Last weekend was a great one 🙂 felt like spring is on its way, which is always nice to see.  Used a Whole Life Challenge indulgence on Sunday in the form of bacon at breakfast. I have no regrets. I made a great dinner for Amanda and I on Saturday though with lemon, dill and garlic brushed salmon, asparagus and sweet potato.  It was so good!  Also shamelessly hooked on baked chicken breast with a little grainy mustard and a heap of broccoli and asparagus.

This is how I roll.  Food is pretty routine most days, at least when it comes to packing my lunch bag in the morning before heading to the box.


eggs and sweet potato


chicken and veg

Need a WOD recap perhaps.  This week has been challenging most days, some with good results and some leaving me asking myself “are you new?!?!?”

Mon. Feb. 1:

Teams of 3 complete the following for time:
200- Front Squats #135/#95  #75
200- Kipping Handstand Pushups
200- Box Jump Overs
200- Pullups  ring pulls

LOVED this!!  I mean, 800 reps in a team of 3 – what’s NOT to love??  :p  Probably so much wrong with that statement.  Front squats felt great 🙂  We broke into sets of 10.  Handstand push-ups were by far the best I’ve ever done!  If ever there was a PR bell moment for HSPU, I think mine was today.  Sets of 5 for the last 3 movements and we finished at 33:44 I think.  Good times!!

Tues. Feb. 2:

With a running clock from 0:00- 30:00 Minutes perform:
50- Box Jumps, 24/20
50- Jumping Pull-Ups
50- Kettlebell Swings, 35/25
50- Walking Lunge Steps
50- Toes to Bar
50- Push Press, 45/35
50- Hip Extensions   <- OMG!
50- Wallballs, 20/14
50- Burpees
50- Double Unders
30:00- 35:00 Minutes: REST
35:00 Minutes- NOT FOR TIME perform:
Snatch Complex: 5 sets of: 1- Power Snatch + 1 Overhead Squat + 1- Hang Squat Snatch, climbing in load 
#75 (I think!)

My Filthy 50 time was brutal!  Was moving along really well until the hip extensions.  Hoped up on the GHD, rocked out 2 sets of 25, got off… and couldn’t feel anything from the waist down 😮 Like holy friggin hell I’ve been here before!!  Not a ton scares me.  Like really scares me… that did.  I stood in one place for what felt like 10 minutes willing my legs to return before picking up a wallball.  Ok, it wasn’t 10 minutes cause I did somehow still finish within the time cap, but still. WTF?  And the GHD should be a Glute Ham Destroyer cause it does.

As for the snatch complex, I redeemed myself ever so slightly.  Although my final round the hang squat snatch needed a do-over after a totally ugly rep.  Got under the bar so uncoordinated that I literally almost “took a knee”.  Sorted it our and still stuck the lift, but second attempt was solid.

Thurs. Feb. 4:

A. Squat Clean: 1-1-1  #105
B. Bench Press: 2-2-2  #105
C. Overhead Squats: 3-3-3  #105

Meh.  My brain has gone from “I don’t know if I can do this” to “eff this sh*t.  Not happening.”  Good times!  Although after a late Wednesday night, 6am came early.  My squat cleans were a bit of a hot mess, but I was pretty happy with the rest.

Fri. Feb. 5:

Part 1. Snatch: 2- Power Snatches every 30 seconds for 4 minutes – you choose the weight.  #65

Part 2. For Time
1000m Row, into:
4 Rounds for time
20- KBS, 70/50
60- Double Unders (practice)
Then, 1000m Row

Time – 14:37

Goal today – get some double unders and keep the row split time under 2:10/500m.  Done and done.  😀

dust bunny


Need help with house work?  Yuko will retrieve the Swiffer, no problem!  We have yet to master anything beyond that though.  I’ve learned it’s a wise idea to make sure it’s a brand new one if I’m going to ask him to get it for me.  The joy of shaking the hell out of it on the trip back is too tempting to resist!  No one wants to add old dust to the new dust before the cleaning even begins.relentless 1

Finally stopped being lazy and loaded the pics from the comp.  Part of my disinterest in getting it done sooner may have come from the fact that I hate seeing pictures of myself, but I’m not getting in to that today.  Actually making an effort to avoid that road right now.  I love this photo 🙂  I generally like the artsy stuff and the back set of fuzzy wall balling hands are mine!  Yesss 🙂 lol

CF has been tough this week.  Was thinking I wasn’t quite mentally prepared to pick up a wallball yet today, but killed them.  Competition brings out the best in some, I’m not sure that’s the case for me.  Or maybe it was just an off day.  Today I sat on the rower waiting for the 3, 2, 1 GO! and told TB “I’m not going hard for this one”.  Pretty sure her response was “pfffft!!! Yeah, ok!”.  I think she was right.

Fri. Jan. 29:

For Time:
50- Calories on Rower
20- Burpees
30- Alt. HEAVY DB Snatch
40- Wallballs
10x 20m Shuttle Runs
40- Wallballs
30- Alt. HEAVY DB Snatch
20- Burpees
50- Calories on Rower

Time – 20:57

Thurs. Jan. 28:

Part 1. Clean and Jerk Complex- On the Minute for 10:00 Minutes: 
1- Power Clean + Push Jerk followed by 
1- Squat Clean + 1 Split Jerk
*Climbing in weight*

#55, 65, 75, 75, 85, 85, 85, 95, 95, 100

Part 2. 5 sets of the following complex:
12- Deadlifts + 9- Hang Power Cleans + 6- Push Jerks   

Part 2 also had a *climbing in weight* clause.  HA!! Noooo dice.  Completed 1 round and thought my wrists might snap.  Fought the urge to lower the weight though!

****Side note – next post hopefully I gather my thoughts enough to share a bit about Tecfidera.  The MS poison I’ve dealt with for a good year and a half.

relentless re-cap


A chill Sunday evening after a busy weekend! Amanda brought me a bass guitar for dummies book (pretty much!) which makes way more sense than anything I found on YouTube 😉

I did it! 7 days straight of “journaling” every day 🙂 it might have gotten me back in the blogging game. I hope so, cause I kinda dig it.

Another accomplishment – my goals for the CFD Relentless Showdown yesterday were pretty simple. Don’t barf (especially in WOD 1) and don’t finish last. Success on both! Although I felt like the first goal might not be achievable more than once… Pretty happy with my performance and I have a fairly clear idea of what I want to work on.

Sat. Jan. 23:

WOD 1:

AMRAP, 12 minutes:
75 calorie Row
150 Single Unders
75 Wallballs

Score – 301 reps

WOD 2a:

In 5 minutes – establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk  #110

WOD 2b:

AMRAP, 90 seconds:
Clean & Jerk – #65

WOD 3:

For time (5 minute cap):
20 calorie Airdyne
15 Burpees w/ jump on plate
10 Pull-ups

Score – 7 pull-ups

At the end of the day, we only worked out for 23.5 minutes.  When you put it that way it doesn’t sound so bad, right?  Not so much.  Coach Sharon told me to focus on not being too hard on myself on Friday when I was stressing about it and asking myself why I didn’t just shoot it instead of competing.  Easier said than done 😉  I wanted to get back to the rower in WOD 1, which I did manage to do.  However I had hoped for a minimum 5 calories.  I got 1.  I started really well.  Paced my row and was first to the jump rope.  Those went well too, only broke the 150 reps once.  Then got to the wallballs and ran out of gas completely!  Started with decent sets, but the last 25 reps I got sooooo many no-reps that I finished it 3 at a time!  3!  Cause #4 was a no-rep and no one wants to hear that.  Such a waste of energy to miss the line by maybe an inch.

relentless jerk

WOD 2 started well too.  I had enough time between 1&2 to actually eat something, after I convinced myself I wasn’t going to barf.  Rehydrated a bit, and felt really good in the warm-up.  Started the WOD with #85 – easy.  Game plan was to not increase so slowly that I burnt out just from number of reps completed, so I went right to #105.  Fail.  Oh shit.  Nailed #95, then back to #105 with success.  Lots of time left, so why not #110?  Fail.  I was completely ready to strip the bar down for part B, but Coach Jamar (who was my judge) said “just get under it” so casually that I shook it off and squat cleaned that sh*t.  Killed part B too.  21 reps, just kept moving the whole time.  I mean, my girlfriend was watching.  Suck it up princess.  Interestingly enough… I expected the jerk to hold me back, not the clean.  Hmm.

WOD 3 – Oh, Sally!  I knew after 20 cals on Satan’s tricycle my brain wouldn’t co-operate so the game plan was to concentrate on not messing up the burpee-plate-jump.  Success.  Then after watching a whole bunch mix their grip for the pull-ups quite successfully, I went that route too.  Booooo!!  Wrong answer!  It may have been a good tool to keep in mind when the wheels fell off, but after 5 decent reps things fell apart.  I got a bunch of no-reps and only squeaked out 2 more legit ones.  7 pull-ups total and I had plenty of time!  Better than none I guess.

For once I wasn’t the photographer for this event.  DK got lots of awesome picks and even a few of me, but I haven’t loaded them on my computer yet so they will appear later maybe 😉  He had to leave near the beginning of WOD 2 and I kicked myself after for not getting him to leave the camera so I could have captured some more of the action, but c’est la vie 🙂

mind the mess

Not my most organized post, but not the end of the world.  My mind is spinning in 1,000+ different directions.  My VP sent me an email today containing the worst typo EVER.  I spent the first few hours of my shift thinking I needed to look for another job.  When I mentioned it to him when he called later, he burst out laughing!  Serious?  Dude!  I almost had a heart attack.  Then there’s the Showdown tomorrow.  Saving grace on that – it’s the first WOD that scares the shit out of me a little and my girl won’t be there to watch until before the second WOD 🙂  Not that I can’t do the first one, it’s all movements I’m pretty good at… but 12 minutes of hard effort and I could barf by the end.  That’s not hot at all.


Thank you crossfit for teaching me it’s about progress, not perfection. Learning to play bass might be the kind of slow progress like when you’re squatting super heavy and to the rest of the world it looks like you aren’t moving but 1mm at a time you get there eventually.  Apparently Yuko felt my progress was boring 😉

Here’s my nutrition WTF?! for the day.  I started eating more carbs again and I’ve lost weight.  Some not Paleo carbs either… oats!  I’m in love.  My work pants used to be pretty snug and are almost falling off. What the heck is that about?? Coach Sharon says it’s cause I’m not stressing about it anymore, but I don’t know…  I will say I’m not upset, just confused.

This is how we roll

Game plan for this week was has been to take it easy so I’m not too beat up for Saturday. Went to the box just to stretch and roll out on Wednesday morning… Yuko got right into things. Lots of downward dog and cat stretches that I somehow didn’t grab a photo of. So supportive!  Thursday’s WOD looked like a good chance to get in some last minute barbell practice with some of the movements I’ll see at the comp. It was a good one! I’d love to try again on a day where I could load the bar heavier.

Wed. Jan. 20:

Part 1. 2 Rounds of:
40 seconds of max reps: Power Snatches #165/#115  #55
20 seconds rest
40 seconds of max reps: Hang Power Cleans #165/#115  #55
20 seconds rest
40 seconds of max reps: Jerks #165/#115  #55
20 seconds rest
40 seconds of max reps: Front Squats #165/#115   #55
20 seconds rest

Part 2. 5 Rounds for time:
5- Deadlifts #315/#255  #135
15 5 – Kipping Handstand Pushups

Scaled the shit out of this to stick with my plans but kinda really liked it!  Shortest 20 seconds ever!


Tues. Dec. 19:

I need to come to terms with the fact that my body is begging for a break.  Like, more than just my usual 1 rest day too.  The Relentless Showdown comp is THIS Saturday.  My legs are tired, my shoulders are pretty cooked and my hands!  Oh, my hands…  Maybe I’m just being a baby, but they’re sore!  I went into the box this morning with every intention of NOT doing pull-ups.  My partner said “well, I’m not scaling” so sure enough… I jumped on the bar.  Duh.

partner WOD2

Today is another bring a friend day at the box.  That means BIG classes!  Although I think it was pretty much all regulars this morning there was like 11 at 6am.  Not huge, but big enough.  I wanted to be a *new athlete* today, but my pull-ups need so much work!  I can do 1, then maybe 2 but for sure after that shit gets messy.  I can’t figure out the part of the movement that happens after you pull you chin over the bar!  Watched SP closely today… I don’t kick back in my kip at all.  Something to work on for sure. (as I write that my hands are weeping softly at the thought…)

In Teams of 2, AMRAP in 20:00 Minutes
5- Pullups (*Situps*)
10- Pushups
15- Air Squats
* New Athletes*
Partner A works odd minutes
Partner B works even minutes, continue where your partner leaves off.

We lost count of rounds, but it was at least 25.  I did end up scaling this one to 3-6-9 for reps until about half way through when I realized I didn’t want to scale the push ups or squats.  3-10-15 I’m sure Coach Dave would not be so keen on, but it worked for the partner set-up and I definitely got a decent workout.  SP and I layered on 3 x 15 reps of GHD sit-up and 3 x 10 reps of GHD back extensions at the end “just for kicks”.  Now time for some rest.  My mornings will lack purpose…

nomNew girl can cook 🙂  Last night’s dinner was prepared by yours truly, but was a copycat of the dinner cooked for me last week in Burlington.  So easy and so good!  A quick stir fry of chicken, broccoli, zucchini and asparagus with a little garlic, chili powder and paprika.  Very tasty and totally WLC friendly.

roll with it

Hey Whole Life Challenge… I’m journaling here 🙂  I haven’t had a Quest bar, or any other cheat.  I’m still not in love excited with doing this thing again, but I’m also not willing to give up on it.  I made a really good and easy chicken soup in my Crockpot the other day that’s been a god-send with this lame cold.  Will make it again for sure!  Even considering a batch to freeze cause who wants to cook when you’re not feeling well?  Nope.  Just want to curl up with a good bowl of soup.

Crockpot Chicken Soup:

Layer your Crockpot like this:

  • 1 medium onion, diced
  • 3-4 celery stalks, chopped
  • 3-4 carrots, peeled and chopped
  • 1 tsp sea salt
  • 1 tbsp Herb de Provence
  • 2 chicken breasts, bone in – skin on
  • fresh ground pepper
  • enough fresh water to cover veggies and half way up chicken

Cook on low for 8 hours.  Remove chickens and discard skin and bones.  Place back into Crockpot roughly shredded.  If you have issues with your chicken becoming overly shredded, get over them or don’t make this 😉  8 hours in a crockpot will do that!  Delicious anyways.  Enjoy!

Boo 😦  Steelers lost!  The lazy Sunday spent mostly on the couch watching football I’m hoping made for a little bit of improvement with this dumb cold, although the feeling that I swallowed a bucket of razor blades that appeared this morning would suggest maybe not…  Anyways, I’m still alive.  Looking out my front door to find yet another fresh 5cm blanket of the fluffy white crap wasn’t entirely welcome, but the pure bliss with which Yuko bounded out into it made me laugh a little at least 😉  And I PR’d my front squat.  Not too shabby way to start the week!  Although my original plan had been to go light and easy this week cause I don’t want to be tired and sore for the comp this weekend…  Couldn’t help it.  Just moving too well today to let the opportunity pass me by.

Part 1. For Max Reps:
5 minutes of max reps: Burpee Box Jump Overs  52
5 minutes rest
4 minutes of max rep 10m Shuttle run  55
4 minutes rest
3 minutes of max reps: Power Cleans #155/#105  27 #85
3 minutes rest
2 minutes of  max reps: Wallballs   45
2 minutes rest
1 minute to complete one set of max unbroken reps: Chest- Bar Pullups   6

Part 2. 
Back Squats 2-2-2   #155
Front Squats: 2-2   #135 + 1 @ #155!!

PR BABY!!!  😀

Sun. Jan. 17:

Ok, I’m sorry for complaining about the cough. It has purpose now, I won’t get too graphic but I don’t know how I could have so much shit in my lungs.  Not ideal conditions for the WLC baseline workout, but that’s reality I suppose. Our mini team hasn’t discussed the game plan yet, but I’d like to use the “official WLC workout” from 2014:

In 11 minutes:
1000m row
In the time remaining, complete as much of the following list as you can:
30 Air Squats
30 Sit Ups
30 Plank Ups
40 Lunges
40 Bicycles
40 Push Ups
50 Squat Jumps
50 Flutter Kicks
50 Mountain Climbers
100 Burpees
Your score is the total number of reps you complete.

Result – 201 reps (made it to 31 push-ups) 

11 minutes of hell, but I made a little vow to myself after the last WLC that I would never do that baseline workout again. Or at least not until the memory of how horrible it felt fades… I’m not there yet. Not even close.  Today’s selection was challenging, but didn’t destroy me for the rest of the day thankfully 🙂

Finding purpose


Hey! Don’t think I shared… I won a camera 🙂 a Fuji X-T10!  It’s pretty sweet 🙂 fresh snow clung to the trees Thursday so Yuko and I went to our fav. trail for a camera test drive.  I have some playing around to do still, but I’m a fan so far 🙂

Today I’ve got a bunch of stuff.  This week has pulled in 100 different directions, but thankfully the crazy part is done now. I think…

Day 1 of another round of Whole Life Challenge. This one could be interesting just cause I’m in a different place mentally than I was last time. When I signed up for round 2 I was in a bit of a rut with nutrition cause I think it was in the middle of my December work insanity. I was eating cookies and candy canes and chocolate and really felt I could use the challenge to clean my act up in the new year. Today, the only thing I need to cut out of my diet is Quest bars. Again. Clearly that one doesn’t stick when the challenge ends. I have set a goal to eat better though. You can eat squeaky-clean but still not eat to perform. Like all the nights I skip dinner to spend time with my girlfriend should be re-jigged. Also need to food prep for snacks again. Chopped up fresh veggies will help me stay away from looking for a few dates and a handful of nuts.  Also need to find peace within my own mind with me for me.  I’ve known that for a long lime, but it’s easier said than done.

Segway into my second topic – Thursday I went to Healthoholics for food sensitivity testing. I clearly find the powers of nutrition pretty fascinating, so I was curious. They test you for more than 600 things! Also can locate any troubles your body is having in terms of digestive process and any deficiencies for vitamins and minerals. I think that’s the Coles notes… We talked about a LOT! I was not surprised to confirm wheat and dairy are not my friend.  I didn’t expect potatoes to be on that list too, but they were. Thankfully not sweet potatoes! We get along just fine. She also told me fatty acids were low. “Eat nuts and seeds” was a suggestion. 😐 I do! Too many! But need to change something cause I’m not absorbing the nutrients, probably just the fat… on my thighs :p

Amanda gave me her cold on New Years. The way I do things is I catch a cold, then my body seems to feel the need to put a whole new spin on it. Make it all my own… And hang onto it forever. It’s January 16th and everyday I seem to wake up to a little something different. Yesterday I had this annoying cough that didn’t really feel like it was accomplishing anything, but my abs are sore today so maybe I shouldn’t complain. May have had nothing to do with the cough… Anyways, shortness of breath made this bad boy even more awesome:

Fri. Jan. 15:

3 Rounds:
12- Deadlifts #275/#185  #135
24- Box Jumps
36- Wallballs

Time – 12:00

I made it to Sharon’s 7:30 class for the first time in ages 🙂 December is finally over… Life is returning to normal. Also got to WOD with TB, who I’ve missed seeing 🙂 This WOD kinda sucked. The wallballs are 110% to blame for that too.

Week 1 of WLC has a lifestyle component of journal writing 10 minutes every day. I’ve just completed my mission. 😉

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