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So far, so good :)

Whole Life Challenge – First week DONE

so far, so good ūüôā notes from the week:

  • I no longer think about gum every minute I’m awake
  • I think I’m finally sleeping better after a rough first few days. Although this likely had nothing to do with the WLC and everything to do with work stress.
  • Oatmeal is back in my life ūüôā it makes me feel a bit nauseous, but I’m not giving up. That will hopefully go away!
  • I do still crave a chocolate chip cookie dough Quest bar pretty much daily, and I do still eat more watermelon than is likely recommended, but I haven’t caved to the first and I’m accepting the second. It will be out of season soon enough and I’ll have to move on…
  • Made a whole chicken in the crockpot this week. ¬†If you haven’t tried that, I recommend it highly! So good!! And easy too ūüėČ
  • pinterest has joined YouTube on the list of not pre-work activities. Friday I went looking for something to do with the 4 zucchini in my fridge and after 20 minutes pulled myself away with 100 treat ideas swimming through my head, 3 DIY ideas for my condo, and nearly convinced I need to work on my muffin top. I was almost late for work, and I have no new ideas for the zucchini.
  • this week’s lifestyle challenge is 10 minutes of meditation. It started rough, but once I learned there are lots of guided meditation videos on YouTube, it got easier ūüôā What hasn’t gotten easier is 10 minutes of mobilization. Especially when I don’t get it in at the box! As soon as I lay on the floor at home, Yuko wants to help. Ever tried stretching with a dog sneaking up to lick your face every chance he got? My favourite moment was the attempt to turn away is when I realized he was standing on my hair! Well played Yuko ūüėČ
View from the floor

View from the floor

Living the Whole Life


Sat. Sept. 19:

Today starts a new mission. The Whole Life Challenge. At first I wasn’t sure I had any desire to try this, but I liked the idea that for once I may have found something that inspires me to find a beimagetter frame of mind rather than just a new way of eating. That’s my biggest challenge. While, yes I could use to lose some of the extra weight and poor eating habits I fall into at times (like chocolate has been my best friend way too many times recently) but food has had control over me for too long. ¬†Funny part of that, my thought has been for some time now that when it comes to living with MS, diet was the one thing I could use to make my life better. Food was the one thing I had control over. IN a way this was true, but at the same time so incredibly wrong. Food has control over ME.¬†Anyways, if I’m going to do this I figured I better be prepared! ¬†Solid grocery shop happened Friday, as well as my last piece of gum ūüė¶ ¬†Just like Whole 30, I know the gum thing will be tough but I’ll get over it. ¬†Cooked a huge batch of Teriyaki zucchini noodle stir fry too! ¬†So easy and so good. ¬†And yes it’s legit ūüėČ none of the store-bought sauce, just a combo of sesame oil, rice vinegar, coconut aminos, ginger and garlic.image

Day 1 in the books. ¬†The weekly lifestyle challenge is 10 minutes of meditation which I’m choosing to interpret the term loosely. ¬†Time spent wandering in the woods with my boy is all the meditation I need ūüėČ ¬†10 minutes spent stretching ¬†on the other hand was a bit of a challenge. ¬†Yuko was thrilled to see me laying on the floor! ¬†Any opportunity he attempted to climb in my lap, step on my hair, stick his tongue in my ear (NOT a fan!) LOL! ¬†But I made it through what seemed like a looooong¬†10 minutes anyway.

And I thought about gum all day…



time for play

So had I known today would be a Crossfit Total day, I may have done things a little differently on Friday. ¬†Not complaining though ūüôā


#245 Deadlift 1RM – NEW PR!!


CrossFit Total

1 Rep Max¬†Deadlift –¬†#245
1 Rep Max Back Squat –¬†#170
1 Rep Max Strict Press –¬†#80

After the 9:30am WOD, there was an Olympic Lifting Clinic with Coach Will focusing on the Snatch. ¬†The biggest GOAT in my farm yard, so just couldn’t skip that. ¬†Although I had a crap load of stuff I should have been doing instead, like oh… maybe my TAXES!! ¬†But come on…. ¬†it had my name written all over it. ¬†2 hours working on my snatch. ¬†How does a girl turn that down? ¬†It was AWESOME. ¬†We broke the movement down in such detail and practiced each part to the point where I actually felt like it was sinking in! ¬†Didn’t pull from the ground ūüėÄ ¬†Although did rush the top bit a few times and landed on my butt. ¬†But all good ūüôā ¬†I’m a little curious to see how my legs hold up for ball hockey tonight ūüėģ


Half way through the snatch sesh, my stomach started complaining about how long ago breakfast was and when might lunch finally arrive.  I guess it was justified after that WOD, but story of my life is usually:


I need a break of some sort. ¬†Not a rest day, but a mental break I guess. ¬†This week was long and I found yesterday I was counting the minutes until my shift was done. ¬†I don’t want it to be that way… I like my job, like the people I work with, I just need a break. ¬†Maybe it will get better when this week is over cause I’ve been dreading the manager conference that will keep me from my non-work life for 3 days. ¬†Tuesday-Thursday in seminars in Toronto and staying in a hotel. ¬†Yuko was not invited and will be staying at a guide dog bed & breakfast sorta place for the duration. ¬†Crossfit will go on without me too. ¬†And I’ll do my best not to slap someone lol. ¬†I did everything in my power to get out of this one, but even though my DM admitted that I don’t need to be there and could sleep through it without missing anything new, I’m still on the list. ¬†I’ll just have to lift heavy Tuesday morning to tide myself over until Friday.

Yuko and I checked out the off-leash park last night for the first time. ¬†He’s still a little young to romp with the big kids, so he stayed on his leash but played with a sweet little husky and seemed to enjoy it.


living the dream

This week has kicked my butt a bit!¬† On top of the heavy work load at the box, my head has had a few moments of considering my total disappointment in this round of Whol30 and wanting to throw in the towel.¬† I mean, what a waste that would be when I have less than a week to go.¬† Yesterday I had a random daydream about an Oreo cookie.¬† Just one… I’m not even sure I remember what they taste like after 3+ years grain free, but a girl can dream…¬† Great.¬† Now I’m thinking about Oreos again, so back to the good stuff.¬† Heavy squats Monday, then Wednesday was a leg destroyer, Thursday made the hands more than a little tender, then this morning I PR’d my 3 rep max deadlift.¬† Not complaining, actually feeling pretty satisfied with the accomplishments, but my body is relieved tomorrow is a rest day.


That’s pretty much been the story of my life since Monday :-p

Fri. Apr. 24:

Part 1. Another BIG sexy Squat Clean + Jerk Complex
2- Squat Cleans+ 1-Jerk  #75
1- Squat Clean+1-Jerk  #85
2- Squat Cleans+1- Jerk  #95
1- Squat Clean+1- Jerk  #105
*Increase load after each set*
Part 2. Deadlifts:
Work up to a HEAVY set of 3 Reps, drop the loading 10%-15% and then go for MAX reps

HEAVY 3 reps – #215, rep out – #135 x20

Yaaaaaaa-BUDDY!!!¬† 215lbs for 3 reps ūüėĬ† Don’t suspect my 1RM is reasonable at #240 anymore!!


Thurs. Apr. 23:

Part 2. Teams of 2, AMRAP 20 Minutes:
30- Lateral Barbell Burpees
30- Chest to Bar Pullups  pull-ups
30- Power Cleans
*Power Clean weight increases each round.

P. Cleans – #65/#75/#80

Ok, there’s something wrong with this statement, but I’ll make it anyways.¬† I loved the lateral barbell burpees today ūüôā¬† Found a rhythm to them and strung them together all fast and seamlessly.¬† Fun times ūüôā¬† The pull-ups were a mess and came down to 1 rep each, so we didn’t get as¬†through as many rounds as this WOD intended,¬†but TB and I had fun anyways.

Wed. Apr. 22:

21 ‚Äď 15 ‚Äď 9 Reps of:
Thrusters #95/#65   #55
Front Squats #95/#65   #55
Wallballs 20lbs/14lbs

Time – 8:26

Sweet jeeeeezuz!!  This was ridiculous!  Kinda reminded me of 15.5, or maybe worse?  At least part of 15.5 was sitting on a rower!  In a sneaky sort of way, this was 135 squats.  Not heavy squats, but 135 reps with a PVC pipe still feels heavy near the end.  I nearly cried when I got home and remembered how many stairs were involved every time my pup had to pee.


winter – I’m over you

make it count

We’re in a bit of a build phase at the box right now.¬† Monday and Friday have offered the same lifts for the last 2 weeks, with slight adjustments in rep scheme at times.¬† However, while I pushed friggin’ hard both this Monday and last as well, I’m not sure it would be considered an improvement on 3rd portion of the workout.

Part 1                                                       April 13                             April 20

build to heavy Squat Snatch                       #65                                     #75

Part 2

build to heavy 3 Back Squat                       #135                                     #140

Part 3

strip 10-15% РB. Squat MAX reps         #105 x 31                          #115 x 25

Either way, good times.¬† I’ve been in an “I just want to lift HEAVY!” mindset lately.¬† Don’t know why, cause I usually prefer the medium weight longer chippers.

Took a rest day yesterday which screwed up my normal routine a little.¬† Actually I guess going in Saturday for Murph was actually what screwed up my routine… but in an effort to play by the rules and prevent a lecture from Coach Sharon about being smart and not over training, I took Tuesday off.¬† Made good use of my free pre-work time and made some FOOD ūüôā¬† A veggie-packed taco-ish casserole thing with spiralized sweet potato noodle topping.¬† Ok… it was topping.¬† Till it met the microwave and became a hot mess.¬† Looks like crap, but it’s pretty awesome.


step up

I need to vent for a minute.¬† I agree that everyone is different and the only person I am responsible for is myself.¬† If you want to cheat on your diet, or cheat reps in a WOD that’s up to you.¬† It’s generally none of my business.¬† There’s an exception to that.¬† When you join our Whole30 discussion group and post a pic of a chocolate skor cluster with a comment “is this Whole30? hehe!” it becomes my concern.¬† This might not have bothered me all that much if you hadn’t been my partner for Murph and cheated a rep or two off every round.¬† And if I wasn’t already waking up thinking about chocolate I may have cut you a little more slack too.¬† But listen, it’s not my job to count your reps for you, but when trying to transition smooth and efficient, counting reps is the way to go.¬† When my usual WOD buddy doesn’t have to miss a WOD for an exam, we are seamless.¬† So while yes, you are only cheating yourself in the end… don’t try to drag me down with you!¬† I’m committed and hard-working.¬† Get with the program.

Sat. Apr. 18:

Ok, I probably shouldn’t be blogging about today at all considering I called in sick. ¬†I¬†never call in sick, but after a 4th night of not sleeping much I felt justified. ¬†PLUS the mobility workshop going on at CFD seemed like something I really needed. ¬†As for the WOD first, maybe not so much… but I was there, so… yeah.

unknown-1Ahh… Murph. ¬†Done as a partner WOD today thankfully! ¬†Cause had it been solo I might have said “eff this!!” during either of the runs. ¬†It was a beautiful sunny day, but heading up the hill to the turnaround point was running head first in a wind tunnel lol! ¬†Maddy and I paired up and decided to split the middle chunk in to rounds of Cindy. ¬†Good plan I think ūüôā ¬†Kept us moving at a steady pace the whole time, although I have no idea what our end time was.

Fri. Apr. 17:

So much for the chiro miracle I had hoped for. ¬†Day 3 running on very little sleep. ¬†Day 3 getting out of bed at 3-something cause I just couldn’t get comfortable enough to hope for more sleep. ¬†As soon as I got up and got moving around, the back feels fine. ¬†Arg.

4 Sets:
1 Power Clean+ 2 Front Squat + 2 Jerk Complex

*Increase loading for each set*

75 / 85 / 95 / 100

Got up to #100, but my clean was ugly, squatted easy-peasy, then failed the jerk. ¬†Shook it off and tried again. ¬†This time failed the clean! ¬†Again, and again… ¬†Took me a few attempts, but I finally completed the complex at #100. ¬†Same weight as last Friday… ¬†that’s not the point of this exercise but running on fumes I decided to be ok with that. ¬†Also didn’t want to really mess up whatever is going on with my back.

Thurs. Apr. 16:

Team 10k Row
*Teams of 3, switching every 250m*
*Every 5 Minutes, perform 3 plate pushes (1Each)*

Time –¬†48:47

Sweet jeezuz this was rough! ¬†Learned my lesson when I took the bait of Greg encouraging me to row harder to reach 5800 meters before the 5 minute plate push. ¬†I switched gears and rowed HARD. ¬†Then wanted to die for the next 10:00. ¬†Noted. ¬†I figured¬†this one would take a while, but didn’t expect nearly 50 minutes. ¬†Clearly, cause post-WOD I had to toss Yuko in the car, rush home to inhale some food (cause I was¬†starving and kinda dizzy!) and book it to my chiro appointment. ¬†Thank God I made that! ¬†She cracked me like crazy! ¬†Maybe I’ll be able to sleep properly again without being unable to breathe every time I move. ¬†Not fun.

Wed. Apr. 15:

Pretty proud of my little man today ūüôā Who turned 3 months on Monday. ¬†Yes, that is a thing. ¬†I’ll only have him till he’s a year, so we’re gonna celebrate. ¬†Happy 1/4 birthday Yuko lol. ¬†Back to today – first we got up early and headed to the track. It’s been quite some time since I’ve brought Yuko along, like the last time we were still at the point where I had to carry him up and down stairs and he really sucked at walking. Today we managed to run together (super-slow, but it’s a start!) for almost a whole lap! ¬†Then we walked another, and he settled down and slept on my hoody while we went through a Rachel WOD creation. 5 rounds with a partner – jog 1/2 lap, sprint 1/2 lap, 10 burpees, 30 second plank hold, tag your partner. ¬†Ok, I did sprint-ish. ¬†The first 3 anyways. I’m disgruntled at how downhill my running capacity has slipped. Something to work on. And not the point of this story.


After the track we headed to Yuko’s first day of puppy school ūüôā ok, I was a little nervous that he might poop in the classroom, but also excited to meet the rest of his litter ūüôā ¬†From the minute we walked into the centre he was a bit of a spaz, but there were dogs everywhere and lots of stuff to sniff. I had to pretty much tackle him so the vet could give his vaccines and he jiggled like a jumping bean on the scale. ¬†Wish I new what his weight was when I got him, cause today was 10.5kg… Ever seen the movie Best In Show? The group of people which I share the “Y” litter with sort of reminded me of the movie. ¬†An eclectic group, although all very nice. There was Yorkie and his stereotypical gay couple who have avoided any dog socialization up to this point as they were fearful that others may not have vaccinated their beasts. And I’m not making an assumption here, the more chatty of the pair threw in a “me and my husband” comment at one point that made hubby turn a bright shade of red. Then there was the French woman who got paired with Yvette. That doesn’t happen by accident, right? ¬†There was also a young couple who had Yugo. Seriously? That was confusing when she kept saying his name and my little fur ball didn’t know what to think. I mean, I guess when you pick the letter “Y” for a litter, there are only so many options. One thing I did pick up from the little meet and greet while we all sat in the waiting room (the people sat, the dogs strained to sneak in a little play session) is that while I’m really pretty easy on Yuko in terms of demands, he’s really pretty awesome. ¬†He settled in the chaos better than most. He doesn’t bark a lot, which many voiced as a concern. AND he’s the only of his litter who sleeps through the night! That’s lucky for him since we’ve had the pups 6 weeks now! He would have got the old “return to sender” ages ago.

image-1Yup. ¬†That’s my boy. ¬†Sure I’ll listen to you and “Sit”, but don’t expect my attention to be undivided.


out of the dark


All too commonly my posts are sitting in draft stage until the “news” is no longer new, and my stories no longer interest me.¬† This one should have been posted yesterday, but I got hung up on a name again.¬† Who cares really?¬† Update for today on the Whole30 game.¬† It’s actually day 8, but day 2 of cutting my nut addiction.¬† Yesterday had awful stages.¬† Today I just want to lay down.¬† Like on the floor… of my office…¬† Bright side, my pants feel looser.¬† But my boobs grew.¬† WTF?

YEAH! SNOW!  (what?!)

YEAH! SNOW! (what?!)

Despite waking up to a snow-covered landscape yesterday morning, it was a really great day.¬† Snow is pretty… in December.¬† It’s April.¬† Started my day with my first WOD that I didn’t have to scale (other than the #95, which I would have scaled on any old day), then a nice Easter Sunday with my mom and aunt.

Sun. Apr. 5:


Partner WOD – 5 Rounds, AMRAP 5 minutes:

3 Power Cleans (#135/#95)   #85
6 Push-ups
9 Air Squats

Result – 51 rounds + 7 reps

Part 2 РBuild up to HEAVY 1 rep Power Clean  #105

78 Power Cleans at #85 pain-free!¬† Yes!¬† To both bits of that.¬† My partner and I decided we’d scale the cleans to #80, but I grabbed the wrong plates so we decided “awww… screw it!” and stuck with #85.¬† As it turned out, the cleans were possibly the easiest part of this little sweat-fest.¬† And I surrender.¬†¬†Rest is worth it.

So, you know the dark place you get to when you’re 50 reps into a WOD and realize there’s still 200 to go? ¬†Maybe that gives you an idea of a place I’ve found myself on a few occasions recently. ¬†I can’t pin point why, but there’s a pile of things that have contributed.¬†¬†I’ve been battling injury since last Sunday so haven’t really worked out in a week! ¬†I mean, I went Monday and scaled “Luke” beyond recognition. ¬†Then realized I should really take a few days to let my sore hip recover. ¬†I mean, I survived the Open relatively injury-free, so one should not complain, but my mind will always have a hard time with the whole “rest day” concept. ¬†Let’s add to the list SP and I decided it was time we needed to get our sh*t together on the nutrition front. ¬†I may have confessed already – my chocolate problem had gotten entirely out of hand. ¬†We’re talking every day chocolate chips and nuts. ¬†It had to stop! ¬†SP and a whole pile of CFD ladies are going to Trinidad in May, so a Trinidad Whole30 group was formed and I jumped right on in. ¬†Who starts Whole30 3 days before Easter? ¬†Yes, that part wasn’t well thought out, but so far I think we’ve all survived. ¬†First time through, I saw whole30 as a challenge and jumped right on board. ¬†This time I’m happy to have the public accountability of the CFD group or I’m not sure I would have survived day 1.

I’ve been somewhat hesitant to write about food. ¬†Some good discussion has come up with a few ladies at the box. ¬†A few comments made recently have¬†stuck with me. ¬†“Sometimes knowing where you’ve been makes it worse” – in regards to having¬†been¬†smaller and fitting into clothes easier. ¬†I have been there. ¬†I still have the size 2 jeans hanging in my closet. ¬†When I lost all the weight before, I held on to my “heavy pants” as a security blanket just in case I gained the weight back. ¬†Until one day when I told myself that would¬†never happen again and in the donation bin they went! ¬†So… while I’m not suggesting I’m the fat kid of so many years ago, I wish I would have kept some of my heavy pants now! ¬†Cause I’m now in a place where I think I need to come to the realization that I won’t be a size 2 again. ¬†And really never should have been. ¬†I wasn’t happier, except for when it came to shopping for pants. ¬†That’s not life. ¬†And I can bet there would have been no chance I could lift like a badass either.

The other comment that registered was “I’m just waiting for the day where I’m happy with my body.” – to which I responded “but when will that be?”. ¬†If you’re a guy reading this, maybe you understand, maybe you don’t. ¬†To all the females, I’m sure you do on some level. ¬†My hesitation comes not from a feeling of being alone, but from an understanding that I’ve been down this road many times before. ¬†I’ve cried to you all the same woes, but still haven’t found peace. ¬†The definition of insanity – Doing the same thing over and over, yet expecting a different result. ¬†I mean, I’m happy I can lift like a badass and that should be enough, but I’m still human. ¬†I still just want to fit in last summers’ shorts and not feel like I’ve been laced into a corset when I zip up my lulu hoody.


crockpot chicken curry w/zucchini noodles

It’s not the easiest thing in the world to get a good food pic when your meal is in a Pyrex container. ¬†But that’s just reality cause without good food prep, I end up really struggling. ¬†Like Tuesday when I had a bowl of Romaine lettuce with some cucumber for lunch. ¬†Fail. ¬†As Coach Dave said when SP threw me under the bus – That’s like all water. ¬†Yup. ¬†Anyways, the name of the game is preparation. ¬†My crockpot has been reborn and holds a semi-permenant spot in my kitchen for the rest of the 30 days and the good old spiralizer has made a regular appearance as well. ¬†If you don’t have one, they’re awesome! ¬†Zucchini noodles are so easy and versatile and the thing even has¬†a great recipe website –

This is one of my favourites!  Teriyaki something-something. My mom is vegetarian, so I omitted the shrimp and egg and it still turns out incredible.


Lazy? Or wise?

This chart takes me back to the elements program.  We often chat about the different levels of physical exertion and where each WOD fits into this stuff.  ya-da, ya-da I know.


Yesterday, I actually had the day off and got myself to a Saturday WOD. ¬†This sh*t never happens! ¬†Like, to the point that Coach Sharon looked shocked to see me. ¬†Haha! ¬†I took the day off from Henry’s for a double family Christmas portrait session I had arranged months ago, only to learn that one of the kids was sick and the whole session was cancelled. ¬†Ah well, glad I made it to a Saturday WOD ūüôā ¬†Well, I can say that now anyways. ¬†The “buy in” portion was all done in the Phosphagen blue squiggly I’m pretty sure. ¬†My team broke up the 3000m row into 250m each x3. ¬†A team-mate suggested 500m, but my idea of cutting it to 250m and going HARD won the vote. ¬†Go HARD I did. ¬†For the first 2 rounds anyways. ¬†Not entirely sure how it translates to split time, or even what my 250m time was (cause I was DEAD by the time I reached it) but I fought to keep the watts above 300. ¬†And I thought I might barf. ¬†Rounds 3 and 4 300 watts was not an option. ¬†My rowing capacity flew out the window entirely.

Sat. Nov. 22:

In teams of 2 3, AMRAP 20 minutes:

buy in Р3000m row  12:22

partner 1 Р5 Deadlifts  #155

partner 2 – max reps box jumps 30″/24″ ¬†step ups

Score –¬†78 box “jumps”

Cause of the odd number, I jumped into a team of 3. ¬†Thank gawd I guess! ¬†Meant 2x 250m¬†less on the rower. ¬†I may or may not have survived that. ¬†I was the last to row as it was, then we jumped right on in to the deadlift/box jump part. ¬†Cause we had a threesome, and I was dumb enough to go heavy, I loaded up my own bar and just tried to keep pace with the other 2. ¬†Pretty happy with my score considering many teams struggled to hit 100 between the 2 athletes. ¬†It was pretty awful though :p ¬†Coach Dave mentioned during the warm-up “Someone might even die today!” in typical Coach Dave fashion. ¬†I had moments of thinking he may have been right :p

A casual comment was made Friday when Coach Dave was taking our coffee orders for the Friday morning coffee WOD.  He joked about the McDonalds people hating him for going through the drive thru and ordering 13 coffees!  LOL!  Not to mention the line up of cars behind him that would be less than impressed.  Anyways, the comment was :

Crossfitters are lazy

We all sort of laughed it off, but yesterday I got thinking about that a little and it’s kinda true! ¬†Even though my photo shoot was cancelled yesterday, I still headed to Brampton to visit my mom, etc. and when I got there she wanted to go a bunch of places to shop and stuff and all I wanted to do was just chill. ¬†haha! ¬†Are we lazy? ¬†Or is it just an instinct to attempt to conserve energy when not at the box for when we ARE at the box? ¬†Although, one thing is for sure – my productivity is at its best in the morning. ¬†That’s why I WOD in the morning. ¬†And cook. ¬†Etc. ¬†Ohhh… cook. ¬†That was an epic fail yesterday even though I took care of it in the morning. ¬†Note to self – label spices with CARE. ¬†I made a huge batch of beefy sweet potato chili with full intention of freezing it to start building my reserves for December retail insanity. ¬†The fail – 3 tbsp of chill powder. ¬†While the mixture simmered away on my stove top for an hour, I kinda wondered why it smelled different, but didn’t really sweat it cause I was running around cleaning and stuff. ¬†Then when I tasted things, I realized my mistake! ¬†My “chill powder” was actually mis-labeled chipotle powder. ¬†Not the same thing!!!


True story. ¬†A valuable lesson learned, and another reason I stick with the same sh*t ¬†variety may be the spice of life, but if it involves chipotle powder, I’ll stick with the same old stuff.

and then there was 1

Well, I handed my key to the castle in Cambridge back to the regular store manager on Saturday. It was a moment I had been looking forward to for quite some time, however it felt somewhat bittersweet. While I’m relieved to focus my energy back solely towards my own store, it was a good 6 months and I will miss the team I built there. Ah well, I achieved my key goal. I left the store in a better place than it was left to me. ¬†**amendment to this little rambling – I figured out¬†why I’m less excited than expected to jump back into the groove in Waterloo. ¬†I really enjoyed my 6 months with no assistant manager. ¬†When discussing it with a friend, she agreed. ¬†“I’d rather just have minions. ¬†Hot ones!” ¬†she said. ¬†Amen to that! ¬†Not that I don’t like my assistant manager as a person, but I spend more time putting out fires he creates than doing my job. ¬†There’s a mission.

So, I’ve been on board with the November Whole30 for 2 weeks now, and my energy has returned full force ūüôā I’d also noticed about a week into it that the “flushing” reaction I got quite regularly from my MS drugs had become far less frequent. ¬†Today I was having a great day at work, all happy and smiles, when I was hit with the worst flushing reaction I’ve ever had. ¬†Tomato red, feeling like I’d gotten a sudden painful/itchy sun burn, when DK paged me out from my hiding spot in the office for a manager override. ¬†DK just got this shocked look on his face and kept asking if I was ok. ¬†Thankfully it went away, but took probably a half hour! ¬†Geez! ¬†Care to know what I did “differently”? ¬†Chewed a piece of gum. ¬†Seriously?! ¬†May have been completely un-related, but also may not. ¬†I’ll try again and see what happens I guess.

Speaking of food.  A few of my staples lately:


Bacon, eggs & sweet potato


Ground turkey, tomato paste, onion/garlic powder & zucchini noodles

Both meals I really enjoy, but I’m starting to feel the need to change things up before I get totally bored. ¬†Just need inspiration. ¬†Although after yesterday’s WOD, I was hungry enough I wasn’t picky at all. ¬†Maybe that’s the trick? ¬†Plan my eating routine to follow my trip to the box and I’ll be satisfied eating anything. ¬†Yesterday was a Will WOD. ¬†As was mentioned on the CFD site “you know what that means!” and if you’ve been here a little while, you should! ¬†A fellow 6am’er whole generally avoids the weekend WODs mainly because the details are rarely posted sent me a text yesterday morning. ¬†She wanted to come try a “Will WOD” but was nervous cause she didn’t know what to expect. ¬†My response – Expect everything. ¬†A gymnastic bit, heavy lifting and some cardio. ¬†Expect it to be long, and HARD. ¬†And¬†pray for a partner WOD. ¬†Guess what?! ¬†I hit that one right on the mark. ¬†And I loved it! ¬†ūüėÄ

As has been my norm recently, time for a batch of WOD catch-up.

Mon. Nov. 17:

5 Rounds of:
12- Kettlebell Swings (70/53) #35
12- Toes to Bar scaled
200 Meter Run  4 row/1 sally (air dyne)

Time – 11:31

Yes, scaled the crap out of this one. ¬†Coach Dave tried to get me to grab a heavier kettlebell, but my back is feeling a bit sketchy again so I went lighter but unbroken. ¬†I’ve come to the conclusion I may become a regular at the chiropractor if I plan to continue beating myself up 5 times a week at the box. ¬†Not to mention hockey where I have this amazing ability to get in front of shots quite regularly. ¬†Last week I caught the follow thru in the form of a stick whacking right across the knee cap. ¬†It’s a different sort of game in Mississauga in the winter. ¬†We play 4 on 4 in this small little arena thing. ¬†I’ll take a picture next time… but it’s been called pinball by a goalie friend. ¬†The name fits. ¬†Ok, wandered quite a bit with that one. ¬†Unbroken. ¬†Right. ¬†Yes, my reps were unbroken, not sure I can say the same for my legs! ¬†Soooo tight by midday! ¬†I blame Sunday’s wallballs more than today though. ¬†And maybe sally. ¬†I was walking funny after I got off and Dave totally called me on it haha!

Sun. Nov. 16:

Partner WOD:
50 Power Cleans  #75
100 Deadlifts  #125
200 Wallballs  #14
*Every minute, both partners complete 4 burpees  88 burpees

Time – 23:22

OMG a Will WOD that didn’t totally suck all the life out of me ūüôā ¬†I loved this. ¬†Even with the evil burped twist to it. ¬†I’m a “chipper” kinda girl. ¬†Give me big reps that once you get through them, you’re done with that movement and I’m a happy camper. ¬†Dreaded the 200 wallballs at the end, but I had my competitive partner for this and we kept a really good 5 reps each rotation that worked all the way through. ¬†I wimped out of one of the burpee rounds near the beginning of the wallballs to avoid passing out, but otherwise just kept moving ūüôā

Fri. Nov. 14:

Teams of 2 CRANK OUT
AMRAP 20 Minutes:

1 Burpee Box Jump (24/20), 1 Calorie Row
2 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20), 2 Calorie Row
3 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20), 3 Calorie Row

Score –¬†10 rounds +3¬†burped¬†box jumps

Thurs. Nov. 13:

Part 1. Sumo Deadlift: Build to a Heavy Set of 3 Reps  #185
Part 2. OTM for 14 Minutes
Odd Minutes:
5- Sumo Deadlifts (75%)  #135
15- Air Squats
AMRAP Double-Unders
Even Minutes: Rest

LOVED the sumo deadlift ūüôā ¬†First time ever trying this out. ¬†It felt really unsteady when the bar was lighter, but as the weights pilled on things just came together nicely.

finding the “why”

Ok… would it¬†be considered unhealthy working conditions when I ¬†deal with an Internet browser that’s so out of date wordpress¬†and Pinterest¬†don’t know what to do? Not so much, huh? ¬†Cramps my blogging styles¬†though, so I feel one could argue…

A bunch of my CFD girls decided November would be a great month for another whole30. I was kind of¬†in to it, but trying to find a “why” to lean on when things get hard. When the idea was presented of using this 30 days as a test to prove the¬†concept of¬†Eat to Perform, I was on board. The plan was to pick a¬†WOD¬†to do at the beginning of the 30 days, and redo it at the end to see just how much of an impact clean eating can provide. Filthy 50 was the wod¬†of choice, although I came to the disturbing realization that this means I get to tuff¬†it through 30 days only to get to¬†tuff it through¬†another Filthy 50. haha!¬† Sounds awesome, right?

Rules are a bit different this time around. Bacon is invited to this party. I’ll cough up the $$$ for the natural stuff, but I’m not giving it up.¬† After only a few days, I’ve already accepted that this round could prove more challenging than the last.¬† It’s November, and it’s cold.¬† I can handle a salad meal every day when it’s hot out, but when it’s cold outside I just want to eat something warm.¬† About half way through day 2, I was ready to quit already.¬† My mind said “you don’t need¬†to do this.”¬† And truth be told, my mind is kind of right.¬† I eat really clean on a daily basis.¬† I cook all of my meals.¬† I drink lots of water.¬† Although by some standards, I probably drink too much coffee… I like it black.¬† Starting a program such as Whole30¬†can open up your eyes to all the crap you put in your body, or if you’re like me not so much.¬† To be 100% compliant, I’d be giving up bacon, Quest bars and gum.¬† Yup.¬† That’s it.¬† I’ve already mentioned I’m not giving up the bacon this round, well I’m not entirely giving up gum either.¬† But the Quest bars I will live without for 30 days.¬† Not happily, but I can do that.¬† And I’m committing¬†to more green veggies plus more of an effort put towards food prep.¬†¬†Don’t think i can¬†eat eggs and sweet potato for dinner like 4 nights of the week and expect to improve my Filthy 50 time.

Got into an interesting conversation Wednesday with a friend.¬† When I mentioned that I was doing the Whole30 thing again and I was grumpy cause I was hungry, she asked a simple question that really made me think.¬† “When will the day come that you look in the mirror and just be happy with what you see?¬† Will it ever come?”¬† It was the second part that really sunk in.¬† We chatted a bit about the last few years and the different attempts I have made to find a nutritional component which will give¬†me whatever it is I’m looking for.¬† But¬†I’ve never¬†really gotten complete satisfaction from anything I’ve tried.¬† Will it ever come… my immediate answer was “Probably not.”¬† “That’s¬†a problem.” she relied.¬† It was a bit of a harsh reality.¬† I’ve known for quite some time that this was the area I need to work on, but have continued to drive myself slightly crazy trying to fix the other things in an attempt to get myself closer to happy with ME. ¬†Shared some of this conversation this morning pre-WOD¬†with a fellow November reset girl and she had a similar reaction that I did. ¬†It caught her off guard too. ¬†But after a totally suck-fest of a WOD, the follow-up text I got later was a thought filled one. ¬†The goal initially was to look at this month as a test of the impact of nutrition on athletic capacity. ¬†She wrote “yeah we may be doing this to look better, but we are also doing it to see if eating clean really helps improve performance…. AND I really want to get a muscle up.” (A goal we both share by the way)¬†Well said my friend!! ¬†Besides, although my mind has given me the “eff YOU! ¬†This is dumb!” on several occasions, I’m still sticking to the game plan.



I need some WOD catching-up.

Thurs. Nov. 6:

3 Rounds: 
60 Double-Unders
30 Wallballs (20/14) #14
15 Deadlifts (245/175)  #145

Time – 12:15

This was pretty rough. ¬†Round 1 I figured I could maybe get through the deads¬†unbroken. ¬†Fail. ¬†Broke the rounds in to 10/5, 8/7, 5/5/5. ¬†It wasn’t that it was super heavy, but the wallballs¬†had me breathing pretty hard and my grip just couldn’t keep up. ¬†AND… I had a good day for double unders!! ¬†Didn’t get 3 rounds of 60, but I got 3 rounds of 6-10! ¬†That’s HUGE in my world. ūüėÄ

Tues. Nov. 4:

0:00- 12:00: Push Jerk Build to a Heavy Single  #105

12:00 Р24:00: Split Jerk Build to a Heavy Single  #110

24:00- 29:00: REST

29:00 –¬†41:00: On the Minute for 12 Minutes:
Minute# 1 ‚Äst7 Push Jerks (60%)¬†¬†#65
Minute# 2 ‚Äst45 seconds- Hollow Rock¬†
Minute# 3 ‚Äst7 Strict Pull-Ups ¬†kipping

Mon. Nov. 3:

10 ‚Äď 9 ‚Äď 8 ‚Äď 7 ‚Äď 6 ‚Äď 5 ‚Äď 4 ‚Äď 3 ‚Äď 2 ‚Äď 1 Front Squats (#155/#105) ¬†¬†#85
200 Meter Run after each round

Time – 17:13

The non-runners loathe this WOD format.  I kind of love it!  By the time you pick up the bar to start the 4th round of 7 reps, the over all rep volume has been nearly cut in half!  Score.  Because every round I went through unbroken, I considered that possibly the weight could have been heavier, but when I mentioned this to Coach Dave he said #85 was good cause I executed this within the time domain he had intended.  Not always about go HEAVY.

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